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» Holidays & Events
   » Christmas Crap
      » Christmas Cards
         » Cute Cat & Funny Slogan
            » Santa Claws
            » Santa Claws The Sofa
            » Some Pussy This Christmas
            » No Presents For You, DOG
            » No Presents For You, DAWG
            » Cancel Christmas, Pooches
            » Furry Little Christmas
            » Come All Ye Fishful
            » Sack Of Catnip
            » Cats Are Smarter Than Dogs
         » Cute Puppy Dog & Seasonal Greeting
            » May Your Christmas Be This Puppy Cute
            » Christmas Watchdog
            » Have A Cute Christmas
            » Merry Christmas
         » Yorkie & Kitten
         » Snow Scene Through A Window
         » Victorian Christmas Greetings
         » Seaside Happy Holidays
         » Global Warming
         » Global Cooling
         » Reindeer
         » Peace On Earth
         » Christmas Ranch
         » Christmas Warmest Wishes
         » Merry Christmas
         » Happy Holidays 2
         » Tigers
         » Christmas Carol Singers
         » Happy Holidays
         » Spirit of the Season
         » Santa List
            » Here's My List
            » List Of Naughty Girls
            » List Of Naughty Boys
         » Old Santa
         » Joy & Peace
         » Christmas Stockings
      » Christmas T-Shirts
         » Santa Claws
         » Baby, It's Cold Outside
         » Reindeer
         » Global Cooling
         » Spirit of the Season
         » Old Santa
      » Christmas Gift Ideas
         » Santa Claws
         » Baby, It's Cold Outside
         » Global Cooling
         » Reindeer
         » Spirit of the Season
         » Old Santa
   » Halloween Howlers
      » Halloween 1
      » Halloween 2
      » Ghost Stories
      » Jack O' Lantern
      » I Heart Halloween
      » Halloween T-Shirt
      » Halloween T-Shirt 2
      » Ghost T-Shirt
      » Scary T-Shirt
      » Monster T-Shirt
      » Cool Skull Smoking
      » Skeleton T-Shirt
» Left Wing Politics
   » Green Is The New Black
   » Fight For Earth
   » Elect Obama
   » Hillary Clinton 2008
   » Everything Republicans Hate
   » Everything Conservatives Hate
   » Everything Right Wing Hates
   » Obama Time For Change
   » Vote Obama
   » Ban The Bomb
   » Save Gas Save The World
      » Save Gas Save The World
      » Save Gas Save The World 2
      » Save Gas Save The World 3
      » Save Gas Save The World 4
   » Go Green
   » Religion
   » Bubble Gun
   » John Fitzgerald Kennedy
   » JFK
   » War
   » Media Immune
   » Fix It
   » An American
» Words on a Shirt
   » 100% Guarantee
   » Rehab All Star
   » Spank Me
   » Totally Awesome
   » It Is What It Is
   » Don't Bother, I'm Not Drunk Yet
   » Beat It
   » Sooner BeBop Than Hip-Hop
