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Shopkeeper Bio

HIMM Studios
Nottingham UK
Member Since: 2010

HIMM studios are Hazel, Izzy, Mark & Maya
All designs are original and designed by the four of us.

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Thankyou for visiting our site! Just click on a section of interest to discover a FULL RANGE of CLOTHING and PRINTED PRODUCTS with ORIGINAL and FUN DESIGNS on them that make IDEAL GIFTS or to treat yourself.

Note: New products and designs are being added all the time... please keep checking back

Abstract Images

Abstract Images
A range of abstract artwork that has been digitally manipulated from original photos to create unique images. Printed onto a full range of merchandise and selected clothing.

Posters Signs & Banners

Posters Signs & Banners
A range of notices on bright, bold & colourful, thoughtfully designed posters, signs & banners to assist getting your message seen. Some humorous messages are included.

Photographic Prints

Photographic Prints
A selection of original photographic images, with Lions and Owls to Windmills and Woodland photos, available on a range of printed products.

Tiger Icons

Tiger Icons
Iconic Eye Catching Tiger design prowls in five colour ways on a great range of products.
Available colours; white, yellow, orange, red or blue.

Good Bad Ugly

Good Bad Ugly
The Good the Bad & the Ugly humourous slogan where the wearer is ALWAYS good with the Bad to the right and the Ugly to the left.

Lizard Icons

Lizard Icons
Iconic Eye Catching lizard design available in five texture effect colours on a great range of products.

Slogans n' Phrases

Slogans n' Phrases
A selection of fun Slogans n' Phrases designed on a variety of products.
Thoughtful use of colour in a casual graffiti style.

Tonal Colour Bars

Tonal Colour Bars
These colour designs have a subtle lifestyle wording in a futuristic style placed on a tone bar. The vibrant tonal qualities give off a three dimensional illusion.

Dark Side Alternative Clothing

Dark Side Alternative Clothing
The Dark Side is a collection of slogans of an alternative nature, that draws upon dark philosophies with hints of the gothic, lavished in horror. DARE YOU ENTER?


Beekeepers is a fun and colourful design of natures most important insect. The bee pollinates our crops and provides tasty honey.

God Save The Queen

God Save The Queen
God Save The Queen coat of arms, heraldic design of natures most important insect the Apis Mellifera. The bee pollinates our crops and provides tasty honey.

Dancing Bees

Dancing Bees
Dancing Bees is a fun and colourful design of natures most important insect. The bee pollinates our crops and provides tasty honey.

Time Warp

Time Warp
This Time Warp design is with Science Fiction fans in mind... Then there's also the song and dance from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Proud Evolution

Proud Evolution
Proud Evolution is a collection of clothing & giftware, inspired by Darwins "Theory of Evolution". It's a "Fact of Life" that we evolved from apes...so be proud of our development.

The Snowmen

The Snowmen
A choice of five original, fun colourful and cute snowmen designs.
Printed on a full range of clothing and giftware.
Great as Christmas gifts for the festive season.


This slogan is in response to certain schools in the USA teaching keyboard skills to children as a priority over handwriting. Don't let writing become a lost skill.

Vote Obama products

Vote Obama products
Two designs for VOTE OBAMA in the next presidential election with 'the world says' or 'do the world a favour' strapline.

Land of the Free

Land of the Free
A patriotic USA slogan "Land of the Free" design with the iconic "Statue of Liberty" on a full range of products. Wear with pride.

Goddamn it's a beautiful day

Goddamn it's a beautiful day
Goddamn it's a beautiful day design was inspired by an Eels song set in a retro typestyle with a golden sunset.


This 'any way up' Spanish motif is set in medieval script. This celebrates the rich history of Spain from the Moors to Columbus and the inquisitions.

Scruff the Dog

Scruff the Dog
Scruff the Dog design was adapted from a pencil crayon drawing by Maya. he thinks he's a King Charles... more like King of Mischief.
Full range of quality clothing and giftware available.


Design was adapted from a pencil crayon drawing by Izzy with the 'ZIP IT!' added for humour.
Full range of clothing and other products.

Street Dance

Street Dance
These fun & colourful products have been designed to tie in with the current Street Dance trend. Full range of clothing and products to keep you upto date with fashion.

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