Diane Clancy's Fine Art Shop
» Fractal Bubblescapes, Cosmic Worlds
   » Inner Flow V, Amethyst Galaxy
   » Inner Flow VI, Aqua Galaxy
   » Emerald Satin Dreams
   » Inner Flow III, Rose Galaxy
   » Inner Flow II, Orchid Galaxy
   » Outer Flow III, Azure Galaxy
   » Inner Flow I, Violet Galaxy
   » Inner Flow IV, Orange Galaxy
» Fractals, Amazing Vivid Journeys
   » Crystal Sunrise Abstract
   » Window into the Universe
   » Blue & White Quilt
   » Glowing Burst of Color
   » Amber Goddess, Abstract Fractal
   » Emerging Galaxies, Teal
   » Dance of the Spheres, Rainbow Matrix
   » Dawn of Time, Lushness, Joy
   » Bright Burst of Color
   » Streams of Joy, Lemon
   » Origami Rainbow
   » The Green Earth, Lush Planet
   » Wings of Angels, Amethyst Crystals
   » Blue Angel, Divine Help
   » Creating Worlds, Flow into New
   » Jeweled Staircase
» Bubblescapes, Cosmic Landscapes
   » Moonlight Wonder
   » Night Jewels, Celestial Sky
   » Ocean Dreams, Aqua Light
   » Glorious Skies, Pink Dreams
   » Spring Renewal, New Life Emerges
   » Bubble Garden, Wisdom, Nurturing
   » Peace, Golden and Emerald Serenity
   » Compassion, Abstract Violet Goddess
   » Consciousness, Gold Green Awakening
   » Balancing, Ease & Effortlessness
   » Peace in the Storm
   » Love Birds, Pink Purple Passion
   » Spring Creation, Abstract Renewal
   » Tropical Morning, Paradise Oasis
   » Peach Fantasy, Apricot Retreat
   » Burst of Joy, Rose Renewal
   » Golden Days, Yellow Serenity
   » Violet Mist, Liquid Purple
   » Autumn Ruminations
   » Frosty Clarity, Blue White Ice
   » In the Zone, Rose & Amethyst Voyage
   » Crystal Garden, Abstract Glass
» Fairy Fractals
   » Flower Fairy, Rose Ribbons
   » Orange Eyes Aglow, Gold
   » Green Goblin, Fun Creature
   » Dance of the Dragons, Whimsical
   » Purple Imp, Peeking Out
   » Butterfly Eyes, Gold Wings
   » Irish Goblin, Emerald
   » Dance of the Eyes, Indigo Gold Sight
   » Ferocious, Wild Abstract Creature
   » Eyes & Swirls, Embrace Life
» Cats & Wildlife
   » Freckles black and white Tux Kitty Flowers II
   » Stella Chocolate Point Siamese Cat Butterflies
   » Emma Little Gray Tabby Kittten in Flowers
   » Bambina White-Tailed Fawn in Butterflies
   » Mimosa, Tiger Cat, in Mimosa Flowers
   » Freckles Tuxedo Cat in Butterflies II
   » Stella Chocolate Point Siamese Cat in Flowers
   » Freckles Tux Cat in Butterflies I
   » Bambina Fawn in Flowers II
   » Freckles Tux Cat in Easter Eggs
   » Bambina White-Tailed Fawn in Flowers I
   » Emma Gray Tabby Kitten in Butterflies
   » Freckles Tuxedo Cat in Flowers I
» Dogs
   » Lady Brittany Cocker Spaniel in Flowers
   » Matisse White & Black Papillon in Flowers
   » Violet White Westie Terrier in Butterflies
   » Abby Black Labrador Retriever in Butterflies
   » Chi Chi Chihuahua in Flowers
   » Sebastian Welsh Corgi in Flowers
   » Irie Siberian Husky in Flowers
   » Trista Mixed-Breed Rescue Dog in Butterflies
   » Chi Chi, Chihuahua in Hat in Butterflies
   » Lady Brittany Cocker Spaniel in Butterflies
   » Abby Black Labrador Retriever in Flowers
   » Sebastian Welsh Corgi in Butterflies
   » Violet White Westie Terrier in Flowers
   » Irie Siberian Husky in Butterflies
   » Trista Mixed-Breed Rescue Dog in Flowers
» Mandalas, Magical Mini-Cosmos
   » Spring Garden
   » Aqua Lace
   » Emerald Crystals
   » Firewalk
   » Forest Dome
   » Sunburst
» Goddess
   » Conundrum, Rainbow Women
   » Conundrum II, Golden Goddess
   » Conundrum III, Orange Goddess
   » Sight, Magenta Inner Vision
