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Sayings, Slogans & Quotes

FUNNY SHORT SAYINGS : SAYINGS SHIRTS | FUNNY T SHIRT SAYINGS : SAYINGS : SHIRT SAYINGS : SAYINGS T SHIRTS : T SHIRTS & TSHIRT SAYINGS. Funny short sayings, funny sayings, funny quotes on a shirt. Famous Quotes and Sayings, Famous Sayings, Sayings, Famous Quotes, Quotes, Proverbs, Quotations and Sayings and Funny Short Sayings on t shirts, mugs, hats and stickers. Popular and creative funny short sayings on shirts; find just the right funny short sayings to express a sentiment. Here are some quotes & sayings, a proverb or two and some famous quotes here and there. Search through our funny short sayings in this section for some laughs. If what you want is not here try one our adult sayings or Offensive Sayings design section. We also have sexual saying and sexual innuendo sayings sections; and now onto our funny short sayings ...


Have fun with your not so innocent co-workers and other forgetfuls. Slam your digs home with this humorous insult: You Must Have CRS, you can't remember shit! The funny saying / slogan; CRS

Dance to the Mew Music

Dance to the Mew Music
Everyone loves to dance to rock and roll; but, mew music? Mixed paw music tracks create a humorous musical composition for both cat lovers and music lovers with funny notes of humor.

Your So Irish

Your So Irish
Irish Drinking Humor: Here is a funny saying for t-shirts, hats, stickers, mugs and other merchandise that lampoons the Irish reputation for heavy drinking: Funny Irish Saying

Sayings: Trouble With Fractions

I Just Don't Care

I Just Don't Care
Now here is a funny saying that says it like it is; "It’s not that I just forgot... it’s that I just don’t care". Novelty, humor and funny saying slogan statement... a quip to set them straight.

Fed-Up Ex

Fed-Up Ex
A great ice-breaker for meeting others; as in I've been there / done that too. Are you a Fed-Up Ex? Wave good-bye say hello to new relationships. Tell them without saying a word with a FedEx parody.

A Penny For Your Thoughts

A Penny For Your Thoughts
A funny short set phrase saying / joke. A penny for your thoughts, they’re not worth much.

It Is Attitude

It Is Attitude
Attitude: It is all in the attitude with this uplifting slogan / saying. Keep an I can attitude, point of view, mind-set, viewpoint, view, I can approach and positive attitude thoughts: Attitude

Doctor Joke

Doctor Joke
Funny doctor humor that all of us can relate to with a laugh and a groan. One Liners: Gag : Tease : Funny Saying : Practical Joke : Funny Story : Funny T-Shirt : Humorous Gift & T-Shirt: Doctor Joke

game On

game On
Get your game on. Let your friends know you have game. Online games are fun when gaming for free. Show everybody you have game with unique game gifts, hoodies, sweatshirts, hats & t-shirts: game On

Roofers Do It Best On Top

Roofers Do It Best On Top
Roofer occupation humor for the construction industry; construction worker, contractor, framer, construction job, handymen, handyman, do it yourself, builders, do it, do it humor, doing it, do it joke

Blowing the Game

Blowing the Game
Here is a funny sports saying / statement you can use to punk players, team mates and fellow athletes; or just gather laughs and if you’re lucky a few moans with this sexual innuendo.


Math example demonstrates some people don’t understand math and math fractions. Math joke & math game on a t-shirt, tee, hat, mug, sticker, long sleeve t-shirts, math sweatshirts & math hoodies.

Retired: Full Time Pain In The Ass

Retired: Full Time Pain In The Ass
Are you or someone you know retired, bored and to keep busy working full time as a pain in the ass – this is for you on hats, mugs, stickers, t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts: Pain In The Ass


A Saying About Chance (script)

It's Not A Chance If You Don't Take It

It's Not A Chance If You Don't Take It
A saying about chance. Available on men's and women's t-shirts & tees, hats & caps, mugs, bumper stickers, gifts, buttons, magnets, merchandise and tshirts.

Cold Cocked

Cold Cocked
"Nobody Ever Gets Cold Cocked" shirt & t shirts, hats & caps, mugs & stickers, tote bag & gifts, hoodies & sweatshirts; tank top & baseball jersey: Nobody Ever Gets Cold Cocked

Bad Ass

Bad Ass
I know... there is no such thing. Get a Bad Ass Kimosabe shirt, gifts, t shirts and gear.

Deny All Admit Nothing Blame Somebody Else

Deny All Admit Nothing Blame Somebody Else
Not guilty and didn't do it; Deny All t-shirt, stickers, mugs, hats and t shirts.

It Is What It Is

It Is What It Is
...unless, it isn't. Get this humorous factual saying - stating the obvious saying on a tee, a t-shirt, gifts and t shirts. It is what it is, funny slogan; crazy and weird humor.

Politicians Are Like Diapers

Politicians Are Like Diapers
Buy this funny political saying… Politicians Are Like Dirty Diapers They Must Be Changed; on a funny T-Shirt, Gifts & T Shirts.

Saying: I'm Not Hard Drinker

A Red Bull Gives Nuts Wings

Practice Safe Dinner Use A Condoment

Practice Safe Dinner Use A Condoment
Spelling twist on "condiment" creates "condoment' as in condom. A funny sexual saying.

I WOULD Would You?

I WOULD Would You?
I WOULD, Would You? funny saying on a T-Shirt, Gifts & T Shirts.

I Would Do Me

I Would Do Me
Buy this do me saying on your favorite gifts shirts, t-shirts.

Politicians Are Like Dirty Diapers

Politicians Are Like Dirty Diapers
Buy this funny political saying on a funny T-Shirt, Gifts & T Shirts.

I Conquered Anorexia

I Conquered Anorexia
Funny spoof for the overweight and baby...

I LOVE 24 [Year Olds]

Saying: I'm Feeling Lucky

Sayings: I'm Feeling Lucky

Sayings: Bomb Technician

Sayings: Any Fool Can Complain

Sayings: Any Fool Can Complain
In customer service..? You just have to have this saying..!

Any Fool Can Complain Saying

Any Fool Can Complain Saying
A must have saying for anyone working customer service..!

Funny Sayings: I'm Thin Because


Saying: Woman Have Crack Up

Saying: Polling Surveys

Saying: Man Sent To Doghouse

Saying: War Doesn't Determin

Saying: Dog Breath

Sir: If I Toss A Stick

EBAY eBay Queen

Sayings: If I Toss A Stick

The Sport

The Sport
Get Off Your Knees You’re Blowing the Sport. Are you the lucky sport?

You'ld Look Better

Sayings: I Love Cats

Sayings: I Love Cats 2

Saying: I Love Cats 3

Saying: I Love Dogs

Sayings: I Love Dogs 2

Saying: I Love Dogs 3

Sayings: Better On MyFace

Saying: She Looked Better

















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