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Arms of the shire of Bryngolau

Show your pride in the shire of Bryngolau with these products bearing the shire Device of the greatest shire in the Kingdom of the Outlands!

Bryngolau is a Welsh name meaning "Shining Hill" or "Hill of Light." Phonetically, the name would be pronounced as "Bryn Goli," with the "i" sounding like the "i" in "bike".

The people of The Shire of Bryngolau are known for their good humor and hospitality, their dedication to the arts and sciences, their excellence on the field of honor, and for their hard work and determination. Above all, they are recognized for their honor and courtesy in a Kingdom where Honor and Courtesy are valued above all.

In the Known World of the current middle ages Bryngolau is Located within the Kingdom of the Outlands. The shire was originally established as an incipient shire in AS XLVI during the reign of King Kynan III and Queen Gilliana. On the 9th day of february in the year AS XLVII, during the reign of King Garick and Queen Yasamin, Bryngolau was granted their charter, becoming a full shire.

In the modern world Bryngolau is centered around Los Alamos and Espanola, New Mexico.

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