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Energy Conservation Tips

Conserve energy with these easy to follow tips!

It's pretty easy to conserve energy in your home without much effort while saving a bundle of cash and reducing your own carbon footprint! Here are some tips to start:
  • Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs. This is a small thing that can make a huge difference in your bill and the amount of energy you consume. They also look pretty cool! On the average you'll save $50 per bulb over the life of the bulb...what a bright idea.
  • Close it up! You can save plenty of energy from keeping your drapes, shades, or curtains shut on cold nights that you use heat. If there's a hole somewhere letting cold air in and hot air out, plug it! Use the appropriate caulk or filler and plug that hole.
  • Next time you buy a house or appliance...consider buying "HE." This stands for high efficiency. When you make your next move and have to buy new appliances (or need to upgrade your old equipment), HE washing machines, dishwashers and refridgerators can save enormous amount of energy and money. You'll use far less water, you'll clothes and dishes will actually be cleaner, and you'll be saving on your water and electric bill. Now that makes senses!
  • Program your Thermostat! If you already have a programmable thermostat, it's time to start using it. Remember, it can control your air conditioning if you have central air as well! Program it to use less energy while you are away at work, vacation, or sleeping, and kick back on right before you get home. No more fiddling with the thermostat all the time! Some thermostats allow you to program different days of the week and plan ahead.
  • Bundle up! If it's cold in your home, why not use a sweater sometimes? It might be a little cooler, but you'll be saving energy and enjoying the winter! Brew up some coffee and start enjoying the snow. Besides, if you layer up on the clothing you'll be just as toasty, if not more than home heating can make you. TIP: Grouping people into a room can produce lots of heat! If you're having a Holiday party, turn the heat down a few notches and you'll see no difference in temperature. We produce heat too!
  • Don't Hog the Heat! Summer isn't the only time you should be using your ceiling fans. Ceiling fans help distribute the heat evenly over your whole home, not just the living room. It will also help your thermostat get a better read on the temperature by pushing the hot air (remember, hot air rises!) back down to the floor. If your hot air is rising to the top, it's like money sticking to the ceiling! Push it back down with a fan and see better results.
  • Is your Fireplace Helping? Fireplaces can actually be less efficient to use for your home if they are not properly used. To efficiently use your fireplace, close the doors to the room that the fireplace is in. This will prevent your paid heat from your heating system from flying out the chimney. Close up your fireplace when done, and install a top sealing damper that will keep the valuable fireplace heat in.
  • Get out of the hot water and turn it down a notch! Turn your hot water heater down just a little notch and you'll save money. Remember, you use hot water for your dishwasher, washing machine, shower and sink...this can add up quick. By turning it down just a little bit, you'll be saving energy, and you won't notice a thing.
  • Did you know... that your electrical items use energy even when they aren't on? Items like toasters, computers, speakers, radios...these all use energy, and you can cut down on it by unplugging it. If you can't unplug it, try using a power strip which has a on/off switch. A surge protector wouldn't hurt for your computer as well, so buy a strip that has one included.

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