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» USA Flag Wear
   » American
   » USA
   » God Bless America
   » Don't Tread On Me
   » I'm Proud to be an American
   » America the Beautiful
   » USA Flag
   » Let Freedom Ring!
   » God Bless the USA
   » USA - We Stand United
   » Land of the Free, Home of the Brave
   » No More Sanctuary for Terrorists
   » Soft on Outside, Hard on Inside
» Blacksmithing Designs
   » Blacksmith Silhouette
   » Blacksmiths and Farriers
   » Forging Your Grandkids Antiques Today!
   » Get a bigger hammer
   » The only two ways for a blacksmith to go to hell
   » Yes I did burn myself
   » Hold the cold end, hit the hot end
   » Hot, dangerous, nasty, dirty and loud
   » Earth, Air, Fire, and Water - See a blacksmith...
   » Get it Hot; Hit it Hard!
   » Look on in awe, mortals...
   » I know I'm on fire...
   » Pick any two...
   » Blacksmith Work Schedule
   » Watch, discuss...
   » Smell Just As Bad
   » Thermomechanical Manipulator...
   » What more could anyone want?
   » This is not a beer gut!
   » Yesterday's Ideas for Tomorrow!
» Caffeine Loading
» Sometimes Life Sucks
» Because, That's Why
   » Because I'm the Mommy
   » Because I'm the Daddy
   » Because I'm the Parent
   » Because I'm Addicted to Auctions
   » Because I'm Adorable
   » Because I'm an American
   » Because I'm the Artist
   » Because I'm the Auditor
   » Because I'm the Babe
   » Because I'm Bashful
   » Because I'm the Boss
   » Boss
   » Because I'm Brilliant
   » Brilliant
   » Because I'm Broke
   » Broke
   » Because I'm Beautiful
   » Because I'm Burned Out
   » Burned Out
   » Because I'm the CEO
   » CEO - Chief Executive Officer
   » Because I'm the CFO
   » CFO - Chief Financial Officer
   » Because I'm the Champion
   » Champion
   » Champ
   » Because I'm the Consultant
   » Because I'm a Little Angel
   » Because I'm the NetAdmin
   » NetAdmin
   » Because I'm the Programmer
   » Programmer
   » Because I'm Rich
   » Rich
   » Because I'm the SysAdmin
   » SysAdmin
   » Because I'm Tech Support
   » Tech Support
   » Because I'm the Webmaster
   » Webmaster
   » Because I'm the Wizard
   » Wizard
» Nerds and Geeks
   » Nerd
   » Geek
   » Not Nerd - Geek!
   » Not Geek - Nerd!
» Murphy Connections
   » Murphy Connections URL
» Murphy Gold
   » Murphy Gold URL
   » More for your money
   » Murphy Gold Bar
» Act On Your Dream
   » Act On Your Dream
   » Act On Your Dreams
   » Dream, Act, Succeed!
   » Who Will You Be A Year From Now?
» Animals
   » Giant Anteaters
   » Armadillos
   » Badgers
   » Bats
      » Hanging Bat
      » Flying Bat
   » Birds
      » Chickens
         » Roosters and Cocks
      » Eagles
      » Geese
   » Bison
   » Camels
   » Cats
   » Chimpanzees
   » Chipmunks
   » Deer
   » Dragonfly
   » Elephants
   » Gorillas
      » Black and White Designs
   » Honey Bee
   » Horses
   » Leopards
» World's Best
   » World's Best Mom!
   » World's Best Dad!
   » World's Best Daughter!
   » World's Best Son!
   » World's Best Lover!
» Wizard
   » Wizard
   » Because I'm the Wizard
» Comebacks
   » Blah, blah, blah
   » Do It Yourself
» Attitude Adjustment
   » Thou Shalt Not Whine
   » Mornings Leather Straps
   » Smile
   » Smile Dammit
   » Be Happy
   » Be Happy Dammit (subtle)
   » Be Happy Dammit
» Computers and Internet
   » Ask Me About My Blog
   » This is going on my blog
   » I Blog, Therefore I Am
   » I Blog
   » Group Master
   » Systems Administration
   » Webmaster
   » Wizard
   » Network Administration
   » I. P. on Everything
   » Tech Support
   » Squidoo Lens Master
   » I Don't Do Windows
   » Failure is Not an Option
   » Programmer
   » Dot Com Road Kill
   » Duh!
» Where is my bailout?
» Castle In The Air
   » Castle In The Air
   » Build Your Castle In The Air
» Finances and Wealth
   » Future Millionaire
   » Millionaire in the making
   » Out of debt
   » No More Debt
   » Broke
» Success
   » Too Stubborn To Fail
   » Thou Shalt Not Quit
   » Mighty Oak Success
» North Carolina
   » Andrews, North Carolina
   » Murphy, North Carolina
   » I Love North Carolina
   » Andrews, NC
   » Murphy, NC
» River Sports
   » Addicted to Rafting
   » Addicted to Whitewater
   » Canoe Crazy
   » Kayak Krazy
   » Nantahala River
   » Ocoee River
   » River Rat
» Miscellaneous
   » Blah, Blah, Blah...
   » Duh!
   » I Don't Do Windows
   » I Loved It!
   » Being Warps Space and Time
» Old is Older Than Me
» Old Hippie
   » Cool, Man
   » Old Hippie
   » Peace
   » Resident Non-conformist
» Lead the Followers - Follow the Leader
» The Rose That Never Wilts
   » Gold Hand-Forged Roses
   » Steel Blue Roses

