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J. Clifford Cook
Upstate New York

America's freedom is the foundation for America's security.

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Dump Trump: Anti-Trump Gear

Dump Trump: Anti-Trump Gear
Bumper stickers, buttons and t-shirts to resist the rise of President Donald Trump.

Department of Homeland Insecurity

Department of Homeland Insecurity
In a time of fearful code orange alerts, we need a cabinet-level Department of Homeland Insecurity

Fight the Republican Beast!

Fight the Republican Beast!
The Republican Party Beast smashes everything in its way in its Rampage across America... stand up to the GOP monster!

Progressive Values

Progressive Values
Stand up for progress and enlightenment against the rage of the reactionary right-wing Republicans! Here you'll find the tools to make your politically progressive statement.

Progressive Holiday & New Year

Progressive Holiday & New Year
Have a proudly progressive holiday season and a liberal new year with our tree ornaments, greeting cards, shirts and calendars for 2011.


You're not the type to give up the struggle for peace when it gets difficult. We're here to help...


It means love of the Earth, all things green and growing, as a living thing...

Third Party Possibilities

Third Party Possibilities
When the Democratic Party is captive to regressive social elements, some third parties become a reasonable option.

Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans Liberty

Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans Liberty
This stuff helps you declare your freedom of love, and support for others' freedom too.

Irregular Heresies

Irregular Heresies
Warning: These atheist, agnostic, pagan, secular, freethinkingly heretical bumper stickers, buttons, magnets and shirts will get you kicked out of your church!


Are women people or sluts? You know the answer. Stand up for the right to self-determination and reproductive choice.

Irregular Kids

Irregular Kids
Organic Cotton T-Shirts for Babies, Toddlers and Young 'Uns, all made sweatshop-free in the USA by American Apparel.

The Irregular Bin

The Irregular Bin
Posters, stickers, hats and shirts, this is where the fun gets irregular!

The Economy, Stupid!

The Economy, Stupid!
When will they get it? We can't stimulate the economy, we can't go shopping, we don't have jobs. It's the economy, stupid!

Kick Ass Democrats

Kick Ass Democrats
Progressive Democrats are ready to work hard for America, and for victory in 2012!

Ye Olde Historic Political Itemmes

Ye Olde Historic Political Itemmes
Heare may ye finde various olde itemmes of somme elections past, featuring especially Mssrs. McCain and Bush.

President Barack Obama!

President Barack Obama!
Support the re-election of President Barack Obama in 2012 and help push for a more progressive American future.
Stop War Jr. Spaghetti Tank
Stop War Jr. Spaghetti Tank
Stop War Fitted T-Shirt
Stop War Fitted T-Shirt
Stop War Men's Fitted T-Shirt (dark)
Stop War Men's Fitted T-Shirt (dark)

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