   » Rock On
   » Pimp Daddy
   » 5150
   » Sound FX T-Shirts & Gifts
      » Argh
      » Bang
      » Boom
      » Ka-Pow
      » K-Boom
      » Krunch
      » Slurp
      » Zap
   » Have A Day
   » I Love My Fans
   » Instant Karma
   » I (heart) Books
   » Too Young To Know
      » Too Young To Know 1
      » Too Young To Know 2
   » Money To Burn
   » The Other Girls Are....
      » Not As Pretty As Me
      » Not As Hot As Me
      » Not As Sexy As Me
      » Bitchier Than Me
      » Dirtier Than Me
      » Less Fun Than Me
      » Nastier Than Me
      » Dumber Than Me
      » Less Sexy Than Me
      » Less Horny Than Me
   » You Wish
   » No Comment, But Don't Quote Me
   » Limited Edition
   » You're Just Dumb
   » Y2K Still
   » Bravo Echo Echo Romeo
   » Whatever
   » Exploitable
   » Corruptible
   » Immoral
   » Respect Me
   » Free Lindsay
      » Free Lindsay #1
      » Free Lindsay #2
» My T-Shirt
   » My Thanksgiving T-Shirt
   » My Turkey T-Shirt
   » My Christmas T-Shirt
   » My Christmas T-Shirt #2
   » My Jewish T-Shirt
   » My Happy T-Shirt
   » My Zen Rocks T-Shirt
   » My CSI T-Shirt
   » My Peace T-Shirt
   » My Protest T-Shirt
   » My 70's T-Shirt
   » My 60's T-Shirt
   » My Coffee T-Shirt
   » My Tractor T-Shirt
   » My U.S.A. T-Shirt
   » My American T-Shirt
   » My Liberty T-Shirt
   » My Chief T-Shirt
   » My Brave T-Shirt
   » My Cowboy T-Shirt
   » My Clubbin' T-Shirt
   » My Groovy Guy T-Shirt
   » My DJ T-Shirt
   » My Vinyl T-Shirt
   » My Drums T-Shirt
   » My Band T-Shirt
   » My Music T-Shirt
   » My Gasmask T-Shirt
   » My Hard Hat T-Shirt
   » My Goggles T-Shirt
   » My Rocket T-Shirt
   » My Warning T-Shirt
   » My Ecology T-Shirt
   » My Environmental T-Shirt
   » My Yoga T-Shirt
   » My Irish T-Shirt
   » My St. Patrick's Day T-Shirt
   » My St. Patrick's Day T-Shirt #2
   » My Celtic Knot T-Shirt
   » My Shot Up T-Shirt
   » My Shot Up T-Shirt #2
   » My Cool Skull T-Shirt
   » My Skeleton T-Shirt
   » My Stitched T-Shirt
   » My Halloween T-Shirt
   » My Halloween T-Shirt #2
   » My Monster T-Shirt
   » My Ghost T-Shirt
   » My Cat T-Shirt
   » My Black Cat T-Shirt
   » My Spider Web T-Shirt
   » My Scary T-Shirt
   » My Tattoo T-Shirt
   » My Royal T-Shirt
   » My Justice T-Shirt
   » My Brain T-Shirt
   » My Canada T-Shirt
   » My Ice Cream T-Shirt
   » My Potato T-Shirt
   » My Fly T-Shirt
   » My Butterfly T-Shirt
   » My Frog T-Shirt
   » My Pie T-Shirt
   » My Chemical T-Shirt
   » My Chemistry T-Shirt
   » My Explosive T-Shirt
   » My Explosive T-Shirt 2
   » My Vacation T-Shirt
   » My Thinking T-Shirt
   » My Mona Lisa T-Shirt
   » My Photography T-Shirt
   » My Mexican Food T-Shirt
   » My Fire Truck T-Shirt
   » My Dog Poop T-Shirt
   » My Clock T-Shirt
   » My Da Vinci T-Shirt
