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Vancouver, Neo Sumer, USoA
Member Since: 2001

"Cool, like popular, is a word that is often associated with self betrayal." -- Golok (Umlauds on o's pronounced like oe in Goethe) Buday, 2003 aka The Absent Mind
"One should stay clear of comparing one self to others to feel like scum, one should compare themselves to what they could be or what they were for that; the same could be said about feeling
good about one self." -- Glk Buday, 2003 aka The Absent Mind
"Small Government's A Start." -- Glk (Golok plus Umlauds on O's) Buday, 2003 aka The Absent Mind
"Censorship is a weapon of mass destruction." -- Glk Buday, 2003 aka The Absent Mind
"I prefer to go to church, not have church come to me." -- Gölök Z. L. F. Buday

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Kinder Stuff -- Aletta (Buday) (Van Dongen) Mes.
Kinder Season -- Aletta Mes.
Aletta Paletta -- Aletta Mes.
'ID' Stuff -- Aletta Mes.
Dutch/Nederlander Gifties -- Aletta Mes.
Aletta Mes's Site.
Some various works of Zoltán Buday.
Some Things Fishy
Heart of my hearts.
Old Glory.
The Offcial Zoltán Buday Web Site.
National Lampoon: Buy It Or I Will Shoot This Dog Stuff.
National Lampoon: Heil Kitty
National Lampoon
The Official X-Party
Spumco Store
BC Ataxia 'Swag.'
Landover Baptist Church Store: Main Page
Betty Bowers Store: Main Page
Pastor Decon Fred Sermons location
Even More CP Stuff

CP: Shop: Politics
CP: Shop: Humor
CP: Shop: Art
CP: SHop: Pets
CP: Shop: Bumper Stickers
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Squidoo: /golok
Squidoo: /majorwhorefarer
Squidoo Lenshost and Promos. Good for Charities and Independents. Possibly Candidates.
MW at Print Mojo
2010 Olyparody.
Printfection Launch, also tolerent of the Olympic Bid Parody
The Official Black Jester Website: The Original blackjester.com
The My Ego Times/The Voltairian

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