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Best Practices for Tagging

Tagging your images helps customers find your designs in the CafePress Marketplace. If you DO NOT Tag your images, it may be difficult for customers to find your designs in our Marketplace search results. We want your tagging experience to be easy and rewarding. Check out the tips below to see how you can create successful image tags for your designs.

Image Tag Best Practices

  1. Enter Tags (keywords) that are specific and descriptive to your design. Think like a buyer, and use Tags that a buyer would use to find your images.

  2. Every Tag you add can dilute your ranking, so choose wisely. Do not over tag your images with Tags that are not as relevant. Follow Best Practice #1, "think like a buyer" and use Tags that a buyer would use to find your images.

  3. Do NOT use irrelevant Tags to get your designs to show up. This is Tag Spam or Inappropriate Tagging.

Dos and Don'ts of tagging:

Do: Enter Tags or keywords that are specific and descriptive.
Do: Enter synonyms. For example, use both "funny" and "humorous" for best results.
Do: Enter multiple words/or a phrase for a Tag to make sense. For example, enter "Garden State" for your New Jersey image.
Do: Enter variations of words with different cores. For example, use both "mice" and "mouse", "fairy" and "fairies".
Do: Be creative in your Tags. For example, to accompany a "Bush" image, use "Pro-Bush", "Dubya", "W".
Do: Enter Pro-Topic and Anti-Topic content. For example, enter "meat free" or "anti meat" for your vegetarian image.
Do: Remember to use important words from your product names and descriptions as Tags.
Don't: Enter Tags or keywords that have nothing to do with your design. This could cause your designs and products to appear in inappropriate search results and make it harder for people to find your designs and products. This is Tag Spam or Inappropriate Tagging.
Don't: Enter plurals and all verb tenses such as cats/cats and run/running. There's no need as our system is set up to reduce words to their core.
Don't: Enter the same word multiple times. This will not get your image to come up higher in search. The system will only recognize each word once.
Don't: Enter product names like "t-shirts" or "mugs" as our system appends these automatically.

Answering these questions can help you create a complete and effective set of Tags:

  1. What is the Subject of your design?

    This will usually be a noun that describes something in the image.
    For example: dog, flower, baby

  2. What is the Theme, Topic, or Concept of your design?

    These describe more abstract ideas and feelings.
    For example: passion, freedom, solitude, humor

  3. What are the dominant Colors, Shapes, and Patterns in your design?

    For example: red, blue, bright, stripes, circle

  4. How was the design originally created?

    For example: photograph, painting, illustration, collage, drawing

  5. What Text is in the design?

    This can be words, phrases, or sayings that appear in your design.
    For example: Vote For Peace

For more information about Tags, check out the Tags FAQ.