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Geocacher U
World-Wide Campus

"The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field.
When a man found it, he hid it again." Mt. 13:44


Moonshine II

Moonshine II
Moonshine II - August 30, 2008! Get your Moonshine gear here!

Maltese Cross

Maltese Cross
It's a universal symbol of brotherhood and dependability. The Maltese Cross: you see it on fire department logos and biker shirts. Now you can express your loyalty to your fellow cachers.


They'll look twice, but they had better look fast as you make your way to the cache! A fun design that's sure to catch the attention of geocachers and muggles alike.

<b>Geocacher Gear</b>

Geocacher Gear
A familiar looking logo with a Geocaching twist! Everything from T-shirts to sweatshirts, from mugs to stickers proudly proclaiming that you're up for any challenge!

<b>Cache Items</b>

Cache Items
Items specifically designed for your cache. Stickers to identify your game boxes and trade items.


Geocaching goes Southwest! Check out this great design that brings out the eternal spirit of adventure and discovery that accompanies our high tech hobby!

<b>Parrot Cacher</b>

Parrot Cacher
What is it that connects Geocachers to those who love the songs of the directionless wanderer? Oh....never mind.

<b>Certificates of Achievement</b>

Certificates of Achievement
Celebrate those milestone finds with these Certificates of Achievement from Geocacher University.

<b>What happens...</b>

What happens...
Look, I'm willing to admit mistakes were made. I'm certainly not pointing any fingers, and you shouldn't be either. Why don't we just agree to never speak of it again, ok?

<b>Event Cache Junkie!</b>

Event Cache Junkie!
You know who you are! You love to get together, swap stories and travelbugs and finally get to see what those other cachers look like! Make an impression at the next event by becoming a human l

<b>The Geocacher's Perspective</b>

The Geocacher's Perspective
What separates Geocachers from everyone else? It's the way they view the world around them. Let the rest of the world know that you see things differently!

<b>Let's Get Honest!</b>

Let's Get Honest!
The same satellites you use to locate a box of toys in the woods some other guy gets to use to blow something up. Let's get honest, knowing that just makes the game a little more interesting!


Geocacher-U gear specifically designed with the ladies in mind.

<b>Cache-Mobile Gear</b>

Cache-Mobile Gear
Stickers and other gear to customize your ride!

<b>Head Gear!</b>

Head Gear!
Hats and the like. Keep your brain from freezing.

<b>Alumni Pride!</b>

Alumni Pride!
Items specifically featuring the Geocacher-U crest and website. Wear your education with pride!

<b>The Weekly World Cacher<b>

The Weekly World Cacher
Just how bizarre is our little game? Bizarre enough to make for some great headlines!

<b>What Just Bit Me?!?</b>

What Just Bit Me?!?
Know your enemy! In our case, most of them are really small! Identify them easily with this design!

<b>This n' That</b>

This n' That
A hodge-podge of different designs we've been playing with. Look them over, kick the tires, see if there's anything you like.

<b>Free Tick Checks!</b>

Free Tick Checks!
Geocachers are a helpful lot. Show other people that you're willing to help even with those most tedious tasks. You'll definitely stand out at the next event with THIS shirt!


You've hidden plenty of stuff in trees before. Why not proudly display something on the tree this Christmas? Check here for ornaments and other holiday items designed with your favorite passtime in mi
CYBret's Signature Magnet
CYBret's Signature Magnet
CYBret's Signature Magnets (100 pack)
CYBret's Signature Magnets (100 pack)
CYBret's Signature Magnets (10 pack)
CYBret's Signature Magnets (10 pack)

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