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PROPERTY LAW - I Own Blackacr Cap

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PROPERTY LAW - I Own Blackacr Cap

PROPERTY LAW - I Own Blackacre. Law students everywhere have been haunted by the question Who ownes Blackacre" Let everyone know that O conveyed Blackacre to you.

Product Number: 030-40165889
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Product Information
Our casually comfortable baseball caps have all your bases covered. Bad hair day? Early morning coffee run? No problem. You’ll hit a fashion home run with our winning designs.

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LEGAL NOTICE: The following "endorsements and testimonials" were not actually made by the persons attributed to and are just a joke...although Antonin Scalia probably is actually a closet homosexual. They reflect the satirical commentary of Mike Lambert only, and are in no way attributable to Cafepress Inc.

Celebrity Endorsements and Testimonials
"No reasonable person could conclude these shirts do anything but absolutely rock. These shirts therefore rock as a matter of law."
-- Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye, NY Court of Appeals
Some Playa Hater v. Law School Funny Stuff, Inc. 476 NY 485, 492, (2005)

"I wish my opinions were worded as cleverly as some of these shirts...hey, who put all this dirt on top of me?"
-- Benjamin Nathan Cardozo

"Buy one for yourself and all your homies...wait, this is off the record right? You can't quote me on that, I have to act white to uphold my conservative reputation"
-- Justice Clarence Thomas

"I love these T-shirts almost as much as I'd love to overturn Roe v. Wade"
-- Justice Samuel Alito

"I love these T-shirts...so long as they stay away from my ovaries. Bite me Alito."
-- Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg

"HELZ MOTHER FU*&%#! YEAH I LIKE THE SHIRTS! I can say whatever I want now that I'm leaving. It's so liberating!"
-- Former Justice Sandra Day O'Connor

"These T-shirts are awesome. Can we elect a democrat as president now so I can retire already? Serriously, I'm 127 years old and I got to see the White Sox win the world series, enough is enough"
-- Justice John Paul Stevens

"I dissent, these T-shirts do not rock. Also, I don't like gay people. I just felt like saying that." see Romer v. Evans, 517 U.S. 620
-- Justice Antonin Scalia

"Oh sweet Jeebus Scalia! Will you just come out of the damn closet already!
see Romer v. Evans, 517 U.S. 620
-- Justice Anthony Kennedy

"I do not believe it would be proper for a Justice to comment on the quality of these shirts. I must therefore remain neutral in this matter, and can neither comment in favor of them, or against them. I must now return to the planet Zebulon 5 in order to oil my mechanical joints...END TRANSMISSION.
-- Chief Justice John Roberts

"I quite enjoyed the shirts...does anybody even know I'm on this court? All the other justices have fan clubs. Nobody loves me."
-- Justice Stephen Breyer

"Huh? Wha? Hey, how did I wind up passed out in this bus terminal with a lump on my head wearing an 'I Own Blackacre' T-shirt?...Heh heh, hey, that's pretty funny. Ow, my head."
-- Justice David Souter

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