» Blow Me
» Cow Chicken Egg?
» Lucky Underpants Can't Help!
» Loading... (dark)
» Loading....
» The Worst Part of Censorship is...
» The Sign is in Spanish
» Video Games Ruined My life
» Man + Woman = LOVE
» Notice! Thank You for...
» Medium Black T-Shirt
» Sorry I'm Late
» I'm Always Late to Work
» Power On (Dark)
» Power On
» Eat. Sleep. Work.
» The Ass Family
» Im Not Doing Sh*t Today
» Feed Me
» I'm Schizophrenic
» Enough Social for Today
» Incase of Emergency
» It's Monday...
» I Know HTML - How to Meet Ladies
» 404 Error Page Not Found
» I'm Hot - Flammable
» Disabled Stuck
» Barcode - Priced Just Right
» I'm Not 40...
» I'm Not 50...
» Life is Great!
» I'm the New Big Sister
» I'm the New Big Brother
» Your Ideas Suck
» Bite Me ! - Fangs
» Puzzled?
» Cereal Killer
» Not My Type
» Temporary Organ Donor
» You Like This
» iFarted
» Stop Staring at My Nuts
» Cougar Bait
» Tell Your Boobs to Stop Staring At My Eyes
» Smile If You're Not Wearing Panties
» The Liver is Evil It Must Be Punished
» Make Someone Happy Mind Your Own Business
» I Don't Need Sex the Government Screws Me Everyday
» Save Energy Wear Something Dirty
» Back Off! I'm Gonna Fart
» Who Farted? Oh That Was Me
» Whatever It Is... Im Against It
» Believe It or Not I'm the Normal One in My Family
» I'm Not Santa But You Can Still Sit On My Lap
» Alcohol Is The Answer. I Just Can't Remember the Q
» Bald Means...
» Who Says Nothing Is Impossible.
» Will Someone Please Steal My Identity
» Don't Read This Get Your Own Damn T-Shirt
» Nobody Knows I Farted
» I'd Rather Be Playing Video Games
» Fantasy Football Champion
» Designated Driver. I Drive People To Drink
» Beer Pong Champion
» Sometimes I Pee When I Laugh
» I'd Agree With You But Then We'd Both Be Wrong
» I'm Trying To See Things From Your Point of View B
» I'm Impressed. I've Never Met anyone with Such a S
» Don't Act Stupid We Have Politicians For That
» I'm Not a Gynecologist But I'll Still Take a Look
» Irish Today Hungover Tomorrow
» Total Strangers Need Love Too...
» Dreams Do Come True
» Fat People are Harder to Kidnap
» I'm Not Anti-Social I'm Just Not User-Friendly
» If You Think Nobody Cares Try Missing a Few Credit
» If You're Happy and You Know It.. Kiss My Ass
» A Penny for Your Thoughts a Dollar if You Flash Me
» I'd Rather Be a Smart Ass Than a Dumb Shit
» I'm In My Own Little World But It's OK They Know M
» You Don't Get a Body Like This By Working Out!
» I Did Not Escape They Just Gave Me a Day Pass
» Nobody Notices What I Do Until I Don't Do It
» I Don't Mind Going to Work...
» Gas is So Expensive I Can't Even Afford to Fart
» Kids Are Like Farts You Can Only Tolerate Your Own
» Anything You Say Will be Used in My Blog
» I Make Old Age Look Good
» If It Werent For The Last Minute Id Get Nothing Do
» Im Not Avoiding You Im Ignoring You
» I Do Very Bad Things and I Do Them Very Well
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