Subliminal Einstein by artist michaelm


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    Subliminal Einstein by artist michaelm

    Time, dimension one, actually consists of three space dimensions. Past, present and future. Each represents as a point in Time/Space. A temporal triangle with two sides at 45° to the base. To achieve the next higher dimension one must multiply Time by a factor of two.

    This self portrait of the Albert Einstein within me is a tribute to the comprehension of the idea that energy is a consequence of time, D1 x 2 = D². Dimension 1 times 2 equals Dimension 2. Energy is 90° out of phase with time... expressed as a mirror of time.

    The crescent on the sweater represents time as a symptom. The phases of the moon, a solar eclipse, any occultation. 90° from "All Time" equals dimension two. Each successively higher dimension then is always multiplied by two and is positioned exactly at 90° or perpendicular to the previous.

    The first fold on the shirt, just under my right collar, reveals the Neanderthal Mask. Although commonly known as a brutal lot, they were actually an extremely sensitive, and most probably, a spiritually artistic species.

    We’ve caught him in the Eureka moment, an instant of clarity where an eternity can be spent, all within a nano second. He discovers the visualization of the third eye and points unconsciously towards it. The great Sun Goddess of Kemet... Aset, can be seen in the dance of Ra, light... the universal semen, joins with seed within the cosmic womb and gives birth to life.

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