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Islam Comic Book

Islam is the fastest growing religion on the Planet Earth. And it has a deeply sinister global agenda. It is hostile, and not just toward the Jews; it is committed to the destruction of the West in general, and to Christians in particular. The Qur’an, the source scriptures for Islam, is a warrior code with over 100 commands to violence against the non-Islamic “infidels.”

We should be most grateful to have Between Christ and Mohammed presented by such recognized scholars in terms that are authoritative, well researched, and diligently competent. And it has been my privilege to know the authors personally. Each of them are among the most distinguished professionals I have encountered during my 40-year career in both strategic intelligence and biblical studies. And they are at significant personal risk in bringing you this material—which itself speaks to the issues at hand!

As we begin to better understand the vicious trap that Muslims find themselves in, we also need to remember that the true Living God loves the Muslims—He died for them. The very fact that Muslims face a death sentence if they aspire to leave Islam for another religion underscores the sinister nature of their predicament.

The real truth can set them free, too, if we are serious about the task. The real truth should shame the Islamic nations into permitting their oppressed captives to follow their own consciences. Reason and love must be allowed to prevail over the tyranny of ignorance and oppression.

— from the Foreword by Dr. Chuck Missler

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