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The CafePress Affiliate Program™

Frequently Asked Questions

General Overview | Tracking & Payments

How does CafePress track visitors from my site?

When you sign up as an Affiliate you'll be given a unique Affiliate PID which is the same as the number at the end of your Affiliate Tracking Code that you use to link to our site. We use this PID to tell us where a referral has come from in order to credit that account PID accordingly. If you forget to include your PID in the Affiliate Tracking Code, there is no way to accurately credit your account, and you will not be paid for that portion of your traffic.


What's a PID?

A PID (which is short for Partner IDentifier) is a number assigned to each Affiliate to uniquely identify them within CafePress. The PID is usually included in Affiliate links and forms in the form of Affiliate Tracking Code.


What's Affiliate Tracking Code?

Affiliate Tracking Code is included in links, banners and searchboxes to let CafePress know who created them, and who to credit when traffic is delivered through them.


What does Affiliate Tracking Code look like?

When added to a link or banner, Affiliate Tracking Code appears at the end of the URL, containing the Affiliate's PID. For example, if an Affiliate's PID is 1234, then the URL might look like this:


When added to a searchbox (or other form), Affiliate Tracking Code is placed in a hidden input tag within the form, like this:

<input type="hidden" name="pid" value="1234">


Is there a difference between Referral Code and an Affiliate Tracking Code?

Nope. It's the same code.


What's my PID?

Your PID can be found in your "My Account" Affiliate Program admin area. You need to sign up for the Affiliate Program in order to access it.


How long will you track visitors?

We will track visitors you send to CafePress.com for 30 days and count their sales toward your commission.


How much money do I have to earn before I am eligible to receive a check?

All Affiliates must meet a $25 threshold requirement minimum worth of commissions in order to receive a check. If you do not meet the threshold, your profit for that month will simply roll over to your next month's earnings. Ultimately, you'll get paid for all your work.


Can I have my checks deposited directly into my account?

No, we are not able to offer any special delivery or direct deposits for monthly payments at this time.


How do I check on the number of clicks I have sent, sales I have generated, and commissions earned?

All statistics are updated daily and can be checked online. Your statistics page will reflect the progress of your account as well as give you information regarding payment status.


How often is my statistics page updated?

We update your stats page daily. Note to self: your stats are not real-time and will not reflect new orders immediately.


How does the revenue share between a Shopkeeper and Affiliate work?

An Affiliate is paid 20% commission* of the retail price:
   - Shopkeepers contribute 20% of their mark-up.
   - CafePress.com contributes 20% of the base price.

For example, let's say the base price for a white t-shirt is $14, and the Shopkeeper markup is $6 - for a retail price of $20. If an Affiliate drives traffic to the Marketplace and/or Shop, which results in a sale of this product, they will receive a $4 Affiliate commission. Of this $4, CafePress contributes $2.80, and the Shopkeeper contributes $1.20.


CafePress Base Price   $14.00    $2.80
Shopkeeper Markup + $6.00 + $1.20
Retail = $20.00 = $4.00 (Affiliate Commission)


Is there an Affiliate Referral Program?

Nope, for now there's no separate Affiliate Referral Program. However, both Shopkeepers and Affiliates can refer new Shopkeepers and earn commissions on their sales.


Any idea what the Affiliate report we get will be like?

Affiliate reports will include traffic (refers and uniques), sales, and commissions for phase one.


*All Affiliate Commissions are earned in accordance with the Affiliate Commission Schedule

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