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1000s of designs to choose from. Look 'inside' each category below.

Pregnancy sayings on maternity shirts make fun Christmas gifts for pregnant women. Our huge collection of maternity shirts with unique pregnancy related designs and sayings features over a thousand designs to choose from. These designs and more are also available on pregnancy announcement tee shirts and other maternity gift ideas. Secure payments, printing and shipping are handled by CafePress who offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Contact us at pregnancydesigns AT

Pregnancy announcement maternity tops

Pregnancy announcement maternity tops
Click above to see a wide range of designs about being pregnant. These maternity tops are a great way to announce your pregnancy.

Due date announcements

Due date announcements
Announce the month or season of your estimated due date on a stylish maternity top

Baby gender announcements

Baby gender announcements
Maternity tops that announce the sex of your baby.

Just for fun

Just for fun
Maternity tops with humorous designs about the lighter side of being pregnant.

Pregnancy cravings and aversions

Pregnancy cravings and aversions
The maternity top to wear when you have a pregnancy craving for food, or an aversion to food associated with morning sickness.

Twins and multiples

Twins and multiples
Designs for mothers to be who are expecting twins, triplets, quadruplents, quintuplets...

Designs in your language

Designs in your language
Pregnancy announcement maternity tops in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Dutch, German - and English.

Breastfeeding or nursing maternity shirts

Breastfeeding or nursing maternity shirts
Maternity tops with designs about breast feeding, or nursing as you may prefer to call it.

Birth issues and professions.

Birth issues and professions.
Designs about natural birth, homebirth, unassisted birth, doulas and midwives, on maternity tops.

Baby name maternity shirts

Baby name maternity shirts
Announce the name of your baby-to-be on your maternity top. Personalization available too.

Other pregnancy related maternity shirts

Other pregnancy related maternity shirts
Look in here for designs about cesarians, non-traditional families, avoiding alcohol while you're pregnant, and being a hot mama to be.

Non pregnancy related maternity tops

Non pregnancy related maternity tops
Cool designs that aren't just about pregnancy, on maternity tops.

Note: these garments are maternity style cut.
The same designs and more are also available on
pregnancy announcement tee shirts and other products that make fun gifts for expectant families.

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