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» Environmental Designs
   » Fauna Designs
      » Elephant Eyes Woodcut
      » Henri the Giraffe
      » Martinique Macaw
      » Silverback Gorilla
      » Soleil Poissons
      » Tortoise Race
   » Flora Designs
      » Barren Dawn
      » Barren Twilight
      » Coral Lis
      » Deux Rose
      » Etched Palm
      » Fiery Rose
      » Jaune Citron Lis
      » Pantena PInk Lillies
      » Pontoon Orange
      » Pushing Daisies
   » Zen Designs
      » Zarya Zen Earthen
      » Zarya Zen Fiery
      » Zarya Zen Watery
» Geographical Designs
   » Architectural Designs
      » Cathedral Square
      » Conti Alley
      » Sugarcane Field
   » Culinary Designs
      » Sandy Shrimp
      » Cajun Crustecean
   » Transportation Designs
      » Ice Cream Bicycle
      » Streetcar 906
» Cultural Designs
   » Abstract Designs
      » Spiritual Pane
   » Calliope Designs
      » Bleuet Dentelle Calliope
      » Cornflower Cove Calliope
      » Cosmic Cobalt
      » Dizzy Doodlers
      » Etoile Marbre Calliope
      » Fiery Petals
      » Fiery Rose Calliope
      » Fiesta Lime Calliope
      » Grey Lace Calliope
      » Guacamole Green Calliope
      » Gumshoe Green Calliope
      » Homespun Hazel Calliope
      » Luna Lace Calliope
      » Minty M Calliope
      » Prairie Pink Calliope
      » Sepia Alley Calliope
      » Spiritual Rain Calliope
   » Holiday Designs
      » Mardi Gras
         » Mardi Gras Masks Rouler
         » Mardi Gras Masks
         » Mardi Gras Swirl
         » Mardi Gras Swirls Monogram
         » Mardi Gras Stripes
         » Mardi Gras Stripes Monogram
      » Irish Italian Holiday
         » Emerald Isle Monogram
         » Irish Stripes Monogram
         » Irish Stripes
         » Italian Stripes Monogram
         » ltalian Stripes
      » Christmas Designs
         » Jingle Bear
   » Monogram Designs
      » Autumn Aires Monogram
      » Blue Glacier Monogram
      » Bridal Blush Monogram
      » Cathedral Blue Monogram
      » Club Chartreuse Monogram
      » Christmas Wrap Monogram
      » Dainty Darling Monogram
      » Deux Drops Monogram
      » Diamond Black Aqua Monogram
      » Diamond Black Fushia Monogram
      » Black Pink Diamond Monogram
      » Diamond Black Monogram
      » Diamond Gold Monogram
      » Diamond Purple Monogram
      » Diamond Red Monogram
      » Diamond Silver Monogram
      » Diamond Turquoise Monogram
      » Emerald Isle Monogram
      » Fiery Fantasia Monogram
      » Fiery Formal Monogram
      » Fiesta Monogram
      » Indian Summer Stripes Monogram
      » Irish Stripes Monogram
      » Italian Stripes Monogram
      » Laced Bisque Carre Monogram
      » Living Waters Stripes Monogram
      » Living Waters Monogram
      » Luna Lace Monogram
      » Mardi Gras Swirls Monogram
      » Mardi Gras Stripes Monogram
      » Nautical Neon Monogram
      » Nautical Neon Name
      » Olive Yeux Monogram
      » Pink Chocolate Monogram
      » Plum Pudding Monogram
      » Pointe Pink Monogram
      » Prairie Paisley Monogram
      » Pragmatic Plum Initials
      » Primrose Pink Initials
      » Ribbon Red Name
      » Silver Spring Monogram
      » Sioux Snow Monogram
      » Sterling Script Monogram
      » Tortue Vert Monogram
      » Vidalia Rose Monogram
   » Pattern Designs
      » Silver Spring Stripes
      » Indian Summer stripes
      » Autumn Aires Stripes
      » Charcoal Grey Weave
      » Living Waters Pattern
      » Sioux Snow Weave
      » Prairie Paisley Pattern
   » Portrait Designs
      » New Section
      » Zarya Deep Thoughts
   » Special Causes Designs
      » Autism Awareness
         » Autism Awareness Blocks
         » Support Autism Awareness
   » Special Occasion Designs
      » Birthday Designs
         » Dainty Pink Birthday
      » Bridal Designs
         » Bridal Blush Design
            » Bridal Blush Monogram
            » Bridal Blush - Bride
            » Bridal Blush - Groom
            » Bridal Blush - Best Man
            » Bridal Blush - Matron Of Honor
            » Bridal Blush - Maid of Honor
            » Bridal Blush Groomsman
            » Bridal Blush - Bridesmaid
            » Bridal Blush - Junior Bridesmaid
         » Prairie Promises Design
            » Prairie Promises Monogram
            » Prairie Promises - Bride
            » Prairie Promises - Groom
      » Graduate Designs
         » 2016 Monogram Cornfield Blue
         » Class of 2015 Black Orchid
         » Class of 2015 Lilac
         » Class of 2015 Marsala
         » Class of 2015 Pointe Pink
         » Class of 2015 Silver
         » Class of 2015 Teal
   » Zxulpture
      » Zxebra Purple Monogram
      » Zxebra Lime Monogram
      » Zxebra Red Monogram

