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The Fascinating World of the Periodical Cicada

Cicada T-shirts & GiftsBelieved to be the longest lived insects in the world, periodical cicada have extremely long life-cycles of 13-17 years. Unlike annual cicada species which can be found every year, the periodical cicada population are synchronized, so that almost all of them mature into adults in the same year. This year's cicada population (17-year Brood X) is one of the largest. Family of CicadasDue to their long life cycle underground and synchronous emergence, they escape natural population control by predators, so when they do emerge, they do so in overwhelming numbers, forming much denser aggregations than those achieved by most other cicadas.

Not to be feared though, they are completely harmless to humans or animals and do not bite or sting defensively. Quite a remarkable natural event, regarded by many but a noisy nuisance by others. Nevertheless, their existence above ground will only be a short one. . . about 4 weeks. That is, providing those that are not eagerly devoured by birds, snakes, cats, dogs and other predators will go on to complete their mission of mating and laying eggs before their demise. Cicada InformationAfter the eggs hatch, the tiny nymphs, scarcely any larger than fleas, drop from the trees digging their way back into the earth where they will spend the next 17 long years starting this whole process all over again and making their next debut around 2021.

Periodical cicadas belong to the genus Magicicada and found in eastern North America. The phenomenal emergence takes place in fifteen states: GA, DE, IL, KY, IN, MD, MI, NC, NJ, NY, TN,OH, PA, WV and VA.

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Resting Cicada On Yellow Flower
Group Of Cicadas On A Mission
Cicada On Flower With Information

Cicada On A Flower

Group Of Cicadas On A Mission

Cicada On Flower With Info

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