Items with designs based on mezzacotta.


-1052-11-13 "Better things"
I have better things to do than be here, you know.


-3226-07-29 "Randomly generated"
Have you seen this new webcomic that's randomly generated each day?


-3141592658979-02-07 "Elephant"
An elephant joke gone wrong.


1748-04-04 "Taxidermy"
The long-standing highest-rated comic from the mezzacotta Hall of Fame.


-1958-10-17 "Got nothing"
Helia tries to say something witty.


-1308-07-29 "Southern regions"
I think she means Tierra del Fuego.


1596-03-21 "Bummer"
I was told someone with brains would meet me here.


-3397-01-09 "A wyvern dives"
Wyverns, monks, plate armor, oh my!


2009-02-01 "Silent contemplation"
Sometimes there simply are no words to express how you feel.


1341-04-26 "Abducted"
Have you ever been abducted by aliens? Well, have you?


1314-11-09 "Leg invigorating elixir"
Have you seen my leg invigorating elixir around here anywhere?


468-07-21 "No way"
Have you ever noticed...



-3078-04-08 "Pretty funny"
What did Tarzan say when he saw the leeches wearing sunglasses?


-652-02-11 "That's no aardvark!"
Did you hear the one about the Englishman and the aardvark?


-37-07-27 "Random lightbulb"
How many randomly generated comic characters does it take to change a lightbulb?


1490-10-26 "Messy hair"
We've all had bad hair days.

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