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"Joss is Boss" apparel and other goodies featuring the quote immortalized by Summer Glau at WonderCon 2005 and other designs inspired by Serenity and the Firefly 'verse.

A little Miyu bird whispered unto us "A 'Joss is Boss' t-shirt should come to be, should come to be".
And so we searched the cortex for such thing to set our Miyu bird free.
But alas, no 'Joss is Boss' T-shirts, could, our searching eyes, see.

So we made our own.
Now thanks to the Miyu bird and the notes of her song,
there are many new T-shirts for you to put on.

That's where it started, anyway. Then, every so often, we get a new idea and if we like it, we add it to the catalog. A few months ago, the idea for our "Leaf in the Wind" shirt popped up over our morning coffee. So as to honor the spirit of non-spoilage and to honor the spirit of, well you know, we went with something that had neither leaf nor _____ in it. Anyway, we're not a big t-shirt company, we're just big fans of Serenity and Firefly and like to design T-shirts. We hope our shirts will help promote Serenity and keep people talking about it. We also hope you like 'em.

These fine 'Joss is Boss' wearables are designed by the friendly browncoats at

New to the 'verse? The Big Damn Board will help you make sense of it all.
Wondering what all the fuss is about? Go grant yourself some Serenity

Hey, check it out, Joss the boss his own self signed my Joss is Boss T-Shirt: proudly donated
'Joss is Boss' products for the Browncoats' fundraising efforts supporting
Equality Now.

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grant me serenity

grant me serenity
Can't get enough of the BDM? We totally understand! What everyone needs is more serenity!

Have sex appeal! Joss is Boss

Have sex appeal! Joss is Boss
Yes, loving Joss Whedon DOES increase our sex appeal! It's a scientific fact! Well, not so much a fact as a deeply held belief. Or, you know, a hope. Dig the latest Joss is Boss fashions & intrigue

Joss is Buff'd

Joss is Buff'd
While ostensibly a Serenity-related quote, Joss is Boss for most of us, because of all the great work on Buffy & Angel too. And, have you noticed? Joss is looking buffed lately!

Joss is Boss

Joss is Boss "I-Ching coin"
The "I-Ching coin" is our most popular Joss is Boss design. I love them all like children, but this is probably the one I'm most proud of.

Orange mahjong corrale

Orange mahjong corrale
Inspired by mahjong tiles and by the western-ness of the Firefly 'verse. Also, this one's probably my 2nd favorite.

As delicate as the "coin" design is bold, "bamboo" makes a tasteful addition to your wardrobe. Plus, Joss is Boss, don't let 'em ever forget it!

"rope / lariat"
Miyu specifically requested that we put the "rope" design on a shirt and she was so very right!

Blue mahjong corral

Blue mahjong corral
Inspired by mahjong tiles and by the old west, this was the first design to pop into my head when we realized Miyu was right and there needed to be a Joss is Boss t-shirt. I love its bold simplicity


Joss is Boss specifically designed for colored and non-white shirts.

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