McHumor Education Cartoons
» Teacher After the First Day of School
» Kid Gets School Computer Back Online
» Philosophy Cartoon 1413
» Philosophy Texts Are Dangerous
» The 1st 30 Years of Teaching
» Eat Grad Students
» Only Aptitude is for Taking Tests
» Filing a Grievance
» Conan The Custodian in Slacker Class
» Kid's File Taller than He is.
» Gesundheit!
» Mason & Dixon in Geometry
» Driver's Ed Uses a School Bus
» Student Learned Nothing but The Teacher Taught Som
» Teacher Wants Her Mommy
» Final Exams Today
» Divide 25 Books Among 34 Students
» Vaporize Students To Reduce Class Size
» Exam Questions Foretold
» Play Gramophone Records Backwards
» I Delegate My Homework
» CEO Of A Dummy Corp
» NO! to An Extension
» Doing Homework by TV Light
» You Won't Have to Worry about Tuition
» It's an Old Football Injury
» Bees in Sex Ed
» Computerized Spit-Ball
» Constitutional Amendments in Any Order
» Remember me?
» Fossilized Gum
» Don't Judge a Book by its Curse Words
» Achieving Greatness in 3 Days
» Students Watch Video, not Teacher
» Pre-Reunion Jitters
» In Case of Emergency Ear Muffs
» Another Grant Came Through
» Make Up Words to Expand Vocabulary
» Another Athletic Scholarship
» Reducing Class Size
» Plagiarism or Recycling
» I suppose your homework will be late.
» The Tin Man at Oz High
» Definition of Obsolete
» Why You're Having a Bumpy Ride
» Hell Freezing Over
» Inexact Science
» My Dog Ate My Homework
» Science Peer Review in High School
» Geometric Proof
» Typing Your Penmanship Homework
» Vaporize Substitute-Teachers
» Baseball Cap Atop a Dunce Cap
» All Scholarship Applications Accepted
» The Various Meanings of Hit
» The Three Zs
» Most Likely To Be Sidetracked
» The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts
» Math in Base Zero
» Child Hackers
» Use Long or Short Term Memory
» Juror Sells 11 Magazine Subscriptions
» Kid Applies To Be Principal
» Don't Want To Admit I'm Literate
» Food Lousy Even After Kitchen Repairs
» Print Out 1 Million Times ...
» If Only A Moment of Silence Was Actually Possible.
» Norton's Anthology of Classic TV Sitcoms
» Channel Surfing the Classics
» Don't Have Time To Teach
» Kid Needs a Libel Lawyer
» Credit Cards for Pre-Schoolers
» Develop a New Grading Curve
» Kids Are Always At That Age
» Computer !@#$%&* Language
» Read War & Peace in 15 Minutes
» Bee Skips Geometry Class
» Flunked Lunch
» Cheating at School Reunion
» Kid's Class Action Suit in Math Class
» Kid Holds Computer Codes for Ransom
» Look What I Made in Shop Class
» Six Cars in Five Car Space
» Hacking into School Menu
» Deduct From Grade For Every Splinter
» Shop Class is not About Buying Things
» Planning to be an Electrician
» Driving on the Sidewalk
» Thoughts in Shop Class
» Quit Carving a Wheel
» Mom Won't Let me Make More Furniture
» Homework is to Convinve Parents to Raise Salaries
» Learning to Print Money in School.
» I Completed Sex Ed; May I Borrow the Car?
» Big Future in Paper Shredding
» Who to Call in an Emergency
» My Computer Ate My Homework
» The Fax of Life
» Joan of Arc & Welding
» Stealing Hotel Towels
» Left on Red
» Computers Cheating
» Computers Turned Off
» How to Beat Asthma
» Hold that Thought
» Student Exchange Program for Butterfly
» Pop-up Text Books
» Welded Braces
» I Made it in Shop Class
» Design a Robot to do Homework
» Welding Pod Cast
» Bungee Jumping $5.00
» Be Safe. Don't Go Home
» The Advantages of the Plague
» Staying Awake in Class
» Press 1 if you're Reporting a Fire
» 18 Days without an Accident
» Room not Wired Properly?
» Call Locksmith, Don't Use a Blow Torch
» Some Assembly is Required.
» Fire Drills
» Toilet Clogs With Three Sheets of TP
» School's Science Program Must Be Good
» Bring in the UN Peace Keepers
» Shake, Fries & a Pencil Sharpener
» Bad Egg Nog Leads to Santa Sighting
» At Least I'll Be In For White Collar Crime Next Ti
» Power Outages Worse Than Teacher Strikes
» Computer Not Programmed to Find You a Date
» Computer with a Crush
» Pentagon Learns How to Run Successul Bake Sales
» Ethics of Teaching Ethics
» Teaching without A teacher robbing another says, "
» Creationism Biology
» Too Serious of a Hall Monitor
» Holy Gross School
» May I See Your Learner's Permit?
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