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Greetings, friends, old and new! I'm so thrilled you've come to my shop. It's just gone on line and I have many more images that I'll be adding in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you have a favorite doubloon from my book—Talking to Our Selves—that you want to get on a T-shirt or other item, click on the link below to send me an email and I'll upload it for you right away.
Also, if you see an image here that you like, but I don't yet have it set up on the product you want, again, let me know and I'll make it happen for you.
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Lisa Martinovic

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Welcome to my brain! Doubloons are doubled cartoons that I create by holding one pen in each hand to draw like images simultaneously. Add captions and voila! Original art by Lisa Martinovic´, compelling cartoons, from ribald to poetic, poignant to deliciously enigmatic. These cartoons make wonderful gifts on T-shirts, mugs, tote bags, thongs, and more -- for those who appreciate thoughtful humor.

~~~ May all your Aphorisms and Koans be Playful as well as Deep ~~~
  Yoga Lovers with an adventurous streak may be so inspired by our Naked Yoga Black Tee that they invent whole new postures! For folks who like their spiritual growth leavened with levity, our Coffee Cup Koan is the perfect offering. Think of it as the Sex & the Buddhist City Thong  
Naked Yoga

Are we creating our own reality today or accepting life on life's terms?

I want to see if I can do torrid sexual romp mindfully.
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The Human Condition: How we deal

The Human Condition: How we deal
If you're not afraid to let your inner child run rampant, admit it when you're clueless, or experiment like a mad scientist with your very life, one of these designs just might fit.

Naked Doubloons

Naked Doubloons
You walk into a crowded cafe. An attractive stranger approaches: "Cool shirt. What does it mean?" You purr the invitation: "What do you want it to mean?"


Ahhh, yes, the great adventure that is The Relationship: Love! Sex! Drama! Thrills! and oh, so much to learn.

Life Lessons

Life Lessons
Who needs another reminder about how to stay human in an inhumane world? Umm....everybody? But only if it makes us laugh, or feel a sense of wonder.

Curiouser and Curiouser

Curiouser and Curiouser
Sometimes you’re just in the mood to be a little strange, offbeat, inexplicable. Eschew medication! Instead, don a Curiouser and Curiouser T-shirt, thong or barbecue apron, and embark on a journey.


You're going undercover at the RNC. What to wear so you'll totally blend in? Why, a Political Doubloons T-shirt! They’ll think it’s ironic. So over the top, you'll be under the radar.

The Genesis of Doubloons

It began innocently enough as a brain integration exercise. One of many depicted on a Brain Gym poster I’d glanced at a hundred times but never quite seen: a little girl holds a pen in each hand to draw two like images simultaneously. The idea lit a wildfire in my imagination; I could hardly get home fast enough to try it.

From my first attempt, I found the process itself exhilarating, the images entrancing. For months there was nothing I’d rather do. I drew with both hands and both eyes; I drew with one eye closed; I drew with both eyes closed! The physical act of bimanual drawing was feeding some part of my psyche that had been hibernating—all my life, apparently—and giving expression to it.

Some time earlier I found a scrap of paper next to my bed on which I’d scribbled a snippet of a dream long forgotten. I nearly tossed it, but loved the phrase so much I placed it on my art table for…I don’t know. One day I looked down at the phrase, then over at a drawing, back at the phrase, and the drawing and, oh, god, yes—they were born for each other!

And so began the thrilling process of mining notebooks and journals, unfinished poems and unedited life for words to pair with my creatures: captions that bring the images into meaningful focus, or graphics that enliven the words in an unexpected way.

Meanwhile, the doubling itself invites us to ask: Are they talking to each other, to themselves, or both? Who, indeed, are any of us talking to whenever we speak, write, or think?

I call the form Doubloon for doubled cartoon, and, riffing off the original meaning of the word, for the wealth of delight they give to me and, I hope, to you.

There is a Japanese saying that art is the tracks, not the animal.


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