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Gail Gastfield began her formal art education at the age of 10, studying charcoal and pastel drawing with a private instructor. She began painting in oils and acrylics at age 12. While in college, Gail decided on a career in commercial illustration, because she preferred representational work and also thought that eating was important. After graduating from Western Washington State College with a bachelor's degree in fine and graphic arts, she worked for American Arts & Graphics, Inc. as in-house artist and art director. She produced artwork and layouts for catalogs, brochures, ads, newsletters and over 150 posters and other products. She uses airbrush, colored pencils, gouache, acrylics, pen and ink, oils and various computer graphic programs to create art.

As a poster artist, she created monsters such as "Death Dealer", unicorns, cats, teddy bears and other animals. Fantasy and space are her favorite subjects. She appreciates the work of Maxfield Parrish, Arthur Rackham, Mucha and other illustrators. A teddy bear poster series grew out of characters created by Gail for her Christmas cards. She has been collecting teddy bears since 1978 and now has hundreds, including several she has made. Another popular series was Roosevelt the Cat, a fat orange cat with Cattitude. He was named for Gail's alma mater, very appropriately (Teddy) Roosevelt High School in Seattle. You might say that he yowls loudly and carries a big stick. Another cat character Miss Behavin' wrote a book, A View from the Litter Box, with the help of Gail and her husband Richard Record. She has a slightly sweeter disposition than Roosevelt.

Since 1995, Gail has been freelancing, producing artwork for T-shirts, posters and other gift products. She lives in Mukilteo (pronounced "Muck-ill-TEE-oh", local Native American for "good campground"), a suburb of Seattle, Washington. Besides art and teddy bears, Gail enjoys reading, sewing, singing, acting, traveling and watching movies.

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