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» Emperor's Hammer Gear
» Sovereign (Pride of the Empire)
» Aggressor Strike Force (Bringers of Vengeance)
» Avenger Task Force (Dark Force Rising)
» Fighter Corps (Defenders of the Hammer)

William P. Call, P.G. - Founder of the Emperor's Hammer
Middletown, NJ (USA)
Member Since: 2000

In the final immortal words of Socrates... "I drank what...?"

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The Emperor's Hammer is an organization of online Star Wars gaming fans founded in December 1994 and is dedicated to recreating the excitement and adventure of the Star Wars saga online. Although the Emperor's Hammer is not affiliated with or sponsored by LucasFilms, et. al., our club is primarily based on the Star Wars game platforms and takes place in the Star Wars Universe following the Battle of Endor. However, we also have several SubGroups which allow interested Imperial Citizens to join our cause without owning any computer game simulations. Please consider the purchase of one these items to help maintain the Emperor's Hammer and give us some much-needed publicity ! And thanks to LCM Tempest and LCM LucaFett for kindly donating the images for club use...!

Emperor's Hammer Gear

Emperor's Hammer Gear
EH Gear with versions in various sizes, styles and colors...!

Sovereign (Pride of the Empire)

Sovereign (Pride of the Empire)
"For the Glory of Ronin"

Aggressor Strike Force (Bringers of Vengeance)

Aggressor Strike Force (Bringers of Vengeance)
"From the depths of Hell our vengeance ascends !"

Avenger Task Force (Dark Force Rising)

Avenger Task Force (Dark Force Rising)
"From The Heart Of Thunder We Come... Relentless, Unstoppable, Indomitable"

Fighter Corps (Defenders of the Hammer)

Fighter Corps (Defenders of the Hammer)
"Faithful. Honorable. Bound by duty"

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