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Contemporary Canadian artist Kim Hunter a.k.a. INDIGO was born September 8th 1970 in British Columbia. The ability to clutch a crayon was the beginning of an insatiable appetite for the arts and has been winning awards and notoriety since her first juried art show at the age of seven. At the age of nine Kim Hunter's family was transferred to the tiny isolated northern community of Churchill Manitoba in Canada's north. The awesome arctic wilderness inspired this talent from a very young age. The harsh nine to ten month winters allowed for this inspiration to flourish. By the age of 14 being entirely self-taught, Kim was selling her art, signing her work "Kim McTavish" to acknowledge her mother's married name as well as her ties to the north. At 18 she traveled, selling her work and freelancing throughout Canada. In 1990 she returned to her birthplace. British Columbia has been the setting where Kim has forged a reputation worldwide. The passion and diligence of this remarkable talent speaks for itself. The collection of patrons and projects attributed to Kim Hunter's art collection is incredibly immense and diverse, covering a huge variety of genres and mediums. Kim Hunter a.k.a. INDIGO's artistic style is truly refined and unique in it's clean lines and forms. A warmth and richness graces all aspects of the artist's work. The balance and boldness of this contemporary Canadian artist's work is a perfect unique blend of traditions, culture and our modern times. Kim started signing "INDIGO" in 1995. The last few years Kim's focus has been on paintings, sculpture and graphics. This talented artist is versed in watercolor, tempura, acrylic and clay & bronze sculpture, papier mache', Plaster of Paris, as well as commercial design and installation and even animation with a huge repertoire of freelance art and design as well as private and commercial art commissions. Kim recently learned of her Métis heritage, and her families direct Ascendance of the Canadian Historical Métis figure Cuthbert Grant. (The Battle at Seven Oaks 1816) The rich political history unearthed in her families lineage is truly representative of this artist's passion, diligence and devotion to her culture and her art. The repertoire developed by this dedicated artist is as diverse in content as it is consistent in quality. Enjoy the vast collection of images by this talented artist, designer made available for your viewing pleasure.

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