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2/21/08: Adding Analytics to your Shop

Hello Shopkeepers,

As you're probably aware, knowing key information about the traffic that visits your shop can provide invaluable insight into your shops' performance. With 3rd party tracking and analytics tools you can learn more about where your customers are coming from, how long they're staying in your shop, what pages they find the most compelling, other websites linking to your shop, and more.

It's always been possible to set up 3rd party tracking and analytics tools, in your premium shop.

To make it even easier for our Shopkeepers, we have decided to test a simple way to set up tracking for your Premium Shops. Over the next 60 days we are asking Shopkeepers to evaluate Google Analytics as an analytics offering as well as the "ease of use" in setting up tracking in your Premium Shops.

We've added a new link labeled "Update Tracking Information" in the Shop Management section of all Premium Shops.

Clicking on this link will allow you to input your tracking code (for a limited time we are testing Google Analytics) to track your shop performance, and view instructional videos.


Why is Google Analytics the only vendor under evaluation?

At this time Google Analytics is the only vendor we are testing, but based on the success of this trial we may consider adding more vendors and/or analytics capabilities in the future. Our research told us Google Analytics was the most widely used amongst Shopkeepers, so we thought we'd start there.

Why is this only being offered for Premium Shops?

In our effort to keep our Basic Shop offering relatively uncomplicated, we decided to make this functionality Premium-only at this time.

Will this allow me to track traffic in both the marketplace and my shop?

No, this feature will track traffic in your Premium Shop only, it will not track traffic coming from the CafePress Marketplace.

What are some of the benefits I can see from using a traffic reporting tool?

Traffic reports can give you valuable insight on your customers and how they're finding you.

  • How many people visit your shop on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • What search engines customers use to find your shop, and the keywords they're using
  • Other websites that are linking to your shop
  • The pages and designs your customers find most interesting

Will CafePress have access to the data in my Google Analytics account?

No. CafePress will not have access to your data in your Google Analytics account.

I'm already using another tracking vendor. Can I use Google Analytics as well?

Yes, you can set up Google Analytics anytime.

What if I already have a Google Analytics tracking code in my Premium Shop? Do I need to add it to this page?

No. You can either keep your current setup, or remove your Google Analytics tracking code and input it on this page. Don't add your tracking code to both your Premium Shop and the new Tracking Information page as your statistics will be double counted.

How do I sign up for Google Analytics?

It's very simple, visit click on the "sign up now" button.

Is there a fee for using Google Analytics?

No, at this time Google Analytics is a free service. Other analytics packages have fees associated with their services. We want your help in evaluating simple and cost-effective services before evaluating more complicated and costly analytics tools.

Why am I not seeing any data in my tracking reports?

It can take up to 24 hours for data to first appear in Google Analytics.

I have more than one Premium Shop. Will Google Analytics track each one separately?

Yes, you can use Google Analytics' website profiles to track multiple shops. Each shop will then have its own tracking ID. You can find out more in the Google Analytics Help Center

Can I use Google Analytics to track conversions?

No, this report will not include conversion rates at this time.

If I have a problem using Google Analytics, where do I go for help?

Google provides an excellent resource in the Google Analytics Help Center, where you'll find answers to most questions and issues.

If you have a question regarding CafePress, or our services, please visit our help center