Does your cat NOT look like Adolf Hitler? Do you feel strangely incomplete about the fact that your beloved moggy does not possess that highly fashionable toothbrush moustache? Do you pine for a feline who has megalomanic tendencies and highly questionable politics?

Unfortunately, we can't sell you a real live Kitler. We can, however, sell you a variety of fine T-shirts and other shite, which will enable you to be a walking advertisement for And you get to pay us for the privilege, too! What could be fairer than that?

Before proceeding HERE to the complete shop front, be sure to check out our favourite items below!

Now you can carry around your troops in an appropriate bag for a dictator. You can cart around your laptop, paperwork, bloody hell, why not even carry your cat? Shown is the "messenger" bag but there's also a "tote" bag (what we Brits would call a shopping bag) if that's your, well, bag.


By popular demand - the KitlerHead logo in a gazillion different colours, shapes and sizes. The link opposite is the bog standard blokes' shirt (you can pick your colour) but we also have a bird's cut, and a bird's V-Neck. There's also various plus sizes too - view the entire shop here to find them.

(for the Transatlantically challenged - bird = woman ;-)


NEW! The Furred Reich conspiracy was at the heart of WWII, but is rarely known about apart from those who visit CTLLH, and the clincally insane. Now, courtesy of our new line of T-shirts, you can proclaim the trust to the world. These shirts come in:

Men's T-shirt - red/blue/grey/military green
Women's T-shirt - various girly colours
Ringer T as opposed to Mr T
Men's T - ash/grey or cream (or "natural", according to Cafepress)

Click here to see the pic in glorious bigness.


For those summer months, we offer the "ringer" T-shirt. Yes, you can be cheap and, if you look hard enough, we've got a cheap and cheerful grey T-shirt that looks like it's been through the wash with a pair of black trousers. But you don't want that. You want the T-shirt with the funky ringed collar and sleeves. Real Kitlers don't wear cheap T-shirts.  

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