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Zarya Parx Studio
New Orleans, LA, USA

A Renaissance Girl Living in a Kodak World!

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Welcome to Zarya Parx Studio Custom Designs Webstore!

Zarya Parx Studio is the collective creation of the mother and daughter artistic team of Charlene and Madalaine Anne Perret. We welcome you to our humble cyber abode. Our custom designs are created from of our original art submissions in the mediums of photographs, paintings, sketches and digital art.

We offer our custom designs printed on a variety of merchandise ranging from apparel, totes, jewelry, hats, flip flops, home decor, clocks, framed prints, high-tech cases, office decor, serving trays, linens, blankets, drink-ware, stationery, auto decor, novelty gifts and more! Personalized monograms available on some designs. We also offer bowls, shirts and tags for pets on some designs!

As conservation advocates we are trying to do our part to maintain a "Greener" biosphere!...and you will notice the majority of our custom design merchandise are Eco-friendly and our apparel is available in Organic material! We have a large selection of apparel and sizes in many different colors and styles. Our sizes range from men, women, plus, maternity, junior, children,toddler and infants. Our apparel is available in a variety of colors, including white, black, grey, navy, green, red, blue,yellow, brown, tan, pastels and more.

In appreciation for your business, a coupon is always posted in the sidebar. Coupon savings vary month to month.

Thank you for shopping at Zarya Parx Studio.Your purchases are deeply appreciated and we hope you enjoy them as they are created with lots of love and inspired by your support and feedback! Please check out our other stores, Litany Lane," Spiritual and Inspirational Themed Custom Designs"; and Madalaines Managerie, "Fun Designs with Youth in Mind". A Facebook and Pinterest link are also posted for recommending, sharing pinning, accessing and following our products.

Copyright Disclosure: 1994-2012 Zarya Parx Studio. All Charlene Perret, Madalaine Anne, Zarya Parx Studio. Litany Lane and Madalaines Managerie art, images and designs are fully protected by U.S. and international copyright laws, all rights reserved.

Copyright Disclosure: 1994-2019 Zarya Parx Studio™ ©. All Charlene Perret, Madalaine Anne, Zarya Parx Studio™, Litany Lane™, Madalaines Managerie™, Team Theme Designs, Lemon Rayn™ Art Studio, HI54ART™, HI54ECO™, HI54GEO™, HI54GOD™, HI54JOC™ and HI54SEASONS™, HI54WINT™, HI54AUTM™, and HI54GENZ™ images are fully protected by U.S. and international copyright laws, All Rights Reserved. OUR ARTWORK AND IMAGES are NOT public domain. The purchase of any my art, prints, designs and/or any crafted item do NOT transfer reproduction rights and may NOT be copied, reproduced, altered, manipulated, distributed or resold in any way without written permission of Charlene Perret, owner of Zarya Parx Studio.
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