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HYIP projects are a risky but possible way to multiply your capital. You have to be cautious when choosing one of them. You must be very attentive and careful when select one of them. Here are the rules to help you choose the right way to make money.

  1. The first thing you must do when choosing an HYIP is to read the people's feedback. You must also read the reviews, which will allow assessing all the possible risks.
  2. Then it is necessary to visit the website of the project and study it carefully. It is required to pay attention to its interface and design. A simple and intuitive interface, no work faults, a licensed script, unique content - these are all signs of a trusted project.
  3. When choosing an HYIP project, you should pay attention to its advertising campaign. In particular, too active or aggressive advertising should be alerted.
  4.  An important aspect is the available rates and the period for which the selected platform is operating.

It should be noted, that the reviews that are posted on the project website should not be trusted. It is better to use independent sources. You should also be wary if the administrator himself invites users to his project.

What HYIP investing rules are recommended to observe?

People who have never invested money in investment projects should remember that this type of income is risky. This is especially true for high-yield projects, which promise earnings of more than 60% per month.

It is not recommended to invest the last money, and even more so, the funds taken on credit. For investments, it is necessary to allocate their funds, as there is a high risk of losing them.

It is necessary to remember about diversification of investments. This means that you should invest in different projects. In this way, you can protect yourself from major losses. Even if you have invested in one reliable project, which works for several years, there is no guarantee that it will continue to work.

It is recommended to withdraw your earnings from the platforms from time to time. You should also leave feedback about the HYIP project and thus allow other people to understand if it is worth investing in it or if it is better to abandon such an endeavor.

The modern investor is always faced with a choice. Every day new HYIP projects are launched and each subsequent one is more beautiful than the previous one. In this tinsel and beautiful promise, it is important not to get lost and be able to find a project worthy of attention. Your welfare is at stake, as well as your money, which can disappear without a trace, instead of bringing you income. In this article, we will tell you how to choose an HYIP. 

How to find HYIP projects that pay?

The HYIP pipeline works without weekends and holidays, so new sites start in flocks. From all sides, cunning admins call for investments and say that their project will bring profit. But as we know, admins - it's the most deceitful people in the industry who are ready to sing the most promising ode to deposits, and when it comes to payments - just hide in the bushes. But let's not exaggerate the colors, projects that may exist, and their majority. On the contrary, those who do not pay from the start are very, very few - why cut the project off at the root of life, if it can bring in thousands and tens of thousands more income than the first row of investors will?

So looking for an HYIP that pays dividends is like looking for a black cat in a black room, that is pointless. You can't know that a project that pays will pay not only the body of the deposit but also the interest. In short, it is strongly recommended not just to look for paying projects, but those that can pay out the profits, that is, to make money for investors. And here everything is not so cloudless and simple.

What to pay attention to when choosing an HYIP?

You face a choice: to enter the project or not. And to solve this problem you do not need to guess by coffee grounds or to guess by other means, you need to think and analyze. Everyone can invest, pointing a finger in the sky, but the result is not much good. The real guru of HYIPs is those investors who know how to find a qualitative project among heaps of garbage and garbage.

Analysis of a project must include the following steps:

Study of the technical side. The main condition for the serviceability of HYIP is high-quality software. If the project is flawed technically, it can become a fatal mistake, because there are a lot of people who want to take advantage of a faulty script or the lack of an SSL certificate. In this case, not only the administrator loses possible profits because of his negligence, but also investors.

Analysis of marketing. No matter what you call the ship, if the debt does not match the credit, it will not sail. We are used to admins offering enormous profit percentages, and in general, the whole industry is an area of unrealistic profits, but fantastic percentages must cause doubt. Unfortunately, the very pyramidal nature of the project does not allow the project with great interest to work long - the classic genre, they quickly go to jail. If the interest is not compatible with life, then you see just another bribe that is not going to pay someone something.

Promotion. Advertising is the engine of progress, it plays an important role in HYIPs. Investment HYIPs depend on the flow of investors and they can be regulated only by advertising. Buying listings is a great skill, which not all admins know. Someone from the beginning takes all the blogs in a row and then suffers from abandonment, someone is too weak in the promotion and can not attract money to the project. The golden mean in this matter for investors speaks volumes.

Project costs. There's nothing to explain - logically, the more the administrator has spent on the preparation of the project, the longer he will have to work to at least recoup the money. At the same time, expensive projects often do not come to collect a couple of hundred bucks - these sites are planning to work. The costs of preparing the HYIP are calculated after analyzing all of the above items because the price includes the technical side and the promotion. If you are puzzled about how to choose an HYIP, you should pay attention to it.

Investments on the Internet should be made with great caution. This is especially true for such a pseudo-investment sphere as HYIPs. The choice of the project should be thorough and made in a sober mind and intellect, after careful analysis and study. Of course, it is ideal if the project meets all requirements, but it is very rare. As a rule, the investor has to choose the lesser of two evils, that is to compromise between the requirements and the realities of life.

A huge number of investment HYIPs are starting up, so how can one find among them the right project, which will bring profit and not loss in the portfolio? First of all, you need to pay attention to the investment conditions. If they meet your wishes, it is worth analyzing them in terms of performance, because it is obvious that the project promising 100% a day, will not work a day. As a rule, the golden mean rate is 2-3% per day, a lower percentage may simply be of little interest to investors.

In terms of technology, you should pay attention to licensed software used, whether there is data encryption, DDOS-protection. These are basic requirements, which must be there. If there are any additional bells and whistles - green bar, official registration, dedicated server - it increases the chances of earnings in the project at times.

Regarding the promotion, it can be noted that a smooth start and a gradual increase in turnover are very important for an HYIP. You can not buy up all the blogs and monitors and wait for the project to work - more than one admin has tried this tactic and all the projects have gone in a slump, barely holding out at least one round. It is no secret that the pseudo-investment environment has long turned into a kind of a closed interest group.

As a rule, the same persons play in the projects, and occasionally occasional investors get here, but the number of those who want to invest money is not so great. Therefore, in order not to exhaust the entire human resource at once, should properly conduct promotion, increasing the turnover.

What projects should be avoided?

If we talk specifically about HYIPs, the risks here are simply cosmic, as well as the yield. And no matter how beautiful the project would be - it too can go into bankruptcy, without paying anyone anything. Alas, no one is immune from this. However, you can reduce the risk by avoiding the following projects when choosing an HYIP:

The project with stolen software. Does the selected project have a script without a license? Runaway from such HYIP, because this holey trough will be a good profit not only for the hackers but also for the creators of the script, who can suddenly remind you of their rights.

It is known that the admin scammer. People do not change admins do not change either. If the manager quickly closes projects, this signature style can no longer change.

Restarts. Restarting a project usually does not lead to anything good because if the credit of trust is exhausted, but deceived investors would not step on the same rake twice.

Investing in HYIP projects is a risky venture, which can bring a solid profit. If you manage to find the right balance between risk and profitability, as well as carefully analyze the project performance, your success chances are greatly increased. Have a successful investment and a quality project!

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