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"The arts and my creativity both musically and visually are not only my gifts, they are my obligation of giving to all"
-Michael Indorato,"Boston Michael"

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The late Michael Indorato, affectionately known by friends as Boston Michael, was a lifelong artist and musician who by nature was a seeker of Truth and viewed his life as an odyssey of spiritual evolution. Michael's story is one of courage and inspiration.

Michael felt that, even through personal struggles of years past, he was on a journey of learning and healing throughout his life. In recent years, his path has taken dramatic and unexpected turns, producing experiences which greatly challenged his physical body while opening up new pathways for his spiritual and emotional healing.

In 2007, Michael was very active, having just started his own business as a licensed general contractor, when he collapsed suddenly one evening from a brain hemorrhage. He was rushed into intensive care where doctors determined the hemorrhage to be caused by a ruptured aneurysm.

He was in a coma for 5 days and doctors did not expect him to survive it, however Michael's will to live was amazingly strong and he pulled through it and lived to tell the story. For the next few years, he was in an extended recovery from the brain injury, dealing with a number of long-term after effects and other health complications, but at the same time, grateful to be alive.

As part of his therapy, Michael began to compose new music and create newly inspired artwork. He felt a calling to create music and art for healing purposes, with the intention of passing on healing energy and love to others through his music and art.

But in September 2012, Michael was again challenged with shocking medical news that he had Stage 4 Liver Cancer as well as Prostate Cancer. He gathered his strength and courage to overcome this new challenge because he wanted so much to recover and have more time with his loved ones, see his grand children grow up, and continue his personal work in this life of creating music and art that shares Love and Healing with others.

Michael has a colorful background as a life-long musician and visual artist who grew up in a big family in Revere, MA, a suburb of Boston. He came of age in the Boston rock scene and played for many years in a number of bands, including his own popular band called The Mix. He is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter who always felt that music came from his Soul and connected him to the Universe.

Often referred to as a "renaissance man", because in addition to his artistic passions, Michael possessed a number of other abilities and also spent time working as a Chef, Computer Technician, and in most recent years as a Licensed Building Contractor. Michael felt a yearning to learn and pursued college studies later in life, graduating from college in his forties, with high honors, while also working full-time and recording his first solo music CD entitled "No More Pain". He developed a love for science and history, and earned two Associate Degrees in Music Theory and Psychology, as well as a Certification in Desktop Publishing.

After spending most of his life in his hometown of Boston, Michael migrated to California for about 11 years, where friends affectionately nicknamed him "Boston Michael". While there he met Alison, the woman who would become his soulmate and loving companion through the odyssey of life.

In the Fall of 2011, Michael and wife Alison felt they were too far away from family and relocated back to the east coast, near Washington DC, so that they could both be closer to family. However, they received shocking news shortly after their relocation that Michael had Stage 4 Liver Cancer as well as Prostate Cancer.

Michael felt that his divine purpose in life was to be a musician and artist, and to share those gifts with others. He frequently described the joy he felt whenever paople would share with him how a piece of his music or artwork had affected them in a positive way. Even through his courageous struggle to overcome Stage 4 Cancer, Michael's music and artwork sustained his Spirit and constantly renewed his hope. He embodied the true meaning of amazing Grace.

Michael was always grateful to have a loving support system of family and friends to help him through his journey of health challenges. And though there would not be a medical cure for his illness, Michael had a passion for Life and tapped into his strong Life Force to stay here in the physical realm as long as could. He transcended the terminal prognosis of his physical illness by experiencing profound spiritual and emotional healing during his journey.

On Dec 28, 2013... beloved Artist/Musician "Michael Indorato/Boston Michael" made his transition to the Divine after developing very sudden Cancer-related complications on Dec 27th when the Cancer metastasized to his brain. Michael showed profound courage, strength, and truly amazing grace during his grueling battle with Cancer. His Spirit passed very peacefully while surrounded by his loved ones. Michael's Spirit lives on through his Legacy of Love, Artwork, and Music.

Michael 's hope is that people will continue to receive positive healing energy from his Art & Music, and his wish is that people will celebrate his Life...and celebrate the goodness of Life itself.

"Let's all cultivate a heart of Love as wide as the world."
~Michael Indorato-Boston Michael~
November 27,1952 - December 28, 2013

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