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   » Ninja Pirate 2008
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   » Ask Me About My Booger-Wall
   » I put the urine in tambourine
   » Is It Fat & Sweaty In Here?
   » I love cake like a fat kid
   » My day in the barrel
   » Warning Wildly Inappropriate Behavior
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   » Today Everyone Assists Me (TEAM)
   » SMILF - 2011 Edition
   » I am mistress #9
   » You are now standing next to the center of the uni
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      » My Awesome-ness Yellow
      » My Awesome-ness Orange
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   » I'm not wearing any pants
   » Mess With The Beaver
   » Dicken's Cider
   » Panda Style
   » No Panda Sex before Panda Marriage
   » Pandas are sexy
   » Asian Porn Is The Best
   » Over You before I was Under You
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   » Welcome to Uranus
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   » Keep Fucking That Chicken
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   » Glass Half Empty / I'm Awesome
   » He Who Smelt It Dealt It
   » Rageaholics Anonymous
   » Jokes About Feminine Hygiene
   » Scientist Cabin Bicycle
   » Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make Out With Me
   » Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork
   » There's No I in Cyclops
   » Dog vomit in the bible
   » Two Drinks Thespian
   » There's Someone For Everyone, unless...
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   » My other shirt is a sweater
   » Spider Senses Tingling
   » Bite the wax tadpole
   » My spider sense is tingling
   » Retard Strength
   » Hobo Dinner
   » Mexican Federale
   » As Far As I Know, I'm Bulletproof
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   » Naked With A Rifle
   » FSH
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   » Ohio, Your Mom Lives There
   » I Pound Your Mom
   » My Snake and Your Mom's Plane
   » As seen on Your Mom
   » If Found Please Return to Your Mom
   » Your Mom Thinks I'm Special
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   » And God Said Maxwell's Equations
   » Did You Eat A Bowl Of Stupid
   » Dressed And Out Of Bed
   » I Got Out Of Bed For This?
   » If No 2 Pencil is so great
   » I'm A Virgin
   » Round Is A Shape
   » Rehab is for Quitters
   » Shit Happens
   » Will Work For Beer
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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Get a funny sex shirt here. Funny sex shirts, nuff said.

Healthy enough for sexual activity


I've been told by several people that "you can't take me anywhere!" That includes WORK. I am totally not safe for work. Don't even let me near your work computer!

Bachelor - Dead Man Walking

Bachelor - Dead Man Walking
Keep telling yourself... It's going to be ok... It's going to be ok... You're going to like losing all your freedom and your money... SUCKER!

Horny Unemployed Male

Horny Unemployed Male
This shirt has saved me so much time! I wear it to the bar and it screens out all the uglies and the chicks who want committments. I just lean back, drinking my beer and wait for Ms. Right to wander

I Love Anagrams = Me Oral Vaginas

I Love Anagrams = Me Oral Vaginas
Ok... It started out innocently enoough. I'll make a cute "I Love Anagrams" shirt I said... Then I saw "Me Oral Vaginas". If you know anything about this site, then you know that's a deal breaker.

My Pants May Contain Nuts

My Pants May Contain Nuts
You know... Some people are allergic to nuts. Therefore, some people better stay out of my pants. My pants contain nuts. I made the shirt say "may" contain nuts so that chicks or trannies could als

I'm not wearing any pants

I'm not wearing any pants
I don't like wearing pants. However, because of an unfortunate skin condition and many matted layers of body hair, people don't seem to notice when I leave them off. That's why I made this shirt. I

Mess With The Beaver

Mess With The Beaver
Everyone knows that if you mess with the bull, you get the horns. It's not as well known, however, that if you mess with the BEAVER, you get the tail.

Dicken's Cider

Dicken's Cider
You asked for it and delivers. The Dicken's Cider shirt! Now you may ask yourself, "Self, why would you want a Dicken's Cider shirt?". Well, it's better than nothing. That's why.

Panda Style

Panda Style
I just don't get it. Everybody does it, so why do we focus on the dogs? If you think about it, there's turtle style, bat style, marmoset style, monkey style, even PANDA STYLE. Panda Style is hot ba

No Panda Sex before Panda Marriage

No Panda Sex before Panda Marriage
Panda sex is a beautiful gift given to the Panda by some sort of panda-specific diety. That gift is not to be squandered in unclean ways by abusing the gift before marriage. After marriage, however,

Pandas are sexy

Pandas are sexy
What's black and white and sexy as a hot tub full of hollywood party girls? Go got it... Pandas. Pandas are sexy. That's why it's such big news when a couple of them decide to get it on. They eve

Asian Porn Is The Best

Asian Porn Is The Best
I like my porn Asian. I mean really Asian. I don't want a round eye anywhere near my porn. The Asianer the better, I always say! That's why pandas are the hottest. Hot panda action floats my boat

Over You before I was Under You

Over You before I was Under You
I was over you before I was under you!


You love catch prases, who doesn't? You love butt sex, which is a choice that you made or you were born that way, either way, not my business... Get the SOD-O-MITE shirt and you can combine your passi

Welcome to Uranus

Welcome to Uranus
Uranus Baby!! What happens there stays there. And thats OK by me. Seriously dude, I don't even want to know what goes on there.

Finishin's Cider

Finishin's Cider
Brought to you by Finishin's Orchards and Farms located in the fertile hills between Cherry Fork & Seaman, OH. Why settle for a Dicken's Cider when you could enjoy a sweet, strong Finishin's Cider...

I Beat Off the Ladies Shirt

I Beat Off the Ladies Shirt
Once I get to the scene, the ladies go wild... So wild that I have to beat them off with a stick. I have even gotten to the point where I have special techniques for beating off the ladies. Beating

Smack It Up, Flip It, Rub it Down

Smack It Up, Flip It, Rub it Down
There's a saying I love. It's "Smack it up, Flip it, Rub it down". You can use it anywhere. What did you and Candi do last night? Do you want fries with that? Do you know how fast you were going?

Felcher's Hardware

Felcher's Hardware
Felcher's Hardware, serving all your hardware and felching needs since before you were born. You've got to be a sick-o just to know what this shirt means. You could probably get away with wearing th

Warning This Shirt Contains Nudity

Warning This Shirt Contains Nudity
I am totally naked under my shirt. You've been warned. If you remove this shirt, you will be exposed to my massive chest, supple nipples and rock hard abs.

Heart of a Poet, Wang of a Porn Star

Heart of a Poet, Wang of a Porn Star
I have the heart of a poet...and the wang of a porn star.
Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
Writing poetry is easy,
And Your Mom is too.

Spread The Love

Spread The Love
All we need is peace, love, and understanding. Or you can just spread your legs. I'm good to go either way.

Sexual Harassment Coordinator

Sexual Harassment Coordinator
Interested in Sexual Harassment? I can help. If I'm not willing to Harass you myself, I can help you find someone who will. I like helping the public.

Kill Hobo Get Erection

Kill Hobo Get Erection
Porn is a slippery slope... First it was Playboys under the mattress. Then came the Internet. Eventually, nothing was exciting me... until I found killing hobos... Nature's Viagra...

Huge Genitals Are In My Genes

Huge Genitals Are In My Genes
Each year Pepsi, GM, & Wal-Mart spend billions of dollars on advertising. When you think about it that way, dropping $20 on a t-shirt that advertises your goods doesn't seem so bad does it?

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