   » My California T-Shirt
   » My Florida T-Shirt
   » My Texas T-Shirt
   » My New Jersey T-Shirt
   » My Chinese Food T-Shirt
   » My Birthday T-Shirt
   » My Party T-Shirt
   » My Cash Money T-Shirt
   » My Acorn T-Shirt
   » My Pine Cone T-Shirt
   » My Easter T-Shirt
   » My Parental Advisory T-Shirt
   » My Sexy T-Shirt
   » My Fetish T-Shirt
   » My Kinky Boots T-Shirt
   » My Mistress T-Shirt
   » My Football T-Shirt
   » My Tennis T-Shirt
   » My Ice Hockey T-Shirt
   » My Bowling T-Shirt
   » My Fishing T-Shirt #1
   » My Fishing T-Shirt #2
   » My Golfing T-Shirt
   » My Skiing T-Shirt
   » My Soccer T-Shirt
   » My Hand Print T-Shirt
   » My Radioactive T-Shirt
   » My Train T-Shirt
   » My UFO T-Shirt
   » My Grenade T-Shirt
   » My Jesus T-Shirt
   » My Graduate T-Shirt
   » My Clowns T-Shirt
   » My Dragon T-Shirt
   » My Dolphin T-Shirt
   » My Dog T-Shirt
   » My Whale T-Shirt
   » My Wolf T-Shirt
   » My Tarantula T-Shirt
   » My Snake T-Shirt
   » My Monkey T-Shirt
   » My Old School T-Shirt
   » My Old School T-Shirt #2
   » My Racing Car T-Shirt
   » My Writer's T-Shirt
   » My Tools T-Shirt
   » My Monumental T-Shirt
   » My Pirate T-Shirt
   » My Native T-Shirt
   » My Nessie T-Shirt
   » My Pandas T-Shirt
   » My German T-Shirt
   » My King Tut T-Shirt
   » My Kisses T-Shirt
   » My Masonic T-Shirt
   » My Lincoln T-Shirt
   » My Lucky T-Shirt
   » My Dinosaur T-Shirt
   » My Wedding T-Shirt
   » My Dealer T-Shirt
   » My Shroom T-Shirt
   » My Commie T-Shirt
   » My Weed T-Shirt
   » My Yin Yang T-Shirt
   » My Stop T-Shirt
   » My Airplane T-Shirt
   » My Cycling T-Shirt
   » My Heart T-Shirt
   » My Valentine T-Shirt
» Art Graphics
   » Robots
   » Meditation
   » Brainwaves
   » Groovy
   » Science Freak
   » Chemistry Freak
   » Broken Down Angel
   » The End
   » Toxic 15
   » Urban Sprawl
   » Clip Wing Skull
   » Thoughts On Love
   » Coin Slot
      » Coin Slot T-Shirt POCKET placement
      » Coin Slot - t-shirt CHEST placement
   » Rising Sun
» Witty, Weird, Wild
   » Greek God Herpes
   » Science In Progress
      » Science In Progress (yellow)
      » Science In Progress (red)
   » Loading FART
   » Can't Sleep Zombies Will Eat Me
   » Clown Will Eat You
      » My Clown Will Eat You
      » My Inner Child Looks Like This
      » My Inner Child is Scarier than Yours
   » Look Out! Zombies Are About
   » Zen Rocks
   » Kilroy Was Here
   » My Mind Will Be Closed
   » Geek Magnet
   » Life Is For Playing Video Games
   » Perfect Disguise
   » Bee
   » Grilled Goat
   » Paparazzi Bait
   » L EMO N
   » Mom's Acid Soup
   » Y2K Aftereffects
   » Instant Karma
   » Love Magnet
      » Love Magnet #1
      » Love Magnet #2
      » Sex Magnet #1
      » Sex Magnet #2
   » Target
   » I'm Very Special
   » To The Moon
   » My Birthday T-Shirt

