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» Themed Masonic Items
   » Point within a circle
   » Blue Lodge Traveling Man
   » Band of Brothers
   » KYCH
   » All Seeing Eye
   » The Altar
   » The Green Dragon
   » Masonic Earth Day
   » Masonic Bikers
      » Biking Brothers
      » Masonic Riders
      » Masonic Rider Brothers
   » York Rite Masons
   » Mechanic Mason
   » The Masters
      » Past Masters
         » Pennsylvania
      » Euclid
      » Mason Officers
         » Lodge Secretary
      » Past Officer
   » Masonic OES
   » The Big G
   » Masons who Vape
   » Computer savvy Masons
      » Internet Masons
      » Web Savvy Masons
      » Webmasters
   » Breast Cancer Awareness
   » Mason Barber
   » Sailing Masons
   » Carpenter Mason
   » Philatelic
   » Masonic Plumb
   » Mason Race Fans
   » Karate
   » Masonic Research
   » Masonic Altar
   » The Kings Temple
   » The Masonic Lodge
   » Masonic Flower
   » Masonic Poem
   » Masonic Search
   » Masonic Musician
   » Freemason Operators
   » 32nd Degree
      » 32nd Degree Dragons
   » Mason & Shriner Pilots
      » Wings of a Shrine Pilot
      » Pilots wings
   » Native American Brothers
   » Dragon Guards
      » Red Dragon Guards
      » Red Dragon Tylers
         » Blue Dragon Tylers
   » Masonic Recyclers
   » Knife & Fork Degree
   » CHIP
   » Reversed G
   » Meet on the level
      » Meeting on the Level - Blue
      » Meeting on the Level - Green
      » On the Level - Red
   » Teachers
   » Knight Templar
      » Sign of the Templar
      » KT With Sword
      » Tales from the KT
      » The Templars
   » Mason Hams
      » Ham Tower
   » Widow's Son
   » Bikes for Books
   » The Master Mason
   » Three Ruffians
   » Mason Pride
   » Blazing Star
   » Virtus Junxit Mors Non Separabit
   » M.I.S.T.E.R.
   » Rail Road Mason
   » The Hive
      » The Hive - Blue
      » The Hive - Green
      » The Hive - Red
   » Masonic Woody
   » The Tri-Point
   » The Rough Ashlar
   » Freemasons Creed
   » 3 Lesser Lights
   » The Zodiac
      » OES Aries
      » Capricorn
      » Leo
      » For the Libran
      » Masonic Sagittarius
      » Masonic Scorpio
      » Pisces
      » Taurus
      » OES Taurus
» Masonic/OES/Shrine Christmas Section
   » Holiday Greeting Cards
   » Masonic/OES/Shrine Christmas shirts n sweats
   » Christmas Mugs n' Steins
   » Xmas Buttons n' Magnets
   » OES Christmas Wreath
   » Kiss a Mason
   » Santa the Shriner
   » Santa and the Star
   » Shriner Nutcrackers
» Regional Masonic Items
   » American Masons
      » U. S. Masons
      » USA Masons
   » Australian Masons
      » Tasmania Masons
   » Alabama Masons
   » Arizona Freemasons
   » Arkansas Freemasons
   » California Freemasons
      » Republic of California Masons
      » California Band of Brothers
   » Canadian Masons/OES/Shriners
      » A Band of Brothers
      » 32nd Degree - Canada
      » Canadian Masons
      » Ontario Masons
      » Canadian Shriners
      » Canadian OES
   » Colorado Masons
   » Connecticut Free Masons
   » Delaware Masons
   » English Masons
   » Filipino Masons
   » Florida Freemasons
   » Georgia Masons
   » Haiti Masons
   » Hawaii Masons
   » Illinois Masons
   » Iowa Masons
   » Indiana Masons
   » Kansas Freemason
   » Kentucky Masons
   » Louisiana Freemason
   » Maine Masons
   » Maryland Masons
   » Massachusetts Masons
   » Michigan Masons
   » Mississippi Masons
   » Montana Masons
   » Nebraska Masons
   » Nevada Masons
   » New Hampshire Masons
   » New Jersey Freemasons
   » New York Brothers
      » New York Masons
      » New York Brothers
   » Ohio Masons
   » PA Freemasons
      » Pennsylvania Brothers
      » Pennsylvania Past Master
      » import and move
   » Scottish Masons
   » South Carolina Masons
   » Tennessee Masons
   » Texas Masons
      » Texas Brothers
   » UK Masons
   » Virginia Freemasons
   » Washington State Masons
   » Washington D.C.
   » West Virginia Masons
   » Wisconsin Masons
» Shriners Stuff
   » Shrine Brothers
   » Shrine Shirts n' Sweats
      » Shriners Sweats
   » Shrine Wives
   » Shriners clean up
   » The Fez
   » Proud Shrine Clown
      » Shrine Clown & The Sphinx
   » Royal Order of Jesters
   » Daughters of the Nile
   » Shriners Kids Stuff
» Order Of The Eastern Star Gifts and Clothing
   » OES Shirts n' Sweats
      » OES Sweats and Jackets
   » Regional OES
      » Arizona OES
      » California OES
      » Florida OES
      » Georgia OES
      » Illinois OES
      » Indiana OES
      » Massachusetts OES
      » Michigan OES
      » Missouri OES
         » OES PWM Missouri
      » New Jersey OES
      » OES New York
      » North Carolina OES
      » Ohio OES
      » PA OES
      » South Carolina OES
      » South Dakota OES
      » Tennessee OES
      » Texas OES
         » Texas Star OES
   » OES Bags n' Totes
   » OES Star in the Sun
      » She ain't heavy
      » USCG
   » OES Coasters, Tiles & Boxes
   » OES Officers
      » Worthy Matron
      » OES Patron
      » OES Secretary
      » Past Matron
      » OES Past Patron
      » Associate Matron
   » OES Recycling
   » OES Kids Stuff
   » Breast Cancer
» Prince Hall Masons
   » Prince Hall Light
   » PHA on the square
   » PHA Brothers
   » PHA T-Shirts n' Sweats
   » PHA Master Mason
