Choking Yankees: There's some things money can't buy. The world series is one of them. This shirt is not. I don't even fold my laundry. 2-7 off suit? Oh yeah. I'm all in. I'd do me. In fact, I have more times than I care to admit. I'm easy... to get along with. I HATE this printer! It's always running out of ink at the worst possible times.

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   » Schadenfreude
   » Choking Yankees
   » Blue Shirt Of Death
   » Isms
   » Field Sobriety Test
   » Warning:
   » Talk QWERTY to me
   » Beer sensor shirt
   » Sex requirements sensor shirt
   » Pees can last forever
   » Smoking - Lungs in Training
   » You have the right to remain silent
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   » Eat me.
   » People
   » Thank You For Not Farting
   » Merry Christmas*
   » S.H.I.T.
      » Sure Happy It's Tuesday
      » Sure Happy It's Thursday
   » Intelligent design...
» Poker Stuff
   » I don't even fold my laundry
   » Warning: May contain nuts.
   » I (heart) my nuts
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      » When I'm bluffing - Blue
   » The World Series of Strip Poker - Rebuy
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   » Weiner Holder 2012
   » Objects in Mirror...
   » End of the World
   » Republicans and Democrats
   » This is all ______'s fault.
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   » Instant Wet T-Shirt Contest
   » I'm easy (to get along with)
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   » Silicone Gel: Do not eat
   » Teach a man to pimp...
   » Stop staring...
   » If you can read this...
» For the bumper
   » Does not merge well with others
   » If you can't see my mirrors
   » Bad Driver
   » Wide Right Turns

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If you can't laugh at yourself, I'll do it for you.

Thanks for coming! No, really. Now buy some t-shirts, ok? I'll think you're cool if you do, and everyone who sees you will say, "Dude! That t-shirt rocks! Where'd you get it at?" And after correcting them about ending a sentence with a preposition, you better frekkin tell 'em "MG Apparel, dude!"

Oh, and be sure to sign up for the mailing list. I plan to put out a kickass newsletter once or twice a month. It's usually pretty funny, and it highlights awesome new shirts and stuff that you'll just HAVE to own. Do it, sparky. Do it now. And if you can't wait for the newsletter, check out the MGApparel blog here. See a little bit more of what's going on in the twisted mind of MGApparel.

Just Funny T-Shirts

Just Funny T-Shirts
A variety of funny shirts, all in the PG-PG13 range. None of the t-shirts in here should be too offensive here.

Rude T-Shirts

Rude T-Shirts
Ok, these t-shirts aren't quite R rated, but they certainly not nice. Moderately offensive, highly funny. Be sure to check it out.

Poker Stuff

Poker Stuff
Just because you know when to fold 'em doesn't mean you actually WILL fold 'em... Welcome to the MGA Poker Stuff section! Warn the world of how you play here.

Political T-Shirts & stuff

Political T-Shirts & stuff
Just as the name implies, here you will find t-shirts about politics. Oh, and stuff. Mostly with a libertarian and republican leaning.

PG-13 T-Shirts

PG-13 T-Shirts
Items in this section are not appropriate for the lil' ones. These items tend to be dirty, offensive, rude, crude, provocative, suggestive, oh, and downright funny as hell.

For the bumper

For the bumper
Bumper stickers to tell the world what you're thinking.

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