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CafePressVoice is a team of Shopkeepers selected to help us evaluate new features, services and merchandise - similar to a focus group. The members of CafePressVoice help represent the viewpoints, interests and concerns that most other Shopkeepers face. We know that Shopkeepers are an incredible source of valuable ideas and by working together we're building a powerful partnership.

To help you get a better understanding of the CafePressVoice role:

CafePressVoice IS:

  • A group of volunteers made up of a cross-section of Shopkeepers - large and small shops, different niches, and various shopkeeper experience levels are represented on each CPV focus team. Each team works with a dedicated CafePress "team leader" for that area (merchandise, quality assurance, shop management.)
  • Like a focus group. On occasion, they are asked to give early feedback to CafePress on planned changes and to help CafePress optimize changes to the best advantage for both CafePress and Shopkeepers prior to launch.
  • A Shopkeeper sounding board for CafePress regarding potential tools, policies, and merchandise.
  • A Shopkeeper group that keeps an eye out for site-wide issues and trends, and brings these items to the table during team meetings with CafePress.
  • Bound by a non-disclosure agreement, so that CafePress can share strategic company directions without releasing the details to the general public (and therefore the competition)

CafePressVoice IS NOT:

  • An alternative to the bug report form and feedback forums. Individual Shopkeepers are encouraged to ask questions and report issues directly to CafePress (through the bug report form, merchandise and website/service forums, and Customer Support). CPV is used in addition to these avenues, not instead of.
  • CafePress employees or representatives. CPV reps are, first and foremost, Shopkeepers themselves. When they express opinions, they are speaking for themselves, not as a CafePress representative.
  • A buffer group between CafePress and Shopkeepers.
  • A body of "government" that can easily make things happen because Shopkeepers are requesting it (e.g. CPV do not make merchandise selections). CPV reps bring these requests to the attention to their team for consideration. This may result in shifts in priority in projects but not immediate outcome.
  • A decision making group, but reps will always be heard. Although CafePress has the final say on all decisions, CPV feedback will always be considered when there are changes and ways to help alleviate the effects to Shopkeepers.

CafePressVoice committees

CafePressVoice rep will be on a committee that focuses on one of three important areas:

  • Shop Management
  • Merchandise
  • Quality

Meet the CafePressVoice Representatives and learn more about each committee.

CafePressVoice values

Respect – Support an open, honest and respectful environment for the Community to come together and exchange ideas

Fairness – Present viewpoints of the Community in a comprehensive, unbiased fashion

Teamwork – Work hand-in-hand to collaborate and provide optimal solutions that benefit both CafePress and our Community of Shopkeepers.

CafePressVoice roles

  • Represent CafePress and the Community

  • Evaluate new services, features, and programs and offer suggestions and voice concerns, if any

  • Attend discussions and meetings to learn about current and upcoming initiatives

  • Be up-to-date on respective category issues and programs presented by CafePressVoice team leaders and be involved in offering feedback and suggestions

  • Be an active member of the Community to better understand different Community viewpoints

  • Provide responsive and constructive feedback and suggestions