   » Heroines of Jericho
   » Daughters of Isis
   » Queen of the South
   » PHA Kids Stuff
» Masonic Outdoors
   » Masonic Yard Signs- Banners
   » Masonic Hats
      » Masonic Caps
   » Masonic Apron/Messenger/Laptop Bags & Totes
   » Chef and BBQ Aprons
» Masonic Shirts, Jackets n' Sweats
   » Masonic Sweat Shirts
   » Masonic Hoods
   » Basic Masonic T's
   » Long Sleeve T's
   » Dark Long Sleeve T's
   » Masonic Golf Shirts
   » Baseball Jerseys
   » Colored Masonic T's
   » Organic Cotton Masonic T's
   » Masonic Ringer T-shirts
   » Masonic T-shirts
   » Masonic Sleeveless T's
   » Ash Grey & light colored T's
   » Dark T-Shirts
   » Fitted Masonic T's
   » Masonic Boxer Shorts & PJ's
» Masonic Birthday/Holiday/Occasions Gift Items
   » Fourth of July
   » Masonic New Year
   » Valentines Day
   » Cinco De Mayo
   » Halloween
      » Zombie Fighters
      » Bats and the Masons
      » Masonic Bats
      » Vampire Mason
      » Masons Skull
      » Shriners Halloween
      » OES Halloween
      » Canadian Masons Halloween
   » Thanksgiving
   » Easter
      » The OES Bunny
      » Masonic Easter
      » The Master Bunny
   » St. Patricks Day
      » Irish Manny Mason
      » Green Beer
      » Irish S&C
         » Grand Lodge
         » The Irish Mason
         » Masonic Shamrock
      » Masons Clover
      » Irish Shirts n' Sweats
   » Kwanzaa
» The Masonic Card Shop
   » Masonic Birthday Cards
   » Masonic Get well Cards
» Newest Additions
» Armed Forces Masons
   » The casualties. Lest we forget
   » Broken Heart
      » Some Gave All
   » Brother Veteran
   » Afghanistan
   » Iraq
   » POW/MIA Masons
   » The Veteran
   » SAPPER Mason
   » Military Mason Shirts
      » Military Sweats/Jackets
      » Military Long Sleeve
      » Masonic Sleeveless, fitted & Organic
      » Military Greys, Coloreds, Ringers & More
   » Hats, Aprons, Boxers
   » Military Mugs & Steins
   » US Army Masons
   » G.I. Mason
   » 3rd Mt. Division Mason
   » 10th mountain division
   » Korean War Masons
   » Vietnam
   » US Coast Guard Masons
   » Merchant Marine Masons
   » Masonic Military Kids
   » Military Camo
   » Battle Worn S&C
   » Sarge
   » The USMC Sarge
   » Re-enactors
      » US Cavalry Masons
» Custom Area
» Masonic Professional/Government Services
   » K9 Corps
      » DOC K9
   » NTSB Masons
   » Forest Service
   » Masonic Fire Department
      » Masonic Fire Fighter
      » State Fire Fighters
         » New York Masons
         » Pennsylvania Masons
         » New Jersey Masons
         » Colorado Masons Firefighters
         » Arizona Masons
      » Fire & Rescue
      » Fire/Rescue - Past Master
      » York Rite Masons F&R
      » Shriners Fire - Rescue
      » OES FD, PD, EMS, RN, LPN
         » OES LPN
         » OES Registered Nurses
   » Masonic Emergency Services
   » USPS Masons
   » NASA Masons
   » Homeland Security
   » Police Officers
      » Support your local Police
      » Police Officer
      » S.W.A.T.
   » Security Service Masons
      » Masonic Security - Keystone
   » Border Patrol / ICE / CBP
      » CBP Masons
   » Masonic Medical Doctors
   » Nursing Masons
   » Masonic LPN
   » Pharmacists
      » The Pharmacist
» Masonic Comics
   » Masonic Secrets
   » Commander
   » Tylers
   » The Goat Rider
   » The Builders
   » Solomon's Temple
   » 32nd degree wannabee
   » Hiram Abiff
   » Knights Templar
   » Masons Wheel
   » Gray Masonic Lodge
   » Masonic Skeletons
   » The Creation
» Masonic Ceramic Coffee Mugs & Travel Mugs
   » Glassware
   » Travel Mugs
   » Large Masonic Mugs
   » Regional Mugs
» Masonic Ceramic Beer Steins
   » Shot Glasses
» Masonic Bumper Stickers and More
   » Masonic Cut ups(Vinyl)
   » Wall Peels
   » Masonic stickers
» Tile Coasters & Plaques
   » Masonic Wall Plaques
» Masonic Odds n' Ends
   » Masons Pillows
   » Masonic Wall Clocks
      » Masonic Country Clocks
   » Masonic Mousepads
   » Ipad n such cases
   » Laptop Skins
» Masonic Porcelain Collectibles
» Masonic/Shrine/OES Buttons & Magnets
   » Masonic Politics
   » Giant Masons Buttons
   » Masonic Mini Buttons
   » Round Masonic Magnets
   » Rectangular Magnets
   » OES Section
   » Shriners Section
» For Our Ladies
   » Ladies Shirts/Sweats
   » Un Free Mason
» Masonic Kids stuff
   » Kids T-shirts
   » Teddy Bears
   » Kids Jerseys n' Sweats
» Masonic Pet Shop
» Masonic Keepsake Boxes
» Printed Masonic Stuff
   » Elegant Framed Masonic/OES Art Prints
» Masonic Calendars
» Kids Groups
   » Proud Rainbow Girl
   » Rainbow Girls
   » DeMolay
» Masonic Lodge/OES Stores
   » Eloy Lodge
   » Aspen Grove Lodge No. 397
   » Aberdeen Lodge
   » Bay Cities Lodge
   » Bellingham Bay Lodge No. 44
   » Ben Franklin Lodge No. 83
   » F. W. Thompson Lodge
   » Gramercy Lodge No. 537
   » International Masons
      » Doric Lodge #6
      » Light of Solomon #77
      » St. James Lodge #74
      » St. John #58
      » Timothy Cosey #54
   » Mission Bell OES
   » Valley Lodge No. 499
      » Valley Lodge Ladies
   » Wadsworth Lodge 417
   » Waterloo Lodge No. 63
   » OES - Mayflower Chapter # 81 - Texas
   » OES Starlight Chapter #52
» Non Masonic Military
   » The real heroes
   » Military Shirts N' Stuff
   » Military Women
» Non-Masonic Off the wall
   » The Nation
   » Kids Stuff

