Heirloom - Fountain of Hope


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Heirloom - Fountain of Hope

It's 1808 and naval officer Stephen Hathorne is shipwrecked on the coast of what was then La Florida, a Spanish colony. He meets three natives there that lead him on a trek past St. Augustine to find an old family friend who now, with centuries-old native allies, guards the spring whose properties have kept them alive for so long. There, Hathorne is launched into the future to discover love, betrayal, danger and ultimately, death as he exposes an evil plot to destroy his family and history itself. So, is death the end of life, or just the beginning?

In this book, readers will find Native American culture, St. Augustine as it was in 1692, 1781, 1808 and 2075, travel the road north from La Florida to Virginia, experience the horror of the Salem Witchcraft Trials in 1692 Massachusetts and fight pirates off the coast of New England. Readers will also experience love between two people that can never be broken, even by death.

This is truly a love story... it's an adventure through history AND science fiction, to top it off! But, mostly, it's about two people from totally different time periods who were, indeed meant for each other. Sound incredible? Well, it certainly is! This story is about love and family, adventure, betrayal, determination and decency, solving problems the right way regardless of the costs... sometimes even death.

But, love doesn't die. The Hathornes prove it!

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