Declare Yourself a Rebellious Jezebel

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Declare Yourself a Rebellious Jezebel

We saw this image of the anti-choice Santa Claus out protesting a woman's right to choose on the 35th Anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision and thought he had a great way of getting our attention. I mean, 'ATTENTION: REBELLIOUS JEZEBELS'? Who wouldn't perk up at that?

Of course, he kind of lost the plot after that, trying to shame us into the Bible telling us that controlling our own bodies is wrong and that, as a result, we're going to make a bunch of Kings of Israel worship Ba'al. Or...something. We're not sure what his point is.

We do, however, think that 'ATTENTION: REBELLIOUS JEZEBELS' is a pretty awesome way to get people's attention, especially in an election year.

We also kind of think that these shirts would really piss this guy off. Did we mention that every dime of the proceeds is going to NARAL? Yeah.

Annoy another old, white man who thinks you shouldn't control your own body. Buy a t-shirt. Support NARAL. Most of all: vote, Bitches.

There's more merch at

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