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why use reusable bags?

Why you Should Be Using Reusable Bags!

Worldwide use of plastic bags is not in the millions, not in the billions, but in the trillions for just one year of consumption. Plastic bags are made of a non-renewable polyethylene. These are made of crude oil which many countries are very dependent on and causes serious problems for wildlife, rivers, groundwater, plants and humans alike. Plastic bags are not biodegradable and take over 1000 years to decompose.

They Hurt Animals!

Animals can be severely impacted by the use of plastic bags. Sealife is choked out, mistaking these bags for food. They suffocate on these bags and quickly die.

Why Not Just Use Paper?

Paper has its flaws, too. Paper, while biodegradable and being a renewable product, produces large amounts of water and takes more energy to produce than plastic bags. It's also eating up trees, which the world desperately needs to sustain the proper carbon-oxygen balance. Trees also provide vital habitat for an endless amount of wildlife.

What's the Solution?

Reusable Bags. Instead of consuming paper and plastic, reusable bags can be used for your shopping trips instead. Canvas is a great alternative. It's sturdy, economical, and looks great. Bring them to the grocery store, bring them on vacation, or take them to the mall. Every little bit helps. The earth, wildlife, and the human race appreciates it!

Did you know that many supermarkets now discount your purchase if you use reusable bags? This can add up quickly and you're investment in a reusable bag will soon pay off!

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