   » In the Garden, Quan Yin & Flower
   » Mother Watching All, Compassion
   » Anticipation, Abstract Golden Goddess
   » Watching, Goddess
   » The Eye, Gold & Emerald Awareness
» Traditional Mediums
   » Inside & Out, Bridge Worlds
   » Underground, the Power of Love
   » The City II, Rainbow Streams
   » Freedom is Coming, Abstract
   » Dragonland, Green Dragons
   » The Hideaway, Safe, Hidden
   » Inner Space, Rainbow Planes
   » Heart of Fire
   » Arriving, the Power of Love
   » Reflections in Blue I Angels
   » Reflections in Blue II Angels
   » Reflections in Blue III Angels
   » Bottlescape II
   » Dance of Life, Abstract Ribbons
   » Bottlescape I
   » The City I
» Photos
   » Snowy White Owl
   » Beautiful Portugal Ocean Cliff
   » Portugal Algarve Cliffs with Boats
   » Great Gray Owl
   » Portugal Seaside, Scarlet Boat
» Zendoodles, Zentangle Inspired Gardenscapes
   » Red Balloon Zendoodle in Fanciful Forest
   » Pink Flower Zendoodle, Purple Gardenscape
   » Dancing, Floating Greeen, Purple Vines, Grapes
   » Dancing Purple, Green Zen Flower Garden
   » Green Balloon Zendoodle in Night Forest
   » Pretty Blue Flower Garden, Aqua Gardenscape
   » Underwater Delight Seashell
   » Irish Garden, Lime Green Flowers Dance in Joy
» Whimsical
   » Light Within, Abstract Swirls
   » Nature Reflections II, Violet Gold Birds
   » Abstract Rose Birds, Violet & Pink Cycle
   » Expansion, Impressions Night Sky
   » Possibilities, Cosmic Purple & Amethyst
   » Looking Inward, Mystery
   » Nature Reflections I, Gold Blue Birds
   » Heart of Light, Abstract Flames
» Whimsical Patterns
   » Animals Orange Owls Blue Chickens
   » Rose Red Hearts & Cyan Peacocks
   » White Swans & Brown Top Hats
   » Angels in Blue – Snowflakes Trumpets
   » Christmas, Horns, Drums, Bells
   » Christmas - Singing Angels & Golden Bells
   » Christmas, Trees, Cookies, Gingerbread House
   » Santa Claus – Reindeer & Candy Canes
   » Toys - Red Trucks Orange Trains
   » Animals I - Purple Turtles & Blue Elephants
» Patterns, Bright Abstract Contemporary
   » Elegant Blue Modern Foliage
   » Aqua Hawaiian Stars
» Circle Mandalas
   » Aqua Lace Mandala
   » Violet Wheel of Fire Mandala
   » Spring Garden Mandala
   » Pine Forest Mandala
   » FIrewalk Mandala
   » Blue Ice Lace Mandala
   » Sunburst Mandala
   » Emerald Crystals Mandala
   » Chocolate, Raspberries, Peppermint Stick
   » Teal Fire Wheel Mandala
   » Glittering Gold Mandala
   » Forest Dome Mandala
   » Rose Fire Wheel Mandala
   » Quilted Wagon Wheels Mandala
» Rose Forest Green, Abstract Swirl Dance
» Fractal Bubblescapes - Needs More
   » Blue Ice Crystals
   » Radiating Violet Light
   » Raspberry Pink Vision
   » Irish Whirl
» Square Mandalas - Needs More
   » Purple Wheel of Fire
   » Red Wheel of Fire
   » Quilted Wagon Wheels
   » Teal Wheel of Fire
   » Yellow Green Wheel of Fire
   » Blue Ice Glass
   » Blue Ice Lace
   » Glittering Gold
   » Chocolate, Raspberries, Peppermint Stick
   » Web of the Spider
   » Blue Ice Lace Doily
   » Spider Dance
» Susan Elkin Photography, link to Susan's shop
» Few Sections by Product, Link to Home Decor
   » Keepsake Boxes & Jewelry Cases
   » Stadium Blankets & Blanket Wrap
   » Pillows
   » Wall Art
   » Tech World & Office
   » Selected Kitchen Items
   » Flip Flops
   » Rugs & Curtains
   » Duvets
   » Shower Curtains
   » Mugs
   » Tote Bags
   » Tile Coasters & Framed Tiles
   » Jewelry
   » All Over Print Shirts
   » Lots of Bags
   » Journals
   » Ornaments/Pendants
   » Cards

