» It is Pitch Black:
» Drones strikes for telemarketing
» The closer you get, the slower I drive.
» Again, it's 11:11. WTF?
» No Problem! Problem!
» Hey Girl. Turn Around Don't Drown!
» Drone Delivery Failure
» Optometrist/Ophthalmologist Birthday
» Old Fart Action Figure
» Drones are Fair Game
» You don't know Jack
» You don't know Jack GB
» Chess Boards No Border
» Black and White Check, Not Boards
» Chess Boards with sides
» Donate Blood - Save a life.
» Music Filter Wanted: No Live Music!
» Sports Grousing Section
» BBQ Whisperer
» Computer OS Corrections
» Don't Eat the Seeds Maternity Wear
» Maternity Wear - I feel like busting loose
» Use AA Rechargeable Batteries
» Self Driving Cars
» You are beginning to damage my calm
» I know what I'm doing
» It's the law
» Mediation
» Recycle Smoking Sections
» Private Caller on Caller ID?
» Missing Delusion Gene
» What about well behaved women?
» Your blinker
» Your blinker does not give you the right of way.
» For the Cilantro Intolerant
» Wine Woman and Thong
» Motivational Lose Weight
» Watch For Snake
» Siri, Alexa, Cortana
» BaBeBLu HeISeNBeRg
» Grok me baby, grok me baby, all night long
» I brake for tailgaters
» Road Rage or Sunday Drivers?
» Price gouging & toll lanes
» You are sick if you
» A laptop without two REAL mouse buttons is a toy
» The future ain't what it used to be.
» TV Test Pattern
» Hooray For Our Side!
» Will Work For Ammo
» Coming Soon! Jed J (Red)
» Food and Drink Perversions
» Get-Texas.com
» Black Interior
» I don't need no stinking debit card
» I'd rather be here
» Blue Screen of Despair
» I miss 98 & XP
» Ink jets are evil
» Update Your Software
» Our Spin-Off Shops
Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf,

Expand the Strike Zone BS

NEW - Expand the Strike Zone BS

NEW - Expand the Strike Zone BS
Just in time for the College World Series!

Ruining Sports

Ruining Sports
More commercial time than game time?

Pro Football Free Speech vs Customer's Free Speech

Pro Football Free Speech vs Customer's Free Speech
Pro Sports imitate Hollywood Demwits.

Pro Basketball Pressuring Cities and States?

Pro Basketball Pressuring Cities and States?
Boycott any pro basketball in any country that blackmails cities, states and countries.

Fake Strikes

Dunking isn't a skill

I hate golf

No flopping in Sportsmanship

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