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» Interventional Radiology
» Ruthless Dictator
» Crossing Over to the Darkside
» Slit Your Throat
» ID Docs
» Podiatrists Always Foot The Bill
» respect
» Echocardiogram
» #2
» ENT is a cut-throat specialty.
» Stud
» Plastic Surgeon
» You Can't Hide Anything From a Radiologist.
» MR Imagers
» Nuclear Medicine
» Outside The Box
» urology
» Noon Conference Pimp
» Morning Report Pimp
» Hospitalists
» Caretakers of the Junk
» My back hurts...
» Transplant Surgeons
» Emergency Medicine
» They call me Dr DRE
» Physiatrists
» PM&R
» Dermatologists tend to make rash decisions.
» Hematuria Ale
» Chiropractors can be a little manipulative.
» Osteopaths can be a little manipulative.
» DO's can be a little manipulative.
» Pre-meds have a lot of class
» I see your fundi
» Nothing gets your blood pumping like your heart.
» Erectile Dysfunction
» Otolaryngology
» Ophthalmology
» Rheumatology
» Cardiologists Mend Broken Hearts.
» Restless Leg Syndrome
» CRNA's Have a Lot of Gas
» incontinence means never having to take a bathroom
» I Rock GI Rounds
» GERD means always getting to have seconds.
» When I Look Into Your Eyes, I See Your Fundi
» BEWARE JCAHO is watching
» Obstetricians always deliver.
» If you think you've got guts, prove it with endosc
» Gastroenterology takes guts.
» If you are looking for a joint, ask an orthopedist
» Bowel Prep
» Multiple Personality Disorder
» Diabetics Are Sweet
» Chest Wounds Suck
» Curiously Strong Bulbocavernosus Reflex
» Hemorrhoids Are A Pain In The Butt!
» Radiologists see it all!
» Nothing Raises Eyebrows Like Frontalis
» The Fastest Way to a Man's Heart is Through His Ve
» Pediatrics is for children!
» The cure for Peyronie's Disease is juat around the
» Priapism is a painfully hard topic
» I May Have Hypertension But I've Got A Big Heart!
» Schizophrenia Means Always Having Someone To Talk
» Nothing Gives You Goosebumps Like Erector Pili
» Geriatrics Never Gets Old.
» No Scut
» Anesthesiologists Have A Lot Of Gas!
» Giardia Stinks
» Not Now, We're Rounding!
» Not Now, I'm Pre-Rounding!
» Orthopedists work themselves to the bone.
» Certified Morning Report Pimp Master
» Dysphagia is hard to swallow.
» My nose is running, Can I have a Z-pak?
» Cirrhosis Is Hard
» Torticollis is a Royal Pain in the Neck
» Non-Medical

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