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» B&O Royal Blue LineTrains
   » Jersey Central Railroad Crusader Poster
» Penn Central Railroad 1968
» Pennsylvania Railroad Annual Report 1960
   » PRR Electrified Lines Map
   » Pennsylvania Station
   » PRR TrucTrain Service
   » Visit Philadelphia on the PRR Products
   » Pennsylvania Railroad 1959 Stock Certificate
» Baldwin S-2 Steam Locomotive
   » Brooks Locomotive Works ,1890 Poster
   » Richmond Locomotive Works 1890 Poster
   » H K Porter & Company 1890 Poster
   » Rogers Locomotive & Machine Works ; 1870 Poster
» Don't Jaywalk !
   » The Fly is as Deadly as the Bomber
» Electro-Motive Diesel 1948
   » The Olympian 1929
   » Carnegie Steel 1890
   » Red Ball Express
» New York Central, Putnam Division 1956
   » New York & Erie Railroad
» Conrail Office Car Train 8/22/1997 & Others !
» Reading Railroad Lines
   » Reading Railroad System 1894
   » Reading Crusader Streamliner 1937
   » Reading Lines, Bee Line Service
   » Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines
   » Reading Railroad Lines Clothing
» Juniata Terminal PRR E8a's 5711 & 5809
   » The Pennsy Lives On
   » PRR 1963 Passenger Logo Products
   » PRR 1966 Passenger Logo Products
» Pennsylvania Coal
   » What Goes Around ...
   » Safety First 1937 Products
» Amtrak Acela 2016 , High Speed Train Set
» AMTRAK E-60 # 609
   » AMTRAK E-60 601
   » Amtrak E-60 # 610
» Port Of Philadelphia PA. * Take a Cruise !
   » Phila.Council of Defense
» Seaboard Railway 1945
   » Burlington & Missouri River Railroad Products
» Philadelphia Pa. Carpenters Hall, 1936
   » Philadelphia Zoo Products
» Join The Armed Forces, WW-1
   » USA Merchant Marine
   » US Coast Guard Shield of Freedom.Products
      » America Supports You
         » U S ARMY RANGERS
   » Civil Defense Week Products
      » FEMA-Homeland Security Products
   » Join The Navy Products
» Conrail Safety & Service Perfect Together
   » Conrail Philadelphia Division
   » 1968 Conrail Clearance Form
   » Conrail Reading Division 1976
   » Conrail Police
   » Conrail Fox Chase Timetable Map 1976.
   » Conrail Safety Products
» CSX Q190 Doublestack Train
» Penn Central Railroad Metroliner
   » Merger Of New York Central & Pennsylvania Railroad
   » Railroad Merger decongestant tablets
   » PC-Metro-Timetable-1969 Products
   » Penn Central Travel Logo Products
» Railway Express Agency : Ship The Railroad Way !
   » America's Fast Trains, Carry Railway Express.
   » Railway Express -Safe -Swift - Sure !
   » Railway Express Agency 1948
   » Perishable - No Delay !
   » Railway Express Color Logo Products
      » Railway Express Air Express
   » Fast & Sure-Railway Express Products
» Railroad Postcard Page
   » Railroad Kids Page with Amber Alert Ticker
   » Railroad Greeting Cards Page
» PRR GG-1 Electric Locomotive 4800
   » Builders Plate GG-1 4800
» Broadway Limited PRR
   » Broadway LTD Drumhead Logo
   » 1929 PRR Broadway Limited
» Railroad Mousepads
» Railway Express Poster 1935
   » Railway Express Poster 1935 Clothing
» The Railroad Army, Support Our Troops !
   » Honor Our Vietnam Vets
   » Railroads For Victory Products
   » US Coast Guard & Uncle Sam Mini-Poster Products
» Amtrak Budd Metroliners
» Rock Island Lines Golden State
   » 1941 Rock Island Locomotives
   » Rock Island Railroad Logo Products
» The most important Wheels in America
   » The Steel Wheel
   » Life-Line Of the Nation 1940
   » Support The Magna Carta for Transportation !
» Bethlehem Steel Blast Furnace
» Train On a Bridge, Norfolk Southern Railroad
» Jersey Central Lines
   » Lehigh Valley Railroad
   » The Blue Comet 1929 -1941
   » 1881 Nashville Exposition
   » The Limited Mail -1899
» Philadelphia Pa. Chestnut Street Bridge at Night
   » A Night View Of Philly Products
   » Railroad Photographer Products
   » products
» Cross Crossings Cautiously !
   » I Brake For Trains
   » Advance RailRoad Crossing Sign
   » Don't Mix Them ; Gas & Whiskey
» Spirit Of Conrail, GP38, PRR 2943
   » Ghosts of railroads Past Products !
   » Steamtown Steam Engine
      » No Smoking unless you are a Steam Engine Products
» Happy Everything !
   » DANGER-Dad at Work, !
   » Valentine's Day Cave Man
   » Warning:Solar Energy !
   » Flying of the Handle
   » DANGER, Mom at Work !
   » Gas Aid - Take The Train
   » DANGER ! Hard Hat Protection required

