Straitjacket T-Shirts
Invite your imaginary friends over to play dress-up in Straitjacket T-Shirts.
You don't need to buy anything, just tweet what you like to your Pinbook circle. Maybe they'll buy it for you. But probably not.
» Medicated for Your Protection
   » Medicated for Your Protection Shirts (Dark)
   » Medicated for Your Protection Light-Color Clothing
   » Medicated for your Protection Drinkware
   » Emotional Baggage
   » Pediatrics Ward
» Batshit Crazy
   » Batshit Crazy Dark Shirts
   » Batshit Crazy Light Shirts
   » Emotional Baggage
» Riding the Bipolarcoaster
   » Bipolar Can Suck It!
      » Bipolar Sucks! shirts
   » Fucking Bipolar
      » Fuck Bipolar FML Version.
         » Fuck Bipolar Dark Shirts
         » Fuck Bipolar Light Shirts
      » Fuck Bipolar POINTS! Version
   » Go Team Bipolar!
      » Team Bipolar Shirts
   » Bipolar Is NOT Contagious! shirts
   » Captain Bipolar
   » I'm So Happy I Could Kill Myself shirts
» Mentally Interesting
   » Mentally Interesting Dark Shirts
   » Mentally Interesting Light Shirts
   » Emotional Baggage
» Clothes Hoist!
   » Medicated for Your Protection
      » Medicated for Your Protection Dark Shirts
      » Medicated for Your Protection Light Clothing
   » Mentally Interesting Shirts
      » Mentally Interesting Light Shirts
      » Mentally Interesting Dark Shirts
   » Batshit Crazy
      » Batshit Crazy Light Shirts
      » Batshit Crazy Dark Shirts
   » Brain Cooties Aren't Contagious
      » Bipolar Is NOT Contagious
      » Depression Is NOT Contagious
      » Epilepsy Is NOT Contagious
      » PTSD Is NOT Contagious
      » OCD Isn't Contagious
      » Schizophrenia Is NOT Contagious
      » Brain Cooties Aren't Contagious (Dark)
      » Brain Cooties Aren't Contagious (Light)
   » Breakfast of Champions! Shirts
      » Breakfast of Champions! Dark Shirts
      » Breakfast of Champions! Light Shirts
   » Fuck Off!
      » Fuck Anxiety
      » Fuck Bipolar Shirts - Dark FML
      » Fuck Bipolar Light Shirts - FML
      » Fuck Bipolar POINTS! Version
      » Fuck Depression Shirts
      » Fuck Epilepsy FML Shirts (Dark)
      » Fuck Epilepsy: for the ride of your life.
      » Fuck Migraines Shirts
      » Fuck OCD
      » Fuck Schizophrenia Shirts
      » Fuck PTSD
      » Fuck Agoraphobia
   » This Sucks!
      » Depression Sucks! Shirts
      » Anxiety Sucks! Shirts
      » Bipolar Sucks! Shirts
      » Migraines Suck! Shirts
      » Schizophrenia Sucks! Shirts
      » Epilepsy Sucks! Shirts
      » PTSD Sucks!
      » OCD Sucks
      » Agoraphobia Sucks!
   » Smells Like Team Spirit
      » Team Depression
      » Team Bipolar Shirts
      » Team Migraine Shirts
      » Team Schizophrenia Shirts
      » Team Agoraphobia
      » Team Epilepsy Shirts
      » Team Anxiety
      » Team OCD
      » Team PTSD
   » Eat It!
      » The Lithium Made Me Eat It
      » The Remeron Made Me Eat It
      » The Seroquel Made Me Eat It
      » The Zyprexa Made Me Eat It Shirts
   » I'm So Happy I Could Kill Myself Shirts
   » I Loved Sex, I Take Paxil Shirts
» Get Mugged
   » Medicated for your Protection
   » Sucks to be These
   » Aye Aye Captain
   » Go Team
   » Heart Attack
   » Cooties Contagion
   » Just Fuck It
   » This Page Intentionally Left Blank
» Stuck Up
   » Modern Medicine
   » Cooties Contagion
   » Self-Identity Disorder
   » Aye Aye Captain
   » Get Fucked
   » Go Team!
   » Suck It!
» Button It!
   » Get Your Cooties Shots
   » Diagnostic Criteria
   » Captain on Deck
   » Heart Attack
   » Team Up
   » Modern Medicine
   » This Fucking Sucks
» Emotional Baggage
   » Batshit Crazy
   » Mentally Interesting
   » Medicated for your Protection
» Psychological Hang-Ups
» Magnetic Personality Disorders
   » Get Your Cooties Shots
   » Captain on Deck
   » Hear the Voices
   » Team Up Magnets
   » This Fucking Sucks
» Dangly Bits
» Hold the Phone
» Not Otherwise Specified
   » Box it Up
   » Medication Time
   » Get Back to Work
   » Cracked House
   » Merry RxMas Cards & Gifts
      » The Last Xmas Tree
      » Unbalanced and Isolated
      » Snowed In
   » Pediatrics Ward
      » Vaccines Cause Immunity
      » Medicated for your Protection
» Conduct Disorders
   » Brain Cooties Aren't Contagious Shirts & More
      » Brain Cooties on Black Background
      » Brain Cooties Shirts on White Background
      » Brain Cooties Light Shirts
      » Brain Cooties Dark Shirts
   » Not Otherwise Specified
   » Somatoform Disorders
   » Whaleshit on the Bottom of the Ocean
      » Depression Can Suck It
         » Depression Sucks! Shirts
      » Fucking Depression
         » Fuck Depression Shirts
      » Team Despair
         » Team Depression Shirts
      » Captain of Suck
   » Anxiety Alphabet Soup
      » Agoraphobia
         » Agoraphobia Can Suck It
            » Agoraphobia Sucks! Shirts
         » Fucking Agoraphobia
            » Fuck Agoraphobia Shirts
         » Captain Agoraphobia
         » Team Agoraphobia...Wait, what?
            » Team Agoraphobia Shirts
      » General Anxiety
         » I'm Anxious and I Suck!
            » Anxiety Sucks!
         » Fucking Anxiety
            » Fuck Anxiety shirts
         » Captain Anxiety
         » The Anxiety Team
            » Team Anxiety shirts
         » Fuck OCD Shirts
         » OCD Sucks Shirts
         » Team OCD Shirts
      » Post Modern Post Traumatic
         » PTSD Sucks! Shirts
         » Fuck PTSD Shirts
         » Team PTSD Shirts
   » Schizophrenia Stigma
      » Schizophrenia Sucks!
      » Fuck Schizophrenia
      » Team Schizophrenia
   » My Brain Hurts
      » Team Epilepsy
      » Migraines Suck!
      » Fuck Epilepsy FML Version
         » Fuck Epilepsy Dark Shirts
         » Fuck Epilepsy Shirts on Black Background
         » Fuck Epilepsy Light Shirts
         » Fuck Epilepsy Shirts on White Background
      » Epilepsy Sucks!
      » Fuck Epilepsy POINTS! Version
      » Team Migraine
      » Fuck Migraines
   » Captain Crazy's Team
» Treatment Options
   » Breakfast of Champions Shirts
      » Breakfast of Champions! Light Shirts
      » Breakfast of Champions! Dark Shirts
   » Modern Medicine
   » I Love/Loathe My Meds
      » Eat Me! Shirts
         » The Depakote Made Me Eat It
         » The Remeron Made Me Eat It
         » The Seroquel Made Me Eat It
         » The Zyprexa Made Me Eat It
         » The Lithium Made Me Eat It
      » Heart Attack Mugs, Buttons & Magnets
         » Mugs
         » Buttons & Magnets
      » I Loved Sex. I Take Paxil. Shirts
   » Pill Pile-On, Mugs, Pill Boxes & More
      » Pill Boxes
      » Cracked House
      » Pharmaceutical Pearls
      » Hold the Phone
      » Occupational Therapy
      » Dosing Schedule
   » Medication Time Clocks & Mugs
   » Not Otherwise Specified
      » It Just Doesn't Matter!

