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» Bob Bledsaw Memorial
» Tegel Manor, Classic D&D Romp
» Judges Guild fantasy play aids
   » Judges Guild License Plate Frame Section
» D-Day beach maps Game Design
   » 11x17" maps, 1 Mile-per-hex
   » 16x20" maps, 1 Kilometer-per-hex
   » 23x35" maps. 600 Meters/hex
   » PAIR of 17x22" maps, 300 Meters/hex - NEWEST
» John Holtz Memorial Fund
Judges Guild history editions:

By Bill Owen... https://wargamecampaign.wordpress.com/game-design-home/

Bill's free play aids: Command Decision: Test of Battle (4th edition, WWII miniatures, 1 vehicle=1 platoon) by Frank Chadwick... Volley & Bayonet (ACW miniatures, 1 stand=1 brigade) by Frank Chadwick General Quarters 3 (WWII and now WWI naval miniatures) by Lonnie Gill... Great Battles of WWII (1 stand=1 company) by Bruce McFarlane AND other rulesets like Nuts, Battlegroup, Chain of Command and upcoming Breakthrough
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Senior Guildmaster, Bob Bledsaw, and Knight Errant, Bill "Don Quixote" Owen, teamed up to provide high-quality play aids for fantasy campaigns & historical wargames May 5, 2004 (28 years after their original JG partnership July 4, 1976.)

The sad news is that my buddy, Bob, died on April 19, 2008.

Order with confidence ...all products have a 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Bob Bledsaw Memorial

Bob Bledsaw Memorial
Memorial items for Bob Bledsaw, to give family and friends a keepsake, will support the arts in Decatur IL.

Tegel Manor, Classic D&D Romp

Tegel Manor, Classic D&D Romp
The original, full-color TEGEL MANOR map that Bob made for our mid-70's D&D campaign!

Judges Guild fantasy play aids

Judges Guild fantasy play aids
Wilderlands of High Fantasy, 23x35" full color map WITH hex grid and coordinates! More items coming soon.
All items with Money Back Guarantee!

D-Day beach maps Game Design

D-Day beach maps Game Design
Campaign on 10 super-detailed maps of 36x90 mile area in 4 scales/sizes of Normandy beaches & Cotentin Peninsula: Miniposter 1 mile/hex 11x17"; Small Poster 1 km./hex 16x20"; 600 meters/hex 23x34"...

John Holtz Memorial Fund

John Holtz Memorial Fund
John's family & gamers mourn his loss 1/13/04. Net proceeds of logo apparel fully support this fund at University of Illinois at Springfield. Items read "A Gentleman & A Scholar" + Napoleon picture.

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