Trashtalk-T's (tm) designed for Guys cover the full spectrum of "multi-sports" and generally being active (all forms of activity...ahem). Make a statement via your apparel!


These designs guaranteed to spark some conversation when you're training, racing or just out and about!

Always adding new designs so check back often! - enjoy!

"Threesome Anyone?" (Mens)
Hey, it could happen...Surely to get a laugh or three at your next Triathlon...

"I see crazy people" (Mens)
Some could say this shirt is just for spectators, but at mile 20 of an iron distance race, you might start seeing things too....

"Lost in Transition" (Mens')
One of the many excuses you could use when you're havin a bad race day ;)

"J_st sh_t the f_ck _p..." (Mens')
Quit your bitchin' and get off your ass...

"Who Fartlek'd?" (Mens')
If you don't know what a Fartlek is, then you're not a *real* runner...

"No D, N, or F" (Mens')
Sometimes just a silly little bit of inspiration might be all it takes to get you through the lowest of lows during a race.

"Warning: Training with Hangover" (Mens')
We're sure some of you have experienced this, the long night out followed by a REALLY LONG training day the next morning ;)

"Not tonight honey..." (Mens)
Sometimes, you just gotta save that energy for raceday! (May be negated by the "Tapering is for Pussies" shirt...)

"No OFF Season" (Mens')
Not all of us are lucky enough to live in those climates that offer year long warm and sunny weather, but that doesn't prevent the hard-core peeps from keeping the drive alive through the winter month

"Triathlon Fun" (Men's)
I can think of a lot of things that are technically MORE fun than doing triathlons, but for the sake of material suitable for public consumption, I thought this was appropriate.

"Fast People Suck" (Mens')
Beginners and the "back of the pack" have every right to trash-talk too!

"I didn't do it JUST for the tattoo" (Mens')
Everyone has their reasons for stepping up to the long course, and the tattoo is just one of them...

"The Journey is the reward" (Men's)
After all the training, all the calories burned, new friends made, the actual race is just the icing on the cake. The JOURNEY itself is often just as amazing as actually doing the race.

"Life at Race Pace" (Mens')
Considering how tired I was when I made this shirt, it just reminded me how little time there is to train, work at my "real job", eat, sleep... AND crank out more of these designs... *sigh*

"What Happens at Run Club" (Mens')
As evidenced by our last "run group social event", perhaps it's just best to keep things on the down-low.... ahem...

"Iron Commitment" (Mens')
Training for long course takes commitment, dedication, and a willingness to compromise on a lot of things - some people will just never get it.

"Commitment" (Mens')
Training for triathlon or any endurance sport takes commitment, dedication, and a willingness to compromise on a lot of things - some people will just never get it.

"tri-an-athlete" (Mens)
Taking the "My First Triathlon" concept right into the gutter...

I Don't Date, I Train (26.2)

I Don't Date, I Train (26.2)
For all those that get hit on while training - here's a good deterrent ! ;)

"I don't date, I train" (Mens')
Triathlon training is tough, tougher for the athlete? or tougher for the significant other? you decide! ;)

"I don't date, I train - IRON" (Mens')
If any of you have ever put in the requisite time for Ironman training, you should be able to relate ;)

Whatever It Takes HALF (Mens')

Whatever It Takes HALF (Mens')
How far are you willing to push yourself to achive your goals? Whether it's your first half, or your first Ironman - with the right mindset, you'd be suprised at what you can accomplish. Different v

Whatever It Takes (Mens')

Whatever It Takes (Mens')
How far are you willing to push yourself to achive your goals? Whether it's your first half, or your first Ironman - with the right mindset, you'd be suprised at what you can accomplish. Different v

" for pussies" (Mens)
For those who go "all-in" during training and hope to have something left for race-day.

"SLOW..." (Mens')
'Cuz not everyone can run 6 minute miles and go the distance...

"Train to meet..." (Mens)
We know why you're so dedicated to attending those run-clinics...

"I ride my bike more..." (Mens')
If you're spending more time riding your bike & pounding the pavement than you are riding & pounding your... Anyway, you get the point.

"If your relationship..." (Mens')
For all those endurance athletes that spend countless hours training, and neglecting their hunny-bunny...

"Commando" (Mens')
If this doesn't get you attention during a run, I don't know what will (aside from running nekkid of course - both equally disturbing regardless)

"No I in TEAM" IRON Edition
That phrase may certainly apply to team sports, but the iron distance triathlon is a whole new ball game...

"Tri-Athlete" (Mens)
One of life's many lessons is - you NEVER get what you don't ask for...

"Don't Have to Win..." (Mens')
Often in life AND in sports, it's not always about winning, it's just simply having the guts to get IN the game.

"Warning: Racing with Hangover" (Mens')
You've all done it at one point, what was supposed to be "carbo-loading" on a race road-trip ended up a complete gong show...

"No I in team..." TRIATHLON
It's just you, your bike and a whole lotta determination...

"Aero Position" (Mens')
Is the "aero" position really necessary for optimum peformance? Surely a topic for great in-depth conversation.... ahem.

"Team Clydesdale" (Mens')
Who ever said "size doesn't matter" hasn't competed against a Clydesdale athlete...

"Clydesdale" (Mens')
Another design dedicated to all the Clydesdale Class athletes out there.

"Let's see ya..." (Mens)
Props to all the Clydesdale class athletes out there!

"Marathon Prophecy" (Mens')
26.2 miles - you got what it takes?

"du-an-Athlete" (Mens)
For those not interested in Triathlon, here's an equally enjoyable alternative - we don't discriminate and always aim to please ;)

"Ironman Prophecy" (Mens')
Ironman triathlon - no small feat.... Did Nostradamus predict one in YOUR future?

"I will not bonk" (Mens')
Just keep telling yourself that when you're hallucinating at mile 20...For "non-athletes", sure to raise some eyebrows...

"16:59:59" (Mens')
That's all you'll need to become "part of the club"

"Ride Bike More...WIFE"
A companion the popular "GIRLFRIEND" version, one for all the married fellas out there ;)

"Duathlete" (Mens)
For those multisports athletes a little weak in one of the three traditional disciplines and looking for an alternative...

"26.2 Miles" Shirt (Mens)
'Cuz running a marathon aint as easy as you..... think. Let the trash-talk begin!

"Chuck - Ironman?!" (Mens')
With all the hillarious references to "Chuck Norris", I figure I had to make my own contribution ;)

"Save a bike..." (Mens')
You'll never think of that song in the same way again!

"I'd be a better triathlete..." (Mens')
If swimming could only be *that* easy...

"Just Because..." (Mens)
Being "Friends" is one thing, but competing / training together is another...

Losers Always Whine...

Losers Always Whine...
In the infamous words of Sean Connery... 'nuff said.

"69" Shirt (Mens)
Just 'cuz people have to twist themselves around to read it is reason enough to wear it! Hell, you might even get lucky ;)

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