John L. Dilbeck
Murphy, NC
Member Since: 2000

Whatever strange and wonderful ideas tickle this big brain of mine.

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USA Flag Wear

USA Flag Wear
USA Flag Wear - Patriotic designs with images inspired by the stars and stripes of the flag of the United States.

Blacksmithing Designs

Blacksmithing Designs
These blacksmithing designs are also popular with farriers and others who work hot metal. It takes steady nerves, discipline, and a certain amount of fearlessness to work with hot metal within inches

Caffeine Loading

Sometimes Life Sucks

Because, That's Why

Because, That's Why
Sometimes the only answer to "Why?" is "Because."

Because I'm the Mommy, Because I'm the Daddy, Because I'm the Boss.

These and more will be found in this section of

Nerds and Geeks

Nerds and Geeks
Nerds and geeks are often misunderstood in their youth and then flourish as adults. We spend lots of time and energy -- and focus our humongous brains -- until we master the subject of our interest.

Murphy Connections

Murphy Connections
Murphy Connections is a social networking site for people interested in Murphy, NC.

Murphy Gold

Murphy Gold
Murphy Gold - Get more for your money at

Act On Your Dream

Act On Your Dream
You will never achieve the success you want and deserve until you act on your dream.


If you love animals, you'll find designs featuring giant anteaters, armadillos, badgers, bats, birds, bison, camels, cats, chimpanzees, chipmunks, deer, elephants, gorillas, horses, insects, and more.

World's Best


There are many kinds of wizards - each working their magic every day. Whether you are a technical wizard, marketing wizard, magical wizard or any other kind, let the world know! Proclaim your Wizard s


Attitude Adjustment

Computers and Internet

Where is my bailout?

Where is my bailout?
Hey! What about me? I am a citizen of the USA and I am too big to fail. Where is my bail out?

Castle In The Air

Castle In The Air
If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them. -- Henry David Thoreau

Finances and Wealth


North Carolina

North Carolina
Cherokee County North Carolina -- God's Backyard. Some were born here and the rest of us moved here as soon as we could.

River Sports


Old is Older Than Me

Old is Older Than Me
Old is a state of mind as much as it is a fact of aging. Some are old at 20 and others are young at 80. Don't let the numbers get you down. Old is older than you.

Old Hippie

Old Hippie
You remember the summer of love, paisley, sit-ins, peace, flower power, and maybe even a few things you won't admit to remembering. Are you an old hippie?

Lead the Followers - Follow the Leader

Lead the Followers - Follow the Leader
Leadership involves two groups: Leaders and Followers. This section has items for both groups. Lead the Followers! Follow the Leader.

The Rose That Never Wilts

The Rose That Never Wilts
The Rose That Never Wilts - John Dilbeck's hand-forged steel roses.

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