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Creative designs with a bit of intelligent humor snarkiness developed to by divergently aged creators with a sly wink and a tip 'o to hat.

Talent without Execution

Talent without Execution
A good reminder for every creative person out there - musicians, artists, writers - ANYONE in a creative fields.
All the talent in the world is useless sitting on a shelf.
Sopick up a few reminders

Cats and Checkers... What could go wrong?

Cats and Checkers... What could go wrong?
The Cat is Unhappy.
The Cat lost.
The human will pay for that.

The Mug Life

The Mug Life
I didn't choose the mug life -the mug life chose me.
Truer words were never spoken - not just for coffee mugs!

Polygonal and Patriotic

Polygonal and Patriotic
Be mathematically American, polygonally patriotic, showcasing the American flag in a unique polygonal design especially created by Untuxable.
It's worth commenting about!

Is This Art?

Is This Art?
Ask the age-old question with no real answer. Gaze at the graphic, and ponder if it is really art, or if it is just a graphic full of scrambled leftovers from another project.
Is it art?
Only the ar

The Five - Postive!

The Five - Postive!
It's cool, it's postive, it's still has a lot of negative space, and if you have to ask what it is, DON'T.

The Five

The Five
It's cool. It's negative. It's eye-catching....and if you have to ask what it is, don't ask.

Not Crazy, just an Artist

Not Crazy, just an Artist
Feeling creative? Friends and family wondering about your mental state? Reassure them that you really aren't crazy - you're "just" an artist!
Than go about your creative day, secure in the knowledge


Unfinished and Upside Down

Unfinished and Upside Down
For the musician in your life who feels unfinished and upside down. Yes, it is a legitimate unfinished cadence..... grin maniacally while your friends try to figure out what the heck that thing is.

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