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Funny t-shirts & witty gifts

Buy our weird, funny tees & gifts to show your wild, wacky sense of humor.

Click on Designs to see Products :

Greek God Herpes

Greek God Herpes
Hit the funny bone with this unique humorous design take on ancient mythology. I thought Herpes was a Greek God. Forgive us, Hermes, for using your name in witty vain. College humor t-shirts, stickers

Science In Progress

Science In Progress
As seen on Discovery TV scientific reality show, Mythbusters, but with a color twist in red and yellow warning signs for science in progress. Great Christmas, birthday, anytime gifts!

Loading FART

Loading FART
Windows computer loading graphic changed to funny fart loading message. Great gag gifts for college students, dads, school kids and lovers of bodily function jokes. Humor t-shirts, stickers, gift idea

Can't Sleep Zombies Will Eat Me

Can't Sleep Zombies Will Eat Me
Variation on the clowns slogan: Can't sleep, zombies will eat me. Blood red creepy X Files text with a zombie graphic dripping gore. Funny t-shirts & gifts for horror film fans!

Clown Will Eat You

Clown Will Eat You
3 different designs inside this section featuring a scary clown bursting out of the product. Great for Halloween and anytime you want to righteously spread fear of clowns, AKA coulrophobia.

Look Out! Zombies Are About

Look Out! Zombies Are About
Humorous warning slogan: Look Out! Zombies Are About. Blood red creepy X Files text with a zombie graphic dripping gore. Funny t-shirts & gifts for horror film fans of undead genre!

Zen Rocks

Zen Rocks
Simple pile of rocks assembled in a zen like simplistic single column making our original, and slightly humorous, design titled Zen Rocks. Great gift idea for the humorist and Buddhist alike.

Kilroy Was Here

Kilroy Was Here
Funny t-shirts & gifts with historical graffiti, Kilroy was here, cartoon face looking over a wall. Make great gift ideas that are unusual and witty. Attitude designs on tees, stickers, buttons, gifts

My Mind Will Be Closed

My Mind Will Be Closed
Funny original slogan, my mind will be closed until further notice. Shut them out with these attitude t-shirt & gifts. Great party tees! College humor gift ideas.

Geek Magnet

Geek Magnet
Ancient Greek text complements this humorous design for those attracting computer geeks, art nerds, or plain dorks into their lives. Geek magnet, wear it proudly!

Life Is For Playing Video Games

Life Is For Playing Video Games
Funny fifties, 50's, retro man holding video game joystick with humorous slogan, life is for playing video games. Gamers, gaming, game t-shirts and gifts. Vintage.

Perfect Disguise

Perfect Disguise
Season for fun & silliness, this Christmas gift these silliest, funniest original crazy, wacky, witty t-shirts, mugs, caps, gifts. Funny fake mustache, nose, glasses with humorous slogan. Party shirts


Bees are the latest wildlife / insects / creatures to hit the big screen as movie stars, making this funny design with slogan, BEE, hip & cool with all the kids. Make great Christmas gifts!

Grilled Goat

Grilled Goat
Funny hip-hop goat smiling through it's Original Gangsta rap teeth grillz, retainers really. Bling bling on the farmyard?! Sure to raise a laugh where you go.

Paparazzi Bait

Paparazzi Bait
Light up the night with flashing cameras shooting your every step in this original and ultra hip chic design. Eye catching multi bullseye, arrows, stars, and camera graphics in red, white, blue.


Big bold red heart with strong text depicting I love me design a la I love NY. Buy a bunch for your friends and family in need of self-esteem, and those with too much ego.


Funny original EMO design with emotional youth image wearing eye glasses, depicting this emotionally challenged genre of young people, and lemon text beneath.

Mom's Acid Soup

Mom's Acid Soup
Funny fifties retro distressed look graphic of woman in apron dancing with a huge can man. Great gag gift and humorous everyday wear item.

Y2K Aftereffects

Y2K Aftereffects
I'm Still Feeling The Effects Of Y2K. Funny distressed /worn design of guy in bed shaken still by the millennium year 2000 non-event of predicted computer meltdowns.

Instant Karma

Instant Karma
Pick a fight with her / him, and sure to form she / he will pick one right back. Retro design of a man and a woman arguing, finger pointing, and mouths wide open yelling. A cool one, in a heated way!

Love Magnet

Love Magnet
Four different retro style original attractant magnets designs to choose from, including the popular Sex Magnet. Big magnet (you) pulling love your way just because you are magnetic you.


Human shooting range target design for those looking to achieve that different look on their t-shirts and gift ideas. Now, the search is over, here is something big time unusual.

I'm Very Special

I'm Very Special
Funny stick man head drawing with I'm Very Special child's style text. Just for you and all of us that are considered apart from the boring norm.

To The Moon

To The Moon
Want to escape life's troubles? Then jump aboard and fly the space shuttle to the Moon. Not too far into the future this will be our reality - a vacation getaway from Earth and our personal gravity.

My Birthday T-Shirt

My Birthday T-Shirt
Proudly display your birthday with this cake design with candles ablaze. Never know, you might just get extra presents when wearing this when it's not your birthday, too!

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