Immigration Creates Jobs

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Immigration Creates Jobs

Socialists and radical labour unions have been trying for decades to convince us that immigration steals, rather than creates, jobs. The most extreme of them would rather have massive central bureaucracies control where people are allowed to go. If they had their way, you wouldn't even be free to walk from your house to your neighbour's without a passport.

In reality, economic prosperity is the result of the freedom to choose, including the freedom to travel and to do business elsewhere. We don't need Big Government to tell us where we're allowed to shop or with whom we're allowed to do business. Prosperity comes from freedom, not state edict or bureaucracy.

In the same way that Marx ignored the reality that workers are also consumers, so too do modern-day socialists ignore that immigrants must consume goods and services, thus creating jobs and raising the standard of living.

If immigration control were truly a prosperous thing, the logical next step would be to build walls between each state, so that Marylanders couldn't travel to Virginia without the permission of Uncle Sam. But obviously this would destroy business insofar as it serves to further restrict free trade and freedom of association.

Supply and demand are not simply an illusion dreamed up by Adam Smith and the like. It's the logical relationship upon which any free economy is based, and it must remain free if we wish to prosper. This applies just as much to labour as to any other capital or commodity good or service.

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