The Masonic Shop
Member Since: 2003

Unique Custom graphics you won't find anywhere else! Designed by and for Masons, Shriners and OES members. We ship our quality products all over the world.

For our brothers and sisters in arms, please check out our Masonic military items. A military gift is a great way to show our support for these brave folks.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy your visit.


Customize it! Welcome to our main shop! What you see here are unique Custom Masonic gifts you won't find anywhere else. How do we know? We don't buy them, we make them! Unique designs by and for Masons, printed on top quality products for Masons, Shriners and OES Members (Over 24,000 so far and counting). We have an assortment of Non-Masonic items as well. New items are added regularly (almost every day) so don't be a stranger!
At The Masonic Shop, We also do custom work, so contact us directly for your custom designs for yourself or your fund raising campaigns. Need your name or Lodge on it? That's always free! Just head here to our CONTACT US FORM. We'd be glad to hear from you. And don't forget to sign up for our newsletter while you're there. Need Masonic jewelry? Watches? Rings? Hard goods? Looking for sales? Check out our main page. You'll find them there. www.themasonicshop.com

Think it's Too late for that special gift? Not if you are Creative!!! You can even have it just minutes before you need it. Here's How!!

Themed Masonic Items

Themed Masonic Items
Themed Assortments. Or, items with a theme. (who knew?)

Masonic/OES/Shrine Christmas Section

Masonic/OES/Shrine Christmas Section
Santa Stuff - Hanukkah - Kwanzaa - Masonic Cards, mugs, clothing, stickers & More.

