» Welcome To My Classroom; Fill It With Memories
» My Classroom Is NOT A Democracy!
» My Exams May Challenge Your Will To Live
» Rules For A Successful Marriage
» Caution: Student Teacher
» Don't Blame Me, Blame Entropy!
» No, You Don't Need To Know This
» If We Learn Best Through Failure
» A Good BM Makes For A Great Day!
» Schrodinger Never Had A Cat
» My Transporter Was Out Of Alignment
» Avoided Materializing Inside Solid Rock
» The Future Rests On The Shoulders Of Geeks
» Naturally Effervescent
» I'd Rather Be Quantum Tunneling
» My Calculus Professor Is A Real Asymptote!
» Thinks In N Dimensions
» Mathematicians Have No Limits
» HMO Administrators Are Worse Than Any Illness
» Seminars: Free Coffee & Doughnuts
» If Not For Grant Proposals
» The Physics Of Reality
» My Personal Thermostat Is Broken
» Schrodinger's Cat vs That Damn Box
» Graduate Degree Benefits
» String Theory Funding
» Greek Geek
» If There's No Free Will
» Your Gravity Waves Are Awesome!
» Why Want Blood From A Turnip?
» I Skipped Two Grades In School
» Geek 24 / 7 / 365.25
» Major Leaguers Fail 70% Of The Time
» You Don't Have To Be A Rocket Scientist
» Doesn't Obey The Laws Of Physics
» You Can Hope For A Snow Day, But I'd Study!
» The Full Impact Of Heisenberg's Contributions
» Has Read The Internet Cover-To-Cover
» Unless I Tell You, Everything WILL Be On The Exam
» WARNING: May Contain Nuts!
» To Learn Is Human; To Teach, Divine
» Classroom Rules
» If Silence Is Golden, What Is Heavy Metal?
» Geekmazing!
» Physicists Train To Be Quantum Mechanics
» Plans To Base Jump The Fiscal Cliff
» Jesus Was The First Hippie
» It's Okay To Ignore My Opinions, My Wife Does
» If I Could Care Less, I Would
» Exams Are A Teacher's Sweet Revenge
» Physics Isn't Rocket Science. Oops, My Bad
» So Much Time To Waste, Yet Still So Little Time!
» It's Only A Crisis If You Think It's A Crisis
» God Describes All Life Using A, G, C, T
» My Shuttlecraft Is In The Shop
» Vote Undecided
» I'm 98% Human!
» My Insurance Covers A Level 4 Diagnostic?
» My Parents Thought I Was Inconceivable!
» Failure To Study Will Result In Failure
» Unlimited Power!
» Went Where No Man Has Gone Before
» This Will Be On The Exam
» All I Want For Christmas
» Next Time We Beam Down, You Wear The Red Shirt
» Einstein Knew, But Heisenberg Was Uncertain
» Don't Even Ask About Schrodinger's Dog
» Probably Got An 'A' In Statistics
» want success? got teamwork?
» Unlike Myself, Heisenberg Lacked Confidence
» Math Operators Are Standing By
» I Like My Coffee With Just A Hint Of Dilithium
» I'm Here To Teach, Would Anyone Care To Learn?
» I Wonder Why Starfleet Issued Me Only 1 Red Shirt?
» All Caught Up In String Theory
» Routinely Beats Sheldon At Chess
» Knows The Last Digit Of Pi
» Schrodinger's Cat Ate My Lab Rat
» If I Told You I Was A Geek
» The Mystery Of Schrodinger's Ferret
» Thinks It's Easy Being Green
» I'm Not Fat, I'm Retaining Lipids
» My Universe Has More Dimensions Than Yours
» My Exams Reward Those Most Deserving
» Trust Me Spock, Red Is Not Your Color
» There Are No Original Thoughts
» Those Who Can't Teach, Administer
» Don't Just Learn The Material, Conquer It!
» I Burn For Peeta
» The Needs Of The One, Outweigh Needs Of The Many
» I Raised My Kid For 18 Years
» In Search Of Geek Nirvana
» Sir, The Klingons Just Friended Us On Spacebook
» Quantum Mechanics: I Get It, I Don't Get It
