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K A Designs is your source for original retro, funny, movie & tv quote, and artisitc tees. Choose a design below that you would like to have printed on vintage t-shirts, apartment items, or gifts!

Zero Fox Given

I Am the One Who Flocks

Wa Pow Hatee Ho Fox

Catching Fire Tick Tock

I Want Damon to be My Sire

Gray & Yellow Chevron

You Serious Clark?  Christmas Vacation

Elf Movie Smiling's My Favorite

Elf Movie Christmas Cheer

St. Patrick's Day

There's Always Room for Tiramisu

Merry Christmas Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story

Christmas Story - You'll Shoot Your Eye Out

Honey Badger

I Heart Damon Salvatore

You Know You Love Me, XOXO

One Man Wolf Pack

Tent Scene, Leg Hitch, Eclipse

I want to go dutch w/Sawyer

Lost Characters

I'm Kind of a Big Deal

I'm on a Boat!

That's How I Roll

Team Awesome

Afternoon Delight

Get Low

I Heart Boxed Wine

Milk Was a Bad Choice

Gotta Have More Cowbell

What the Frak?!

I Pretzel Pretzel Day

Sure, Sure. Jacob Black Wolf of  Twilight

New Moon St. Marcus Day Festival

I Heart Forks, WA - Twilight

Brown Chicken Brown Cow

Trees Are Cool


Bat Country

That Squirrel Can Waterski

Forks High Spartans - Twilight

A Boombox Can Change the World



Paddy's Irish Pub

Love is Mix Tapes

That's What She Said!

I Love Lamp

You Boys Like Mexico?!

Skydiving Hamsters

Retro Chicago

Captain Obvious

I Heart Dexter *Showtime*

Don't Be Scared Shark

Yeah! Toast!

Geronimo Jackson

bears. beets. BSG.

Are You a Fan of Delicious Flavor?

I'm Rad, You're Rad, Let's Hug!

Talk Nerdy To Me

Yo! I'll Solve It

I've Made a Huge Mistake

Son of a Bee Sting!

Pale is the New Tan

What the Heo

I'm Just So Totally Boss

Don't Stop Believin'

Chicken Dance

I Make It Rain

By the Hammer of Thor

Go Balls Deep

Sun Bathing Otter

Ninja, Please!

Autumn Wind

Uptown Records

Beer: Now! Cheaper than Gas!

Drop It Like It's Hot

Green is the New Black

Lazy Owl

Vanilla Face

Fo Sho

I'm So Excited! I'm So Scared!

Surf Hawaii

My Apartment Smells of Rich Mahogany

I Love Ska

Music Snob

It's Taco Time!

That's Quacktastic

Let's Eat Snacks

I'm A Keeper

Everything Is Made From Dreams

Got Your Tickets?

Roller Jam

The System...Is Down

Everyone Loves A Region Rat


Oh Snap

California Love


World's Greatest Condiment

Murphy's INN

Gettin' Down With Dinosaurs

Slow Movin Retro Snail

White & Nerdy

Whale of a Good Time

Embrace Your Inner Geek

That Girl is Poison



Satellite Beach

Rusty Star

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread


Retro Orange Circles

Clova Club

Professional Cuddler

Summer of Love

I Love Carbs!

Keep Them Collars Down


Turkey Makes Me Sleepy!

Cupcakes Are Da Bomb

Pets Are People Too!

Nice Ride

Frak: The F Bomb of the Future

Corporate Break


Many Wagons Fail

Drop the Zero

Vintage Eagle

Deviled Eggs

Oh Em Gee


We Are All Winners

North Central Prairie Dogs

AV Club - Keepin It Reel!

Crystal Village

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