If knitting is your bag, CraftyGear.com is the store for you! We have a great selection of fun, funny, and hip sweatshirts, knitting yarn totes, t-shirts, kid’s clothes, greeting cards, buttons and other great gifts for knitters. If you’re happiest when holding knitting needles and yarn, you will love our knitting inspired designs.

Knitter - skull pinstriping

Stitch Bitch

Sisterhood of the Clicking Sticks

Likes to Knit While Slightly Lit

Not Tonight I'm Knitting

Rock and Roll Knitter

Dutch Children - Knitting

Before Knitting Was Cool

Knitting - Music for the Soul

Yarn Girls are Close Knit

Knitter - Tattoo Art Swallows

Knit - It Takes Balls

Knitting - Time to Knit

Knitting - Don't Have to Dust

Just Let Me Finish This Row - Knit

I'd Rather Bee Knitting

Stitchin' & Bitchin'

Knitting Bunny Rabbit

Retro Knit Girl

Knitting By the Hearth

Knitter - Crafty Pirate Skull & Bones

Learned to Knit - Forgot How To Cook

Knitting - Sitcks and Stones

Knittin Kitten - Sexy Knitting Retro

Show Us Your Knits - Knitting Retro

Future Knitter on Board - Maternity

Knit It Like You Mean It

Smart Women Knit

Hello I'm A Knitter

Moms Who Knit Kick Ass

Knitting Is The New Black

Born to Knit - Pirate Skull

I'd Rather Be Knitting

You Ain't Shit If You Can't Knit

Make Sweaters Not War

Knitting - Mother and Son

Knitting and Chocolate

Lefties do it Continental Style - Knitting

The Princess is Knitting

World's Greatest Knitter

Knit Yin Yang

Kiss Me I Knit

All This - And I Knit

I'm a Knitting Nancy

Knitting Superstar

Have You Hugged a Knitter Today?

Knitting Fashion - Yarn

K1P2 - Knit One Purl Two

Knit Knit Knit

Knitting - Finger Knitter

Knitters - Knit Happens

My Wife Knits Faster

Eat Sleep Knit

I Knit Therefore I Am

Knitting - Purl Girl

Knitter - Tattoo Heart with Banner

Knitters have Balls

Knitter - Victorian Filigree

Get it On With Girls Who Knit

Knitting - Life's a Stitch

The Princess is Knitting

Don't Talk To Me - I'm Counting

I Knit Therefore I Rock

Knit Drunk - With Company

A Date With My Knitting Needles

Baby On Board - Future Knitter

Ask Me About Knitting

I Just Love Knitting More

Knitting Ninja

Knitter - Knitting

Back Off, I'm Knitting

The Naughty Knitter

Eat Sleep Knit

Knitting - I Have Needles

Knitting - SSK

Shut Up & Knit

Knitting - Therapy

Get It On with Guys who Knit

Knitting - Victorian Knitter

The Village KNITiot

I Knit Shit

Will Knit for Beer

Knitting - Purl Gurl

Get Your Knit On

Knit and Destroy Skull

Knitter - Vintage Retro

Knitting Is Sexy

Feminist Knitter

Knitting Rocks

Knitting - Purl Jam

Chicks With Sticks

Knitting - hypKNITized

Knitting - K2TOG

I Knit in Public

Rock and Roll Knitter

WWI Knitter

Knittting Kitty

Will Knit for Coffee

Knitting is Bliss

I Love Knitting

Knit Your Bit

Knitting Rocks

Anything You Can Knit I Can Knit Better

Got Knit?


Knitting - Don't Share Needles

Mother & Daughter Knitting

Real Men Knit

Knitster Skull

Hip Chicks Knit

Knitting Diagram

Knitter In Training

The Knitting Lesson

Knit Star

Cute Little Girl Knitting

Knitting Bee

Speed Knitter

Mother and Daughter Knitting

Dutch Girls Knit

Knit Happens

Knitting - PURL

I'm Knitting - Bugger Off

Knitting Sheep


Knitting Fashionista

Knitting Goddess

Knitting Gnome

Necking Knitter

Knit / Tink

Knitology 101

String of Purls

Vintage Knitter

Knitting Queen

Move Bitch I'm Knitting

Knitting -  Something Beautiful

Knit for Brains - Brains Skull

Knit Girl

Knitting - YO - Yarn Over

Knitting Queen

I Knit Therefore I Rock

Knit - Mother of Purl

Knitting Retro Scottie Dog

Everybody Loves a Girl Who Knits

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