Captain of the Crazies Buttons

Most people wouldn't recognize crazy if Charlie Manson were eating Froot Loops on their porch; circling key words and phrases on the box with a well-chewed pencil stub, and muttering to himself about the Great Cleansing.

If your idea of a complete breakfast includes one or more prescription crazy meds, you're probably a Captain of some form of crazy.
Captain Agoraphobia Button 2.25
Captain Agoraphobia Button 2.25" Button
Captain Agoraphobia Button 3.5
Captain Agoraphobia Button 3.5" Button
Captain Anxiety Button 2.25
Captain Anxiety Button 2.25" Button
Captain Anxiety Button 3.5
Captain Anxiety Button 3.5" Button
Captain Bipolar Button 2.25
Captain Bipolar Button 2.25" Button
Captain Bipolar Button 3.5
Captain Bipolar Button 3.5" Button
Captain Crazy Button 2.25
Captain Crazy Button 2.25" Button
Captain Crazy Button 3.5
Captain Crazy Button 3.5" Button
Captain Depression Button 2.25
Captain Depression Button 2.25" Button
Captain Depression Button 3.5
Captain Depression Button 3.5" Button
Captain Epilepsy Button 2.25
Captain Epilepsy Button 2.25" Button
Captain Epilepsy Button 3.5
Captain Epilepsy Button 3.5" Button
Captain Manic! Button 2.25
Captain Manic! Button 2.25" Button
Captain Manic! Button 3.5
Captain Manic! Button 3.5" Button
Captain Migraine Button 2.25
Captain Migraine Button 2.25" Button
Captain Migraine Button 3.5
Captain Migraine Button 3.5" Button
Captain Panic! Button 2.25
Captain Panic! Button 2.25" Button
Captain Panic! Button 3.5
Captain Panic! Button 3.5" Button
Captain Schizophrenia Button 2.25
Captain Schizophrenia Button 2.25" Button
Captain Schizophrenia Button 3.5
Captain Schizophrenia Button 3.5" Button

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If you want to use the original Pill Font (still used on bumperstickers and the store logo) on a web page, a graphic on a document, etc. you can create monochromatic .gifs using Jef Poskanzer's awesome label maker. Type away and save the results. White on black will give you the best resolution when it comes to imprints, scoring and the like, but some color combinations are rather psychedelic. Jef also took the pictures of the pills used in that version on the back deck of his house. There's lots of other fun and useful stuff on, which is why Wile E. Coyote gets all of his apps there.

If you need more information about the Pill Font and the drugs it's made from, visit Crazymeds.
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