Regional Masonic Items

Regional Masonic Items
Regional Masonic Items. Your state, your country or your area. Are you here? Check it out!

Shriners Stuff

Shriners Stuff
For the Shriners among us, the Shriners wives and the Daughters of the Nile.

Order Of The Eastern Star Gifts and Clothing

Order Of The Eastern Star Gifts and Clothing
Items for OES, the OES Members of the Military and even kids stuff.

Prince Hall Masons

Prince Hall Masons
Prince Hall Masons - Heroines of Jericho and Daughters of Isis

Masonic Outdoors

Masonic Outdoors
Things you use outside - Signs, License plate frames, Hats, Masonic Apron/Laptop/Messenger bags, Tote bags, & Barbeque Aprons.

Masonic Shirts, Jackets n' Sweats

Masonic Shirts, Jackets n' Sweats
The Masons Shirt Shop! Masonic Shirts, Sweats, Jackets and even Underwear

Masonic Birthday/Holiday/Occasions Gift Items

Masonic Birthday/Holiday/Occasions Gift Items
Holidays, Birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Raisings or whatever Masonic gift stuff, collectibles n' more.

The Masonic Card Shop

The Masonic Card Shop
Greetings The Masonic Way. Masonic, OES & Shriners Greeting Cards, Note Cards & Postcards

Newest Additions

Newest Additions
New creations never seen before. Updated just about every day. Check back often!

Armed Forces Masons

Armed Forces Masons
Armed Forces Masons. Branches, Wounded Warriors and more.

Custom Area

Custom Area
Customize it! Requests we get. (and you can request them too!)

Masonic Professional/Government Services

Masonic Professional/Government Services
Masonic Fire, Police, Security, Medical, EMT, NTSB & More. OES, Shriners too!

Masonic Comics

Masonic Comics
Masonic Comics. A bit of humor? Maybe.

Masonic Ceramic Coffee Mugs & Travel Mugs

Masonic Ceramic Coffee Mugs & Travel Mugs
Masonic Mugs, Travel Mugs & SIGGs - Coffee, tea or whatever holders. Including regional mugs & Glassware.

Masonic Ceramic Beer Steins

Masonic Ceramic Beer Steins
The Ultimate Masonic Gift! Unique Ceramic Beer Steins that any Free Mason would be proud to own and display. Regional steins and Shot glasses as well.

Masonic Bumper Stickers and More

Masonic Bumper Stickers and More
Vinyl Sticks for the Bump! Along with regular Masonic Stickers and our world famous cut-ups.

Tile Coasters & Plaques

Tile Coasters & Plaques
Masonic Tile Coasters & Masonic Wall Plaques. Hang your pride on the wall or place it under your drinks.

Masonic Odds n' Ends

Masonic Odds n' Ends
Masonic Wall Clocks, Mousepads, throw pillows, Iphone thingies, Laptop Skins! Dress up the Hall or dress up the house. Just do it!

Masonic Porcelain Collectibles

Masonic Porcelain Collectibles
<b>Masonic Ornaments</b>. Unique Collectibles with a myriad of uses. Especially that very special Masonic gift.

Masonic/Shrine/OES Buttons & Magnets

Masonic/Shrine/OES Buttons & Magnets
Buttons & Magnets to Raise funds and/or awareness. We call them Fund Raisingers! What better way to show your support than by wearing it?

For Our Ladies

For Our Ladies
Gifts For Our Masonic Ladies. From buttons to bumper stickers to clothing and more. Make them feel special because... they are!

Masonic Kids stuff

Masonic Kids stuff
Kids bibs, creepers, teddy bears &amp; clothing.

Masonic Pet Shop

Masonic Pet Shop
Puppy n' Kitty Stuff

Masonic Keepsake Boxes

Masonic Keepsake Boxes
Masonic Tile Keepsake Boxes. What better place for Masons to keep those special Masonic collectibles and keepsakes? Never mis-place them again!

Printed Masonic Stuff

Printed Masonic Stuff
Stuff with Masonic stuff printed on it. Journals, Posters & Fine Masonic Art Prints for your wall.

Masonic Calendars

Masonic Calendars
Masonic Calendars. When the year is over, you can frame the picture!

Kids Groups

Kids Groups
The young ones. Demolay, Rainbow Girls

Masonic Lodge/OES Stores

Masonic Lodge/OES Stores
Masonic Lodges & OES Chapters on line stores. Is your Lodge here? It can be. All you need do is ask.

Non Masonic Military

Non Masonic Military
Non Masonic Military - Show your support!

Non-Masonic Off the wall

Non-Masonic Off the wall
Just dumb stuff... Mostly. Home of the beer shirts!

The Masonic Shop
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