» Captain, The Klingons Are Texting Us
» Starfleet Percussive Maintenance Engineer
» My Thought Experiment Failed
» Schrodinger's Cat is Lost and Found
» There's No App For Me
» I Give Bonus Points For Creativity
» When All Else Fails, Blame Your Genes
» Engineer: Please Do Not Feed Or Tease
» Party Vegetable
» Teenager: Dare To Be Indifferent
» Event Horizon: Violators will Be Crushed
» Indifference Rules!
» Event Horizon: Park At Your Own Risk
» Stockholm Awaits Me
» Doesn't Give A Flying Photon Re: Schrodinger's Cat
» Has First Dibs On Leftovers
» Beast Of Boredom
» All Of My Professors Are Nucking Futs
» You Won't Like Me When I'm Doing My Taxes
» got time?
» If You're Not Part Of The Problem
» To Ask Me Out, Please Press 2
» Schrodinger's Cat Is Neurotic
» Having An Out Of Mind Experience
» Hey, That's Mine, Get Your Own Damn Coffee Mug
» Management: A Tool For Turning Caffeine Into Busin
» No Penny, String Theory Is Not About Kite Flying
» People Call Me "Doctor"
» Accountants See Only In Black & Red
» If Found, Please Return To Unimatrix Zero
» Time Is A Constant, I'm ALWAYS Late!
» Schrodinger Is Dead, Long Live His Cat
» It Wasn't An Asteroid, It Was Social Networking
» Routinely Defeats Spock At Chess
» Stand Back, I'm About To Have A Conniption!
» Today Is a Great Day To Thank Your Doctor
» Today Is A Great Day To Thank Your Nurse
» God Is A Giants Fan
» My Medical Bills Are Killing Me
» I'd Kill For Your Love!
» got butter?
» Aging Gracelessly
» Am I Cute, Or What?
» Yes, Of Course I Mean It!
» My New Job Is AWESOME!
» Life's A Game, Remember To Play
» You Have To Work At Being This Lazy
» I'd Go Postal, But I Can't Afford The Stamp!
» I'm Not Old, I'm Vintage
» My Bosses Love Profit Sharing
» Thunderous Belching Champion
» Member Of The Jewish Leprechaun Society
» 50% Irish 50% Beer
» KIss Me I'm Jewish
» Forget The Ambulance, Ride The EMT!
» Forget The Truck, Ride The Fireman
» Forget The Ambulance, Ride The Doctor!
» Think Of Me In Rich Dark Chocolate
» Sexy College Grad
» Sexy SciFi Fan
» Sexy Scientist
» Sexy Engineer
» My Girlfriend Is Smokin' Hot!
» My Boyfriend Is Smokin' Hot!
» Election's Over; Now What?
» All I Want For Christmas Is My Boyfriend
» All I Want For Christmas Is My Girlfriend
» All I Want For Christmas Is My Loving Hubby
» All I Want For Christmas Is My Loving Wife
» All I Want For Christmas Is My Loving Kids
» All I Want For Christmas Is To Be Home
» All I Want For Christmas Is My Loving Family
Save The Date - Apocalypse Framed Panel Print

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Save The Date - Apocalypse Framed Panel Print

Where will you be on the last day ever? Ancient Mayan prophecy foretells that the apocalypse will occur on 12/21/2012, so you may want to be ready and save the date!

Product Number: 030-604076012
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Product Information
Prints are perfect for the home or office. All prints are custom manufactured using archival inks and acid-free paper. Framed prints are matted and framed in a stylish black frame with plexiglass cover. Frames include complete backing. Frame size: 13" x 16"

Drag the square at the left to choose the part of your image you want to use. Tips: Click and drag any corner to resize; click and drag from the inside to move.

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