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Tips For Safe, Courteous Railfanning.

From The Association of American Railroads-RailFanClub.

Railfanning is a GREAT hobby, full of fantastic sights and sounds!

But trains are powerful, heavy and cannot stop very quickly.

That's why the smart railfan knows not to be careless or take risks.

Smart railfans are also considerate of other railfans and respectful of private property.

Here are a few simple rules that will make sure your hobby is fun, rewarding and safe.

Always expect a train!

This is the most important rule of railfanning, especially critical when you're in an area with multiple tracks where the sound of one train can mask the sound of a second train on the other set of tracks.

Cross the tracks at approved crossings.

Crossing in the middle of the tracks puts you at risk of tripping on rails or slipping on icy ballast.

There is no margin for error if a train is approaching.

Don't try to beat a train at a crossing. Train speed can be very deceptive.

If you misjudge it by just a little, you could become a statistic.

Don't stand close to the tracks. A train is at least three feet wider than the tracks on each side.

In addition, a fast moving train may kick up ballast.

Coal could be dislodged from an open hopper.

Metal straps used to secure cargo may come loose and pose a danger to people standing too close to the tracks.

Don't walk along tracks or on bridges or in tunnels.

You may not hear an approaching train. And clearances in bridges and tunnels can be tight and you may not be able to escape an approaching train.

Don't trespass on rail property.

Rail yards are private property. Never enter them without permission.

If asked to leave, do so without being rude.

Also don't trespass on someone else's property, just to get that perfect shot.

Seek out legal places for taking pictures.
Don't climb on rail equipment.

Even a freight car that is standing on a siding and isn't attached to a train can be dangerous.

Don't try to cross the tracks between cars of a stopped train. That train may begin moving at any moment.

Don't ever try to hop a freight car.

We shouldn't even have to mention this one. But, sadly, every year people die and are seriously injured from doing this. A few are misguided railfans.

Be courteous to other railfans. Try not to step into someone else's photo line of sight.

Don't talk loudly as a train approaches in case someone else is trying to record the sounds.



Alaska Railroad Corporation 907-265-2504
Amtrak 1-800-331-0008
Burlington Northern Santa Fe 1-800-832-5452

Canadian National 1-800-465-9239
Canadian Pacific Railway 1-800-716-9132
Clarendon and Pittsford Railroad 1-800-639-3088

CSXT 1-800-232-0144
Green Mountain Railroad 1-800-639-3088
Kansas City Southern 1-800-892-6295

New York and Ogdensburg Railway 1-800-639-3088
Norfolk Southern 1-800-453-2530
Union Pacific 1-888-877-7267

Vermont Railway System 1-800-639-3088
Washington County Railroad 1-800-639-3088
Wheeling & Lake Erie 330-767-7293

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