Diane Clancy's Art
Greenfield, MA US

I create radiantly colorful paintings in digital and traditional mediums. My work ranges from goddess and visionary images to creative and unusual figures and landscapes. I have a line of imaginative fanciful animal images.

My stunning series of Bubblescapes will amaze you. I love that people say my artwork enhances their lives. My use of color is my unifying theme across a wide variety of contemporary styles and mediums.

My Blog: www.DianeClancy.com/ blog

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Diane Clancy's Fine Art Shop

Find what you're looking for yourself and great gifts for your friends. You'll find unique merchandise with my art: duvet covers, shower curtains, rugs, window curtains, pillows, throw blankets, ottomans, sandals, kitchen trays, bags, mugs and much more.

In this shop, Home Decor, Kitchen and everything else is organized by image. Each image is within one of the categories below. Choose any of the categories and within you will find the paintings with all the items I have created! You look by image instead of by product.

In my other shop, Home Decor by Diane Clancy's Art, everything is organized by type of merchandise. In the Home Decor shop you look by product instead of by image.

Fractal Bubblescapes, Cosmic Worlds

Fractal Bubblescapes, Cosmic Worlds
Fractal Bubblescapes take you on journeys into outer space and inner space.

Fractals, Amazing Vivid Journeys

Fractals, Amazing Vivid Journeys
Rich, stunning fractals explore different realms of magical, radiant, vivid color.

Bubblescapes, Cosmic Landscapes

Bubblescapes, Cosmic Landscapes
Vibrant, colorful Bubblescapes take you on a break and a mini-vacation.

Fairy Fractals

Cats & Wildlife

Cats & Wildlife
Passionate animal lovers, bring your pets everywhere!


Mandalas, Magical Mini-Cosmos

Mandalas, Magical Mini-Cosmos
Vivid, beautiful mandalas represent the cosmos, harmony and unity.


Traditional Mediums


Zendoodles, Zentangle Inspired Gardenscapes

Zendoodles, Zentangle Inspired Gardenscapes
Zendoodles, ZIA Zentangle Inspired Art. Hand drawn floral sketches, whimsical Gardenscapes. Fanciful gardens bloom creative flowers.


Whimsical Patterns

Whimsical Patterns
Christmas, Angels and Valentines, Animals, Toys - fun, whimsical images to delight you! Angels, gingerbread houses, trees, cookie, snowflakes.

Patterns, Bright Abstract Contemporary

Patterns, Bright Abstract Contemporary
Vibrant, elegant patterns offer a way to transform your world around you.

Circle Mandalas

Rose Forest Green, Abstract Swirl Dance

Rose Forest Green, Abstract Swirl Dance
Enchanting rose and soft green spiraling into a delightful journey. Lavender purple, forest and light green add to the feeling of a forest.

Fractal Bubblescapes - Needs More

Square Mandalas - Needs More

Susan Elkin Photography, link to Susan's shop

Susan Elkin Photography, link to Susan's shop
Susan’s work ranges from flowers and landscapes to creative reflections. Susan's CafePress shop is <a href="https://cafepress.com/SusanElkin" target="blank">Susan's CafePress Shop</a> (cafepress.com/

Few Sections by Product, Link to Home Decor

Few Sections by Product, Link to Home Decor
Few Sections by Product with Link to Home Decor Shop <a href="https://cafepress.com/DianeClancyHomeDecor" target="blank">Diane's Home Decor Shop</a> (cafepress.com/DianeClancyHomeDecor)

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