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» Present, Aware, Creative
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» Your Life Matters To Me
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» Why Settle For Six Pack Abs When You Can Have A Ke
» Happy at Work
» Muse
» Waiting for the Wealth to Trickle Down
» Heart at Work
» 50 States, DC and USA
» Abide
» And Your Point Is...?
» Attention: There Is Cause For Alarm.
» Autosmell Rucks
» Baked
» Banksy Skips the Oscars
» Be Nice
» Benevolently Irrational
» Big Purple Loser
» Bite Me Heart
» Blues University
» Blues University
» Bow to the Egg
» Buy me a drink, I'll dance ya' a jig!
» C, eh, N, eh, D, eh
» Candy Heart
» chocolate...who needs a reason?
» Clan Ross
» Conflict Resolution
» Contaminating the Food Supply
» Cool "Disco" Dan
» Critics
» Curb Your Dogma
» Dance More, Think Less
» Delight
» Divine Mother
» Dizzy's Horn Dark Silhouette
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» The Eighth Dwarf, Horny
» Evil
» The Evolution of Jazz
» FDA Leave Raw Milk Alone
» Franklin Taggart Stuff
» Free Ai Weiwei
» Genetically Modified Organism
» Good Day, Eh!
» Good Day, Hoser!
» Good Witch? Bad Witch?
» Groundhog Day
» Got My Mojo Working
» Greatness Can Be Born Anywhere
» Having Two Moms ROCKS!
» Heaven Purgatory Hell Blues
» Heavy Metal Horns
» Howdy
» Hugs and Biscuits
» I Ain't Ever Satisfied
» I Love America
» I Love You
» If Someone Is Driving You Crazy, Take Away the Key
» Inside This Fat Man Is A Dancer
» Inside Looking Out
» I'm Not Single, I'm Independently Owned and Operat
» Introvert Stuff
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» Jazz Time Real Book
» Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam
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» Never Mind. It's The Alcohol Talking
» No Brownie Points for Suffering
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» Peace America
» Please! Talk Quietly Amongst Yourselves.
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» REAL Foodamentals
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» Sacred Cows
» Scotland the Brave
» Self Endangered Species
» Severely Normal
» Show Up, Pay Attention, Participate
» Socially Disabled
» Something Better To Do
» Somewhere To Be
» Sorry, We're OPEN
» Stop the Freakin' Fracking Already!
» Take Off, Eh!
» Tax Day
» Tibetan Om
» True Story
» Tweak Your Vision
» Veteran
» What I Really Am
» Whole Paycheck Market
» Why am I on this table, & why are you all clapping
» World Peace
» World Peace
» Wyoming Rockstars
» Your Purpose Is To Create Your Own Reality
» You're Wearing That???
» Yungry?Mungry.Squeat!

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Contrary to popular opinion, an introvert is not a shy person. In fact many introverts are quite warm, receptive and attentive people. They just need space and lots of time alone to recharge their batteries. I think if people know ahead of time that you're an introvert that some of the pressure to be social will be relieved. Wear one of these shirts to let people know that it's not them, it's you.

Table for One, Please

Introvert Colors


Introvert Family at Home


The Introverts Go To a Party


Party of One


Introvert Party Logo


Introvert Party

I'm not shy.


Introvert Shirt - Blue

Introvert Shirt - B/W

Introvert Shirt - Dark


INFP Spelled Out


INFJ Spelled Out


ISFP Spelled Out


ISFJ Spelled Out


INTP Spelled Out


INTJ Spelled Out


ISTP Spelled Out


ISTJ Spelled Out

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