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Here you will find treasures of all kinds. Wonders to tempt the most discriminating palette.
Delightful objects all relating in mysterious ways to the works of authors C.J. Cherryh, Lynn Abbey, and Jane Fancher.

For ebooks, author blogs, freebies and more, come visit us at Closed Circle.

Closed Circle Logo

Closed Circle Logo
Products featuring our nifty logo designed by our own Lynn Abbey!

Jane Fancher

Jane Fancher
Goodies based on the worlds of Jane Fancher. A professional sf and fantasy writer, known for the Groundties and the Ringdancer series---besides her artwork, Jane is one third of Closed Circle.

Lynn Abbey

Lynn Abbey
Goodies based on the works of Lynn Abbey. A professional writer well-known for Thieves World, the Rifkind books, and works of fantasy and the supernatural, Lynn Abbey is one third of Closed Circle.

CJ Cherryh

CJ Cherryh
Goodies based on the works of Hugo Award winning author C. J. Cherryh, the final third of Closed Circle.
Magnets from all our books! Round ones. Rectangle ones. In bulk! These seemed to get lost in the shuffle. People thought we weren't making them. Guess what? Here they are!
The Man in Black Women's Nightshirt
The Man in Black Women's Nightshirt

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